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  • Amazing Race is the show that I always watch. The ratings're higher than putting it on Wednesday. I can't wait for next episode. It's fun to watch even though the show is delay due to sport games. Weekend is best to watch TV and see sport commercial.

    Amazing Race is enjoyable show to watch the 11 teams to race around world to win $1 million. It is fun to see who got eliminated for that episode. If it non-elimination leg I like the seasons 7 to 9 when the last team arrive at the pit stop and stripped all money and belongings and stared the next leg with the clothes that they wore and their passports and also season 12 when last team check in and they have do speed bump for the next leg I like this show very much. I started when half way through season 3. I have been watching every season. They allow new relationship like Goth in season 12 and this year there are going to new places. During seasons detour and roadblock can something easy for some team and not others. I also like new idea like intersection in season 10 and the yield in season 5 and the U-turn in season 12.
  • GOD!!! the best show ever!!

    every season gets better than the one before...

    it's so exiting to see all those guys runnin n fightin for that million dollar prize.

    the best part is when you see them afraid when they have to jump from an airplane, or climbin or runnin out of money, asking people who doesnt know english for indications or for makin a phone call.
    And all the places they visit, almost everyone they have visited i have liked it.

    sometimes they get mad at each other, but it is still fun to see how stupid the arguments can be

    i just can say one thing about this show:
  • New Season, please!

    Phil Keoghan hosts this incredible show which all started back in 2001. The show follows 11 teams of 2 people around the world in the quest for 1 million dollars. Along the way the will encounter roadblocks, detours and many other extroadinary adventures which could break their friendship. The show is highly addictive and very fun to watch. I actually feel kinda tense watching this show cause i'm afraid the team that i'm routing for may be eliminated during this very episode. It's no wonder this show was on for 12 seasons and counting, with its 13th season coming up this september. The show had its share of funny, interesting, gothic, mad and intelligent people and it was great to see what they were really like when they got into some trouble! =)

    This show really split a lot of friendships up. But those people only have themselves to blame over freaking out over 500,000 lousy dollars. what it's 1 million dollars? ok then they should probably lose their minds if they get into a bad situation...9.1/10
  • Fantastic show.

    The Amazing Race is a great show and is very respected. I first started watching it in Season 9. I didn't like season 10 that much. Season 11 should be better because it's the All Star's round. It should be better, I hope so anyway. I loved Season 9 a lot. It was always my second favorite show behind Avatar the last Airbender. BJ and Tyler were my favorite team and they won. I saw the 3 way tie in one episode between them Joseph and Monica and the two other guys and BJ and Tyler came in last but they only got stipped by their stuff and they still won the event.
  • The best show on television, reality at least. This show should be watched by any who is interested in geography or history.

    Though not a big fan of reality shows, this show is the best show on tv period. While watching it, one will not only learn some geography, they will learn some history of the country being visited by the teams. I think they should do two of these a year, I can never get enough. Plus, Phil is the best. Ryan who???? Though I did not care for the family season, I watched it. The same as with the all stars, I had had enough of Rob and Amber (make me gag), I still watched it. How is that for faithfulness to this wonderful show? Hopefully, this show will never be cancelled. I would prefer if it was on a different night than when football is on though.
  • This combination of travelogue, game show and race is always entertaining.

    This is my wife's absolute favorite show on tv, she laments the end of the season and wait impatiently for the next to begin. I enjoy every episode, it is Fear Factor without the gross-out moments, a race and a travel guide all in one. If I have any complaint it's that like most reality shows they tend to pick a contestant to set up as the villain, obviously this is done once they're sure they'll last till late in the competition so I doubt they're evil from the beginning. If you followed anyone around with a camera crew, kept them from getting enough sleep to deal with jet lag and put them under this much stress, none of us would be saints.

    Another observation is that in most episodes the gay contestants seem to be over-represented compared to the general population. This only bothers me if they seem to identify themselves as gay and nothing else, like Team Guido (TAR 1) and Reichen and Chip (TAR 4). If they mention their other interests or hobbies, it didn't seem to come across during the show, they seemed one-dimensional and defined only by their sexuality. Compared to Oswald and Danny who were colorful and hilarious without ever seeming to be one-dimensional.

    Overall this is a terrific show and if I had one suggestion it would be to add more of the elements that Treasure Hunters brought to the table. Puzzles and mental challenges are as important as the physical but a bit underused on TAR. I just loved the sight of all the teams brought to a halt while they banged their heads against a wall trying to figure out a puzzle.
  • The Amazing Race is an excellent show and it is one of the most interesting and cutting edge reality TV shows I have ever seen.

    I never heard about this show until it's fifth season and the first episode I watched I thought it was amazing. Since then, I have caught up on most of the seasons, although I'm a little fuzzy on seasons 3 and 4, only seeing a handful of episodes. During the series run, we've been faced with good people and villians. Jonathon and Victoria, by far, are my least favourite racers, with the exception of Rob and Amber. I watched them on Survivor and prayed to God they didn't win - but Amber did, so damn! But over the time we've been faced with some really good racers as well. My favourites include Brian and Greg, Lynn and Alex, Nancy and Emily, Kris and Jon, Oswald and Danny & Lena and Kristy, to name a few. The destinations are mostly good - but I do think that it gives a good sense of the world, not sugarcoating destinations, such as Senegal and India. This show, even though I haven't seen every single episode, is a fantastic show and one I will continue to be a fan of. Oh, and Phil is the best host on a reality TV (or any TV) program!
  • The only reality show that doesn't seem scripted

    A race around the world. It's a great concept for a reality show. And, the concept has kept the show honest. When other reality shows seem to be more and more scripted to please the viewers, the Amazing Race stays true to the concept -- it's a race, pure and simple. Teams compete in different physical and mental challenges, racing from point to point around the globe to see which team can make it through the entire race without being eliminated. Friends, family members, fiancees, spouses, and paramours try to outmsmart out muscle and outrun the other teams. The dynamic of the show also feeds the reality addiction by showing what the stress of the challenges has on friendships, family ties and romantic relationships -- in the process showing how strong the relaitonship really is. A great reality fix without the growing unreality of reality tv.
  • Addictive.

    'The Amzaing Race" is one of my favorite reality shows on TV next to Survivor. Its highly addictive. I love watching episode after episode after episode. It just keeps me on the edge of my seat at the end of every single episode. I didnt really like the last season though. It was just kind of a let down for me. I have all the seasons that are avaivleble on DVD. I love this show so much. I never want it to end. Its one of my fave shows ever. ive never missed an episode. And the great thing is, I actually get it!
  • The race around the world.

    The amazing race has to be one of my favourite shows of all time on TV. People running around the world like insane people doing crazy tasks, what more could I ask for in a show? The thing I love best about this show is when it gets to the stage that rivalries are made, once that happens you just know it's going to be a great season because of the lengths the teams will go to just to spite each others. The amazing race also has that perfect balance of reality, comedy, drama and suspense which is why I highly recommend it.
  • Join teams as they travel on a race around the world for a large cash prize.

    The Amazing Race would be on the top of my list for reality TV shows. We see teams race around the world against other teams. Contestants strive to arrive first at the end of each 'pit stop' to avoid elimination. Teams are progressivley eleminated until three teams are left, then out of the three the first team to arrive first wins a large sum of cash. In different series there are different teams. For example the first series may have teams of 2 that have had a relationship with each other. Overall the Amzaing Race is a fantastic TV show and one of my all time favourite reality shows. Enjoy!
  • One of my favorite reality shows.

    I love The Amazing Race. The title is correct, it truly is amazing. It's a reality show that I would absolutely love to be on. I love getting to see all the beautiful places they visit and learn about the cultures and stuff. Plus it's entertaining watching them compete against other teams or people. I love to watch them participate in the Road Blocks, Detours, etc. It's very entertaining and fun to watch. Anyways, in my own personaly opinion, I believe that The Amazing Race is one of the best and most enjoyable to watch reality shows that currently airs on television.
  • good show....

    I just started watching The Amazing Race this season and I am hooked. I like the whole idea of the show and the diversity of it. Teams go off throughout the world and complete legs of the race. Teams are eliminated one by one and the winner receives 1 million dollars. Interesting. I like seeing the different areas and cultures the teams come across. I also like the diversity in the teams. It is intersting to see friends and father /kid and girlfriend/boyfriend, and just random teams. Overall, I really like the idea of the show and it is well executed.
  • Who thought of this? A genius, I might say!

    Welcome to my list of favorite shows, The Amazing Race. You never did waste time going there.

    Still, 24 beats you in being best show. But you've got the excitement buried in every episode. You choose the people perfect for the competition, some perfect to loathe. For example, why, of all people, did you let Eric and Danielle join? Possibly they suck, and videos won't prove who's fit to do this race.

    Still, I find you an amazing show. The Amazing Show. You arce around my favorites list, and you got 9.7, a narrow one.

    No, I'm not bashing you. I love you. You are a great show. Keep up the great work. That's for the racers. As for you, keep up the good teams.
  • The Amazing Race is absolutely my favorite show! There are so many awesome reality shows but this is the best of them all.

    11 Teams of 2 race around the world in television's most exciting reality show. Each season has its own share of wonderful destinations, drama, challenges, and of course entertaining teams. While there are teams that I love to hate as well (Rob/Amber especially). There's a lot more teams I love. My favorites are BJ/Tyler, Charla/Mirna, Nancy/Emily, Uchenna/Joyce, Rob/Brennan, Blake/Paige, and Dustin/Kandice. Additionally, Phil Keoghan is the best reality show host ever. I actually love when all the teams catch up at airports, because it adds more excitement, drama, and of course it encourages the teams to race harder as for you have to earn your way to the top all over again or risk elimination. The Amazing Race is most certainly amazing each and every episode.
  • Great! i really like this show and i can't wait to see the new season! YEA

    There are, um... lets see 10, no 15, i don't remember how many teams of two. and every episode (usually) there is a checkpiont. the last person to the checkpoint is out of the race. My favorite season was the family season, when they had family groups of 4 race, and there were two checkpionts where you weren't eliminated, but you could only keep the things on your backs. one time, the people on one team wore about 5 shirts and some bras on, not to mention the pants. they have a brand new season, but i haven't seen it yet.
  • 11 teams race around the world & compete for$1 million dollars

    i have been a fan of Amazing Race since season 2. (i didnt watch season 1 :( i missed the boat on that)

    Season 12 started last nite and as usual i was very impressed! The contestants are interesting and fun, the challenges are exciting and i found myself sitting on the edge of my seat, like i do for every show. I have selected a couple of my fav. teams. They are: Arazie & Hendekea, Rachel & TK, and Kynt & Vyxsin. I hope they go far in the competion. I must also add how THRILLED i was when Ari & Staella were eliminated! Now i can enjoy this race and not have to cringe every time i see these 2 people on TV!! YEAH Amazing Race!!
  • Love the show. All the world I can see from my living room.

    My Favorite show of all time. Love Love this show!!!! I only wish the show was longer and that they had more camera footage so I can see the world through the camera lens from my living room, beacuse in my life time, I don't think I will see. The places that they travel to it is so amazing to see how people live and what little they have and are so happy. All the children smiling, just let me think of all the things we have and we came be happy. I will be glue to the tv watching. smile
  • Teams of two follow clues in a race around the world.

    This show is simply amazing, just as the name says! Teams of two follow the clues in a race around the world and usually get to participate in cultural activities as well. It's great to see how typical Americans act in new environments. It's so amusing to hear these people trying to speak Spanish in Brazil or English in Tailand or something. But then every once in a while, you get those couples who actually bother to pick up a pocket book of translations, or who can speak a foreign language properly, or who really take the time to see their surroundings; they make the show completely worthwhile.
  • It's a show where teams of two travel across the world as they perform tasks that are physically and mentally challenging. As the teams travel, team members will see the true sides of each other, and how well they truly can work together.

    I personally believe this is a great game show. There are always changes on this show, and keeps it exciting. The challenges are amazing, (From riding a bike with 100 giant, heavy baskets on it, to doing wierd foregin activities, to skydiving, and to finding a clue in a tomato stack while 50 kids throw tomato(s) at you.) And when it's all said and done, it will keep you excited for the next season. It's a great show, and it's great to see the different teams that come on to the show. Hopefully it will stay on for a little bit longer, because this truly is one game show that everyone will love, playing or watching.
  • Absolutely brilliant

    WOW!This show is just soo good. My best reality show. Its so good sometime you think its fictional. The things they have to do are just too good. Eating fish eggs and grasshoppers just for a million dollars... All the seasons were so intersting. You even learnt new stuff from it about different countries. And wish you were there yourself and compare yourself to people in it. The best part about this was when people had to face their fears and not let their partner down. It was also entertaining but a bit sad when people did bad stuff to other teams like cancle their taxis. This show shows how to be good friends and also supportive. And hopefully this continues on and many more people start to watch this.
  • WOW!!!

    I do not know about you but every time i see this show i want to be on it! some times i get into it to much ha ha. But this show i would say is the best Reality show ever. You never know who is going to win because there is so many mistakes that could happen. IF any one know how to get on this show please tell me i love to get on it! just write me a message ha ha but no this show is really great i would even say top notch. GO AMAZING RACE. yeah!
  • Can't stop watching once I'm tuned, it gets more interesting every time I watch.

    I used to watch a few episodes every now and then. I live in Ecuador, and the channel that runs this show it's not one of my favorites, but once I got to watch, luckily, the beginning of one season, I couldn't stop watching it until the end. The good thing about this show, is that it isn't about the regular competition, but they take you around the world to see a little bit of the wonders other countries have, which makes me wonder, when will they go to Ecuador, we have a lot of history and fun stuff for you people to discover!. And of course you can't help to take sides with a team, which makes it fun when watching with the family because they probably are cheering a different team. So what are you waiting for, tune in!
  • When you think about it, it's a race around the world with oddball stunts, like some sort of Survivor-Fear Facter flipper baby.

    Amazing Race wasn't always all that amazing for me. I mean, sure, YEAY! You get to go to a buncha exotic places. But then I'm like "You know, you ALWAYS get the SAME stupid people doing the SAME stupid things..." It got old. So I kinda tuned out the first two or three seasons. Oh, and the one with the families. HELLO? Why would you have a FAMILY Amazing Race? It was stupid. But the other seasons before and after that, from four to whenever, I think they were just on eleven or something, I kinda lost track, were truly worthy of the title AMAZING. The show gets addicting, getting you to ask your friends/family/people you're stuck in an elevator with, "Hey. Would YOU jump off a building on a bungee cord?" And if they say yes, "Would you do it with me? I wanna get on Amazing Race." Yeah. But it's an awesome show, not just your run-of-the-mill reality show.
  • Amazing Race is great but my one suggestion is that they should have an AUSTRALIAN amazing race!! I'd be applying for sure! So come on creators and get it happening down under!

    I haven't watched the show in a little while but I love it and would love to be in it!! I think it would be an awesome experience. I really want to see the world and I think that being on the Amazing Race would be the PERFECT opportunity for ANYONE to see the world. We've been wondering how come there has only been American Amazing Races? I bet that if they gave an Australian one a go ther would be plenty of people auditioning! Me and my big sister would kick some serious butt...well at least give it a go! ;)
  • I want to be on this show

    The amazing race is the best reality show on TV. It has everything a good reality show needs exciting challenges, good teams, some back stabbing, and a millon dollar prize. I love the amazing race it shows som much of the world and it never gets old. I also really like it this year since they have that lady with the missing leg, I can't say the same about her husband though. Another thing that makes the amazing race great is that they change things up every year like that time they had the family's on all together.
  • Amazing Race is a very good t.v show i like watching it with my mom.

    The Amazing Race 11: All Stars --- The first-ever All-Star edition for The Amazing Race has ended. This season featured eleven teams who raced on previous seasons of the program. As these teams raced around the world once more, they found themselves facing all-new challenges. This season had its share of surprises, but was met with mixed reviews by fans. Some were disappointed with the uneven structure of the race, as well as challenges that in many cases were considered poorly planned. Others, however, were entertained both by seeing the development of new dynamics when it came to past racers and the flaring of rivalry and drama between teams. Congratulations to Eric and Danielle, winners of The Amazing Race: All-Stars.
    The Amazing Race 10 --- The next season of The Amazing Race arrived on September 17, 2006. Following the ninety-minute premiere, the program settled down into its Sunday weekly slot at 8 P.M., but was often delayed by football overruns. This edition saw the teams visiting locations such as China, Mongolia and Madagascar and featured one of the most diverse groups of teams ever. Reaction to this season was generally downcast, due a somewhat unexciting season finale, the repeated football delays in some markets and a final three that was considered by many to be unappealing. However, many were delighted at the team of Lyn and Karlyn making the final three --- the first all-female team on the program to make the final three and cross the finish line. Congratulations to Tyler and James, winners of this season!
    The Amazing Race 9 --- The Amazing Race returned on February 28, 2006 at its normal time of Tuesday, 9 P.M. with an exciting two-hour premiere. The show moved to 10 P.M. on Tuesdays following, The Unit, on March 7. and later moved to Wednesdays at 8 P.M.
    Following the Family Edition, viewers were generally excited by the return of the exciting pace of the normal program, with over 70,000 miles of world-traveling action and the normal format of teams-of-two, each "with an existing relationship." The adventures spanned five continents and some exciting new locations, including Oman.
    The Amazing Race 8 --- Family Edition
    The eighth season of the acclaimed Amazing Race has ended. The two-hour premiere aired Tuesday, September 27 at 9 P.M., and new episodes aired each week in that timeslot until the conclusion. While past seasons have featured teams of two with an existing relationship, this new edition featured ten families of four racing for the million dollar prize. While some changes were made, the program featured the same Detours and Roadblocks as previous seasons. The families included children as young as eight, although most of the cast are still adults. Additionally, more time was spent in the United States and Canada and the overall distance that the teams had to race was greatly lessened. Some worried that such a drastic format change could have a negative effect on this well-respected show. Indeed, this season of the program was less-watched than others, generally panned by critics, disliked by many fans and was even acknowledged as possibly a mistake by host Phil Keoghan
  • The Amazing Race is a show where about 11 teams race around the world in order to win 1,000,000 dollars. The show is surprisingly good and is a favorite of mine.

    I think that The Amazing Race is a great show because the race is also changing because a team could always take a wrong turn, moving them from first to last. Also, yields and fast forwards, and intersections that are distributed through different legs also keep the race more interesting. To me, the only bad part of the race is the bunching of teams on flights which makes teams that were 5 hours in the lead tied with every other team. But overall I think the show is great.
  • Where do i begin? It's a guilty pleasure watching this!

    It's a guilty pleasure watching this show, because as anti-anything-remotely-racist, i have to say that my thrill in watching the amazing race. Is seeing how uncultured the americans can be. It just amazes me that they would choose such silly and dumb people to represent their counrty in a world broadcast Tv show. Seems like a bit of a waste of free advertising.
    They should be showing them selves as these amazingly intelegent and cultured people who traverse the world, instead you get these dull blond americans running around, and every second word out of their mouth is either: Honey, Babe, Darl, or Don't. It's so stupid and dim and playing the the stereo types that people have of americans that its funny!
    I really do feel sorry for americans, that they are being represented by these people. I really have hopes that when I finaly travel to America the people over there will not seem as uncultured and foolish as this reality Tv show makes them out to be!
  • Teams of two(usually) race around the world.

    Like most of CBS' other reality shows, I started watching this back when it started, and I was pretty young. I liked this show, and found it pretty interesting. But over the years, I have found other shows on Sunday nights that I like a lot more. However, that doesn't change the fact that this show does show many different interesting places, and customs from around the world. I love this aspect of the show, though I don't watch it that often. Overall a decent show, but I don't like some of the teams that they show, and I feel that, after this many seasons, they may be runnign out of ideas for variety.
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