The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 10

Release The Brake!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2011 on CBS

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  • And then there were four...


    The five teams continued racing from the last Pit Stop as they arrived.

    This leg saw the teams racing through Belgium to rural areas outside Brussels. The Roadblock was nice, a tough challenge with many obstacles to overcome.

    The Detour at the castle was even better. I would have done the rafting challenge because I am just no good at shapes and designs, and even if it is waffles lol, no good for me. I was really hoping Jeremy & Sandy would win the leg but it didn't happen once again. Andy & Tommy got it instead and Bill & Cathi predictably got eliminated. The pigeon aspect was just OK, not a real challenge in my opinion. I loved the Pit Stop location, a nice famous tourist attraction.

    Honestly I thought the European legs of this season would be next to flawless but I am afraid I am still not entirely convinced by the effort being put into this season. It seems like they're running out of ideas, and short of making a top effort. Oh well, I could still go back and watch Seasons 3, 5 and 6 anytime I want for the excellent times - where teams actually got a sufficient amount of screen time, where there were Fast Forwards, and tough exciting twists, not weird ones.

    I am not babbling on, but I am disappointed with this show now. Its like they're not even really trying at this point. Onto something that is out of control of the producers, the teams continue finishing legs in the same order without much change. I also don't find much interest going on from the cast anymore. Ernie & Cindy are just annoying, Jeremy & Sandy should have been on TAR 15, Bill & Cathi were unable to keep up, Amani & Marcus same thing but less interest, and Andy & Tommy hold my attention - but to see them winning almost every leg is just repetitive.

    Belgium, the Roadblock and the Detour held some interest, but I would rather have seen other (prettier) European countries like Scandinavia, Italy, Albania, Corfu etc. Who cares if they have over visted them.

    Bill & Cathi are out, sadly. Now the final four teams go to Panama next week for the penultimate leg. I thought it would be the final... I wished it was at this point.