The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 10

Release The Brake!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 2011 on CBS

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  • I expected more... (Spoilers ahead...)


    Well, Europe on TAR19 has been quite abysmal, with the exception of the Danish Detour on Leg Eight. On this leg, however, we had another decent Detour plus a lot of other dull and unnecessay stuff.

    The Roadblock was pathetic. At this point - we had had two tasks in Belgium after the country is getting its first visit after 19 seasons - and those tasks are bodybuilding and car driving. That is not the way to showcase the culture and beauty of Belgium. While th car task would've been fun and exhilarating to do, it was laborious to watch, and extremely suspenseless and pointless.

    The Detour i s the saving grace for this episode. Both options were interesting for me. I would've done 'Waffles', as I have a good eye for deatil, but both seemed fun to do, and they showed us a little of the Belgian culture and the beautiful rivers as well, which all the other tasks failed to do.

    The homing pigeons was rather pointless, but I choose not to complain about this task, due to the fact that it resulted in Ernie & Cindy losing first place!

    The Pit Stop location was wonderful! That is perhaps the one thing they have done well in Belgium! The atomium was spectacular, and a beautiful backdrop for the Pit Stop!!!

    All up, disappointing to se e Bill & Cathi go (obviously), but I am glad to see Marcus & Amani hanging in there! Hope they can make the Final Three, and I sincerely hope that Ernie & Cindy are booted off...