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  • The Amazing Race is the best reality show TV has to offer! In this show several teams of two race around the world for a grand prize of one million dollars.

    As mentioned in the summary, "The Amazing Race is the best reality show TV has to offer!" I don't even know where to begin. This show is so great; I mean, you get to see numerous exotic locations around the world! You get to see how the relationships of the teams changes for better or for worse on this show! This show does have some funny scenes to offer, but for the most part is dramatic. But, The Amazing Race without a doubt gets a 10 out of a 10 on my scale. I have watched every season since this show first aired, and it is truly amazing. Although The Amazing Race 7 (yes, it is that good to have seven seasons so far) came to an end on May 10 of 2005, coming next is The Amazing 8 which is currently scheduled to air in the fall. For those of you who have not watched The Amazing Race yet, I highly suggest it! It is the best reality show out there! It is simply amazing. It rocks!
  • Best Reality show in the world

    Best Reality show in the world.It is True,Me in India and a big fan of it.Although I cant watch it on tv as me in college but watch it on Internet.Its the best show.Seen all seasons till yet.My favorite team Uchenna & Joyce then Rob & Amber and the best cowboys.Favorite Season 11. Its true show which reveals the bonding honesty and the compatibility among the partners.It also demonstrate the beatific salubrious locations which a Indian like me really sublime me up.Although I know I cant participate in it.But always wanted to .hehehe.A doff to Phil Keoghan and be this serial last for long and long time
  • Absolute disgust with the shows producers who show unabated favoritism to the Chinese heritage contestants and discrimination againts the deaf young man by the girl in the surfboard scene...

    Absolute disgust with the shows producers who show unabated favoritism to the Chinese heritage contestants by allowing so much content in a familiar surroundings, and obvious discrimination against the deaf young man by the girl in the surfboard scene...she failed to tell him the second last one was wrong, causing him to get very anxious...cheats !

    I willnever watch this garbage show again, and if the Mom and son couple wish to take legal action for discrimination, I will be the first to contribute to their fighting fund...

    What a JOKE...and that wishy washy host needs to get a real the rest of us...

    Never again
  • Worst Season ever. Next season have a spanish speaking couple go through 3 days spain or mexico. No I got it... how about german-americans going several days through germany. Or spice it up New Yorkers go 3 days through New York. Hummm, unfair?

    Worst Season ever. That's time I can't get back. Next season have a spanish couple go three legs through spain or mexico. No I got it... how about a german couple going three legs through germany. Or we can spice it up and have a group of New Yorkers go three legs through New York. Hummm, unfair? Why? Stupid!! That was really fair. That was really fair. That was really fair. Hmmmmm, that was fair. Totally unfair!! Totally unfair!! Totally Unfair!!!! Stupid stupid stupid -unfair rotten crappy. Who plans these out? I hated it. Not too fair- sucks. No more for me.
  • An excellent reality-competition show that has proven many times why it's one of the best. There's no fan or competitor voting, no subjective panel of judges, and definitely no rose ceremonies. Just relationships, adventure and of course, $1 million.

    I first stumbled across this series back in season 3. I was channel surfing and three things about this series caught my attention: the sense of adventure (they were rockclimbing in foreign lands and just travelling), the amazing relationships/teammates that some people had, and Flo's crying/whining about she couldn't do anything remotely scary.

    The people is 100% the biggest part of the show. The relationships/friendships is what makes it great. Watching people be encouraging, loving, and crazy, while also cheering and bickering makes it extremely interesting. There's been those we love, those we hate, those who are so disgusting but we just can't look away! It is just an incredible sight.

    Now the format also helps. The clumping of teams can arguably be good or bad, but I think it's kinda good sometimes. It's what adds the tension to the show when all of them are seconds away from each other, leading to so many heart thumping moments towards pit stops and finish lines. I love when clues need to be deciphered (rather than handed on a platter) and I also love the roadblocks and detours that involve cultural relevances (although, there have been some questionable ones).

    I am extremely happy about speed bumps (versus no penalty, or loss of clothing and money). Too bad it was only recently implemented, but better late than never. I do miss the Fast Forwards on every leg because it meant for more dramatic turns, I mean the last place team could surge to the front! But it's understandable why it wasn't cost effective. I don't miss u-turns, yields, and intersections... but that's probably just me.

    Now the show isn't without it's flaws. Like one particular season *cough* family edition *cough*. Another flaw is some of the surprises on the show. I am all for the extended legs of race, but I hate the surprise eliminations (poor Bilal & Sa'eed). Also, I just don't need anymore models, pageant queens and people who seem to be on every reality show. There were some seasons where the people were mostly from California (some of whom I think knew each other beforehand).

    All and all, I still love this show. You get to see so many different cultures and places, relationships at their best and worst, all the while experiencing the thrill of the race.
  • It's a show that delivers what it promises.

    The premise is simple. A set number of teams, usually couples/pairs (with the exception of the family season) of people with a pre-existing relationship are set on a race around the world. Each leg of the race brings the teams that much closer to the final prize of US$1,000,000.

    I've seen some reviewers being outraged by the unfairness of a previous winning couple (brother/sister of Chinese descent) being given the opportunity to race the last leg in a country where they not only spoke the language, but in an area with which they were familiar. This is not the first time this has happened - we've had examples of Japanese-speaking contestants, and MANY examples of teams gaining an advantage in Spanish-speaking countries. This, I feel, is some of what is at the core of the show.

    Different teams have different skills. If it were me, I'd always choose the linguistical challenge over any other, while someone else might be a computer-wizz, or a weightlifter, or a wrestler... The varying skills of the team members is what makes the show interesting. It is impossible to not give "unfair" advantages to some teams - because the very nature of the show allows for such talents to shine through.

    I love this show, and have watched it religiously since the first series aired on Swedish television. It is exciting, entertaining, funny, and interesting. If you don't think the show is entertaining - tune into something else. If you haven't seen it - give it a chance. If you're anything like me, you'll both shout at the teams for being stupid and cheer with them when they win.
  • phil u rock!! still remember him from shazam back in nz!!

    was so glad mum and deaf son did not win, he is a spoilt dick, and she is his enabler. when things didnt go his way he threw a massive tantrum, and then they try to palm it off as he's upset about being deaf! what a joke!! wheather or not he can or cant hear the guys a jerk! yes the chinese kids had an advantage, but it was random that they were still in it once they got to china, other teams did use their advantage and followed them. In the end it came down to who had a better memory, not language!!
  • A new season of the race around the world starts with a few twists.

    I was wondering on how they were going to eliminate a team at the starting point. It was something so totally unexpected and I see some people do not like it, but it was a twist. Just like taking the money away on non elimination legs years ago, then adding the speed bump. The show has to make little changes to keep itself fresh.
    The teams are not as formulamatic as previous years, but the poker women and the Harlem Globetrotters add some interest, the muscle bound lawyer who seems to be a jerk, the gay brothers, dad and son, but the team with the Asburgers syndrome I like a lot. Especially when he quickly got the ducks to cooperate, duck whisperer indeed.
    The show needs some new twists and turns, some will be successful and well received and other will not be. To have the same locations, the same type of roadblocks and things would make it boring.
    Was it worth the wait, I really liked it, the characters need more development, something that one hour premiers do not give at all. We got to know some of the teams, and that is good. Who will win, I have no idea, anything can happen.
  • A very unfair season.

    I felt that season was so unfair I couldn't stand to watch the last few episodes. I can't believe the producers allowed the Chinese sister and brother to participate knowing that they not only could speak the language fluently but had been to those very same cities in China on several occasions. What a totally unfair advantage. I would think there would be some kind of screening involved when choosing contestants that would make it fair for everyone. I am really upset that this was allowed to happen. I doubt that I will ever watch the show again. I hope the winner donate the money to a good cause because they obviously don't need it.
  • You can't give 2 that unfair of an advantage. The winners were able to speak the language in China and stay at the front of the group. Totally unfair.

    Don't take the contestant's to the country where they can speak the foreign language. Of all the places the Amazing Race could have taken them they go to China where it just so happens that the winners can speak Chinese? How Amazing is that? It was a sorry ending to an otherwise good show. I belive that you should have a vote (like they did on Suvivor) and give popular choice a monetary reward. The winners had an advantage that should not have been allowed. Shame on Amazing Race. I have been watching since the start and now I having my doubts as to how this show is produced. 2 thumbs down!
  • There is a reason this show has been on so long.

    The Amazing Race is a reality show where eleven teams go on a race around the world to win one million dollars. It is a fun show to watch as they navigate around the many countries and do a series of chal;lenges that go along with the traditions or exports, etc... of the country they are in. They will
    compete and at the end of each leg one team will be voted off, (except in the two non elimination rounds). Watching some teams strugle while others soar is great fun that is made better by the comedy of some of the situations they get in. The Amazing Race is one of the best reality shows there are.
  • I used to love this show, but is getting really ridiculous.

    I have been a long time fan of this show. Ever since season 6 my wife and I have watched this show religiously. However, the last two episodes have been worse than BAD. They have been INFURIATING!! I found myself SCREAMING at the television because of the STUPID penalties that the short guys have been getting. I mean come on!! Gimme a break!! Penalize the little guys for using their heads and taking advantage of the lack of perception of the other teams? Sounds like what the U.S. government likes to do. Well, that wasn't so bad. But the last episode where they received a FOUR HOUR penalty had me up and hollering more than I ever had at any football game!!! RIDICULOUS!! The guys had no money, and they used personal possessions to bargain for their cab fair. WOW. Send them to hell for that one I guess. In previous seasons, teams begged for money to pay their fair and no penalty levied. I seem to remember one episode where they've traded watches and stuff to settle the cab fair. There was one team who wasn't allowed to check in until their fair had been PAID!! What were these guys supposed to do? Get a job there? The girls that had forgotten their documents were allowed to BEG for free rides, but come on...who is gonna give the short guys free rides? In my opinion this seasons race is RIGGED!! That's right, and this will probably be last season that I watch, and believe me it will take all I can muster to just watch the final few episodes. Not to mention, the roadblock and detour of that episode where the short guys got the 4 hour penalty was the dumbest stuff I had ever seen on public TV. The guys that came up with those events must of been hittin the hookah, or dosin some of the local opium. I mean puttin in dentures (how fun), or karaoke in a cab (how dumb), and puttin a propeller on a grandma can do that....geez! Well...considerin it really isn't much on TV left worth there is even less. What a shame. If it weren't for video games my big screen TV would be useless. Thank you producers and writers of "The Amazing Race" for RUINING a great show.
  • Teams compete in a race around the world for a million dollars.

    This show is truly one of my favorites. It's the only reality tv show I can bring myself to actually watch. For one it has some value as it can serve as a nice little geography brush up. It also is interesting to see other cultures and how they interact with the contestants. Though that may have something to do with the camera crew always following the teams. It's interesting to see the generosity some people extend towards the contestants like giving them money when they lost their own in a non elimination round or whatnot.
    Although at the end this is still just a reality tv shows and you can't entirely trust the editing.
  • Amazing Race is the best show period. And if you don't like it, then you're an idiot!!

    If you do not like this show, or don't at least tolerate it, then you are a low life nutball!!! Amazing Race is the best show ever!!!!! It has so much drama, and I know it may seem fake at times it is still great!! It is also really funny, like the time in the first episode when the teams were trying to get cheese from the top of a mountain, and their packs kept randomly breaking as they walked down the hill. Then some of them has the idea of sliding on their butts down the hill!! My favorite characters ever on the race were TK and Rachel in season 12. They were always so nice to each other, and when other teams were fighting and stressing out, they were really calm!!!
  • "The very Mediocre not so race-a-like Race"

    Simply unentertaining… The first time I heard about the show was last year (pretty slow but what can you do) "The Amazing Race!" it even had a ring to it, "the show that takes you on a race around the world"! I immediately imagined some guy stranded on a boat in the middle of nowhere eating worms, another guy in the middle of the desert asking directions from a goat and a dude crashing an airplane into the finish line… and of course fireworks. (That I don't know why, but I did)
    Well, I knew no show could live up to my expectations, I mean, where can you get all those fireworks?! But at least they would provide a show that gives a heck of a race… oh, was I disappointed… You know what… I'll describe to you what I went through the first time watching the show…
    OMG! Butter up the popcorn, put on the PJ's and go to the bathroom it's about to start. Yeah baby fire up the engines!!!
    This is the part where actually I describe what happened during the show but due to the language, it is censored. How about we skip to the part after I calmed down…

    Are you kidding me?! This is a race… wait I guess that's not calm enough…. Breathe in… out…
    O.k. that was probably the dullest show I have watched ever, ever. I mean I got an idea from the promos that it's going to be amazing! But it turned out to be just a race! Instead of running you get to use cabs and airplanes (Unless you call the "hardcore running in the airport" a part of the show). I thought there would be more options for the contestants to choose from in order to navigate their way to the finish line. You know, give them a map, some food and a donkey and let them use their skills to find the next stop. For god's sake! If someone had an advantage over some else it was because his cab driver had a GPS! Just plane ridiculous. The show was simple not enough competitive, if the skills that are needed to win the grand prize is flying on an airplane, I am placing a 100 dollars on the flight attendant.

    Second reason: if you already decided to keep everyone together, on the same plane, hotel and course why didn't we see some beef?! Nobody got a fake wakeup call in 3 in the morning while staying together in the hotel?! The show was just 45 minutes of watching people cab and fly. Oh, so intense!
    Third reason: the tasks were just completely not what I expected. "Go to the temple and get the letter", "do you want to wrestle or wear a cow suite" (that I didn't make up). It seemed they were only trying to educate me about the culture of the place that they were "racing" in. Dude! I got the discovery channel. They should of made it more interesting in my opinion, via the donkey idea.
  • Can't get enough!

    Amazing race is genius! It gets batter and better every season. You really get into this because it is real people, you get frustrated with them and the choices they make, and you say to yourself: I think I can do this.Watching it makes you want to do this and makes you think that you can do it better than the current cast! The destinations are getting better and better and the cast is great this season. The camera magic is great, the pit stop choices are excellent. CBS, chose the right reality show that will keep coming back with awesom ratings. Keep it up CBS!
  • This show really is amazing.

    This how is awesome I love the concept and the way the show is presented. The show is creative and unique the whole aspect of it is great take people and go around the world. I would love to be in this show because it is so fun and the experiences are unimaginable. I would love this show to continue on forever in my opinion this show is the show every other reality show should compare itself to because if you can make a better show than this then you are a genius and have the best show in the world.
  • Amazing Race is the show that I always watch. The ratings're higher than putting it on Wednesday. I can't wait for next episode. It's fun to watch even though the show is delay due to sport games. Weekend is best to watch TV and see sport commercial.

    Amazing Race is enjoyable show to watch the 11 teams to race around world to win $1 million. It is fun to see who got eliminated for that episode. If it non-elimination leg I like the seasons 7 to 9 when the last team arrive at the pit stop and stripped all money and belongings and stared the next leg with the clothes that they wore and their passports and also season 12 when last team check in and they have do speed bump for the next leg I like this show very much. I started when half way through season 3. I have been watching every season. They allow new relationship like Goth in season 12 and this year there are going to new places. During seasons detour and roadblock can something easy for some team and not others. I also like new idea like intersection in season 10 and the yield in season 5 and the U-turn in season 12.
  • GOD!!! the best show ever!!

    every season gets better than the one before...

    it's so exiting to see all those guys runnin n fightin for that million dollar prize.

    the best part is when you see them afraid when they have to jump from an airplane, or climbin or runnin out of money, asking people who doesnt know english for indications or for makin a phone call.
    And all the places they visit, almost everyone they have visited i have liked it.

    sometimes they get mad at each other, but it is still fun to see how stupid the arguments can be

    i just can say one thing about this show:
  • New Season, please!

    Phil Keoghan hosts this incredible show which all started back in 2001. The show follows 11 teams of 2 people around the world in the quest for 1 million dollars. Along the way the will encounter roadblocks, detours and many other extroadinary adventures which could break their friendship. The show is highly addictive and very fun to watch. I actually feel kinda tense watching this show cause i'm afraid the team that i'm routing for may be eliminated during this very episode. It's no wonder this show was on for 12 seasons and counting, with its 13th season coming up this september. The show had its share of funny, interesting, gothic, mad and intelligent people and it was great to see what they were really like when they got into some trouble! =)

    This show really split a lot of friendships up. But those people only have themselves to blame over freaking out over 500,000 lousy dollars. what it's 1 million dollars? ok then they should probably lose their minds if they get into a bad situation...9.1/10
  • Fantastic show.

    The Amazing Race is a great show and is very respected. I first started watching it in Season 9. I didn't like season 10 that much. Season 11 should be better because it's the All Star's round. It should be better, I hope so anyway. I loved Season 9 a lot. It was always my second favorite show behind Avatar the last Airbender. BJ and Tyler were my favorite team and they won. I saw the 3 way tie in one episode between them Joseph and Monica and the two other guys and BJ and Tyler came in last but they only got stipped by their stuff and they still won the event.
  • The best show on television, reality at least. This show should be watched by any who is interested in geography or history.

    Though not a big fan of reality shows, this show is the best show on tv period. While watching it, one will not only learn some geography, they will learn some history of the country being visited by the teams. I think they should do two of these a year, I can never get enough. Plus, Phil is the best. Ryan who???? Though I did not care for the family season, I watched it. The same as with the all stars, I had had enough of Rob and Amber (make me gag), I still watched it. How is that for faithfulness to this wonderful show? Hopefully, this show will never be cancelled. I would prefer if it was on a different night than when football is on though.
  • This combination of travelogue, game show and race is always entertaining.

    This is my wife's absolute favorite show on tv, she laments the end of the season and wait impatiently for the next to begin. I enjoy every episode, it is Fear Factor without the gross-out moments, a race and a travel guide all in one. If I have any complaint it's that like most reality shows they tend to pick a contestant to set up as the villain, obviously this is done once they're sure they'll last till late in the competition so I doubt they're evil from the beginning. If you followed anyone around with a camera crew, kept them from getting enough sleep to deal with jet lag and put them under this much stress, none of us would be saints.

    Another observation is that in most episodes the gay contestants seem to be over-represented compared to the general population. This only bothers me if they seem to identify themselves as gay and nothing else, like Team Guido (TAR 1) and Reichen and Chip (TAR 4). If they mention their other interests or hobbies, it didn't seem to come across during the show, they seemed one-dimensional and defined only by their sexuality. Compared to Oswald and Danny who were colorful and hilarious without ever seeming to be one-dimensional.

    Overall this is a terrific show and if I had one suggestion it would be to add more of the elements that Treasure Hunters brought to the table. Puzzles and mental challenges are as important as the physical but a bit underused on TAR. I just loved the sight of all the teams brought to a halt while they banged their heads against a wall trying to figure out a puzzle.
  • The Amazing Race is an excellent show and it is one of the most interesting and cutting edge reality TV shows I have ever seen.

    I never heard about this show until it's fifth season and the first episode I watched I thought it was amazing. Since then, I have caught up on most of the seasons, although I'm a little fuzzy on seasons 3 and 4, only seeing a handful of episodes. During the series run, we've been faced with good people and villians. Jonathon and Victoria, by far, are my least favourite racers, with the exception of Rob and Amber. I watched them on Survivor and prayed to God they didn't win - but Amber did, so damn! But over the time we've been faced with some really good racers as well. My favourites include Brian and Greg, Lynn and Alex, Nancy and Emily, Kris and Jon, Oswald and Danny & Lena and Kristy, to name a few. The destinations are mostly good - but I do think that it gives a good sense of the world, not sugarcoating destinations, such as Senegal and India. This show, even though I haven't seen every single episode, is a fantastic show and one I will continue to be a fan of. Oh, and Phil is the best host on a reality TV (or any TV) program!
  • The only reality show that doesn't seem scripted

    A race around the world. It's a great concept for a reality show. And, the concept has kept the show honest. When other reality shows seem to be more and more scripted to please the viewers, the Amazing Race stays true to the concept -- it's a race, pure and simple. Teams compete in different physical and mental challenges, racing from point to point around the globe to see which team can make it through the entire race without being eliminated. Friends, family members, fiancees, spouses, and paramours try to outmsmart out muscle and outrun the other teams. The dynamic of the show also feeds the reality addiction by showing what the stress of the challenges has on friendships, family ties and romantic relationships -- in the process showing how strong the relaitonship really is. A great reality fix without the growing unreality of reality tv.
  • Addictive.

    'The Amzaing Race" is one of my favorite reality shows on TV next to Survivor. Its highly addictive. I love watching episode after episode after episode. It just keeps me on the edge of my seat at the end of every single episode. I didnt really like the last season though. It was just kind of a let down for me. I have all the seasons that are avaivleble on DVD. I love this show so much. I never want it to end. Its one of my fave shows ever. ive never missed an episode. And the great thing is, I actually get it!
  • The race around the world.

    The amazing race has to be one of my favourite shows of all time on TV. People running around the world like insane people doing crazy tasks, what more could I ask for in a show? The thing I love best about this show is when it gets to the stage that rivalries are made, once that happens you just know it's going to be a great season because of the lengths the teams will go to just to spite each others. The amazing race also has that perfect balance of reality, comedy, drama and suspense which is why I highly recommend it.
  • Join teams as they travel on a race around the world for a large cash prize.

    The Amazing Race would be on the top of my list for reality TV shows. We see teams race around the world against other teams. Contestants strive to arrive first at the end of each 'pit stop' to avoid elimination. Teams are progressivley eleminated until three teams are left, then out of the three the first team to arrive first wins a large sum of cash. In different series there are different teams. For example the first series may have teams of 2 that have had a relationship with each other. Overall the Amzaing Race is a fantastic TV show and one of my all time favourite reality shows. Enjoy!
  • One of my favorite reality shows.

    I love The Amazing Race. The title is correct, it truly is amazing. It's a reality show that I would absolutely love to be on. I love getting to see all the beautiful places they visit and learn about the cultures and stuff. Plus it's entertaining watching them compete against other teams or people. I love to watch them participate in the Road Blocks, Detours, etc. It's very entertaining and fun to watch. Anyways, in my own personaly opinion, I believe that The Amazing Race is one of the best and most enjoyable to watch reality shows that currently airs on television.
  • good show....

    I just started watching The Amazing Race this season and I am hooked. I like the whole idea of the show and the diversity of it. Teams go off throughout the world and complete legs of the race. Teams are eliminated one by one and the winner receives 1 million dollars. Interesting. I like seeing the different areas and cultures the teams come across. I also like the diversity in the teams. It is intersting to see friends and father /kid and girlfriend/boyfriend, and just random teams. Overall, I really like the idea of the show and it is well executed.
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