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  • This is a great show that is different every season.

    I truly love the Amazing Race! In my opinion it is one of the best reality shows on television. It really never gets old either. There is always new people and new locations. Along with seeing various locations around the world and their cultures you get to see the contestants perform different tasks that often coincide with the culture of the location that they are in. It is "amazing" and extremly interesting. I have a feeling the Amazing Race will be around for awhile seeing as it is hard to run out of locations and people. Every season will have something new to offer.
  • Run . . .run . . .

    This show, when it's at its best, keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for more. No one has to degrade themselves on this show, get naked, eat something from the trash or spill their guts for our general ameusement. Basically, its a battle of wills and feet. Although its not a learning tool, Amazing Race does insert some interesting facts about the sites the contestants visit, therefore-its not an only entertainment reality show. The contestants suck you in because they're REAL people. And not all barbie dolls or jocks simply picked for their looks. (Clears throat:Survivor, Fear Factor, Big Brother).
  • It is a great show.

    Basily itjust abounch of people running around the world to win a prize sort of. People run around the world. But they have to complete a sort of tast. The last one to finish the task gets eliminated. Thats sort of sad to see because they went to far and came to close.
  • I really would like to be on this show.

    I\'ve seen countries that I\'ve never even knew existed on this show. I love how the show literally takes you for a ride through the countries and cities. Most shows don\'t make you feel that way, but this show does. The challenges are awesome and I really think they are fit to the city and country they are in. I actually think this show is educating when it comes to geography. Helpped my pass a test on geography once too. It is also fun watching the teams complete the challenges. They work very hard together to get places. One massive scale of a TV game/reality show.
  • nice show..

    this show is all about reality and shows us real human emotion and how we deal and act upon certain situations.they race against each other in real time and they also manageto experience and travel around the world.they get to see the sights in this once-in-a-lifetime experience..and don\'t forget about the $ 1 000 000 dollars cash prize!this is really a great show to watch especially when the challenges and obstacles test the contestants endurance and they manage to get past them and move on to the next cant help but shout for joy when your favorite pair wins..great show!
  • What an awful show.

    Survivor Race. I feel happy for the winners, they win a million dollars. For me to judge a show, I think I may sound mean, but I personally feel that the Amazing Race isn't that good. It's like another version of Survivor. The show is a hit, but I don't like it. It's boring, even though its a hit, I'm not slightly interested. The survivor formula is so overused, the networks really need to start making something original. This is bad TV their promoting here. I love Bruckheimer movies, this is one project I'm not buying into. I can't say anything good about this show because it's so bad.
  • I think that this is a very cool show

    I think that it is cool to be racing across the world how they do it. They take racing to an extreme. Some of the things they have to do are amazing. (Hence the name "The Amazing Race") I watch it whenever I can. Its also cool because you do not necasaraly have to watch it all the time to follow along.
  • Currently my favorite reality show.

    I happened upon this show in season one and was hooked. Unlike Survivor where you see them sitting around until the next challenge, there always seemed to be something happening to someone somewhere. There were the detours, road blocks, air plane which leveled the playing field… not to mention the locations they went to. I can’t even begin to fathom the logistical nightmare it must be to prepare for these races.

    Although always a fan of the show it wasn’t until Chip & Kim won that I was truly elated with the winners (sorry to the teams who won before them). And I love Phil’s little diary clips at the website telling us little tidbits of what goes on behind the scenes, but I’m getting a little bored with the raised eyebrow schtick – but hey that’s just me. If it works for him that good enough for me.

    I really enjoyed Phil’s Discovery channel show which gave people 3 days & $3K to try to live their ultimate dream (I can’t recall the name right now) which was like a mini TAR for an individual and was sad to see end so quickly.

    The family version of TAR didn’t hold my attention as much, but I did watch the last few episodes and was disappointed in the winners and their treatment of another team.

    I was glad to see the return to the original format and was happy with the winners. We especially liked the brief footage of the Asakusa temple shown (even though they didn’t go through that section of Tokyo) as we just had been there in January and could see our hotel in the distance.

    We are reved up and ready for the next race beginning to air August 2006.
  • amazing it keeps getting renewed

    i am so sick of reality tv. when is america going to finally say enough is enough. this is by no means the worst reality tv show on the air. but i do not think it is all that great either. they spend too much time dealing with the teams that have way too much drama.
  • funny

    this show is pretty much people traveling but i love the anger every time someone just expolodes in anger and yells Jonathon & Victora WOW! thoose guys need serious counseling. its wonderful seeing the sites and the places but more fun seeing the people attempting the obstacles and chalenges. some miss things and fall behind and when their money is removed and bags taken away I'd rather be eliminated than beg for money ever seen american's beg for money in a poor country. well thats about it i enjoy this show and look forward to season 4 thank you for reading my review
  • wow

    Its scenery is wonderful, the challenges are of fair difficulty without being impossible or simple, and the people are astoundingly well chosen and well focused on.

    That last one is especially important. After the first episode of a Race season, you already know most of the teams, as well as their individual components. You know who you like, and who you dislike. Is one of those few reality TV shows where you really end up cheering for a team.

    The team element also prevents alliances in most cases, so The Amazing Race feels more like a competition that a reality TV show. And it's one heck of a competition.

    The locales are gorgeous, the challenges are brilliant (watch the show, you'll agree), and each leg is just long enough not only to hold the audience's interest, but to tax the conestants without wiping them out.
  • Amazing Race is Great, but the family edition blows!

    I absolutely love the Amazing Race show, I think is one of the most interesting and intelligent Reality Show airing today! It is really thrilling to see them sttrugling with themselves and how extreme people can get on these situations! My favourite so far was the one with the locks, end of season 6, but the family edition simply BLOWS!!!
    Most of the families are stupid, and who in God's name takes children to do so? Ok, they are family, I understand that, but this race is worth a MILLION DOLLARS!!! If a family with small children looses because one of them can't run as fast or carry as much weight as the adults, that kids is gonna develop some serious trauma!!!
  • Entertaining and Educational.

    I just started watching Amazing Race this last season and I\'m sorry I missed the previous seasons of this great reality show. This show is a great ride. Not only is it very entertaining, but it also shows the world like you have never seen it before. What a great experience the contestants get to have on this show. I\'m so hooked on this show I can\'t wait for it to come on again! It is AWSOME!!!!!!!!
  • The Amazing Race is most ikely the best reality show on television.

    Its scenery is wonderful, the challenges are of fair difficulty without being impossible or simple, and the people are astoundingly well chosen and well focused on.

    That last one is especially important. After the first episode of a Race season, you already know most of the teams, as well as their individual components. You know who you like, and who you dislike. Is one of those few reality TV shows where you really end up cheering for a team.

    The team element also prevents alliances in most cases, so The Amazing Race feels more like a competition that a reality TV show. And it's one heck of a competition.

    The locales are gorgeous, the challenges are brilliant (watch the show, you'll agree), and each leg is just long enough not only to hold the audience's interest, but to tax the conestants without wiping them out.

    The Amazing Race is practically the same now as it was in its first season, and with good reason: The formula works. There is simply no good reason to not watch a season of The Amazing Race.
  • A reality TV show that truly deserves its Emmy

    The words 'Reality TV' usually leaves a bad taste in my mouth. My hand grips for the basin to spit out the phlegm that has me gagging! The Amazing Race has cured me! Couples racing around the world competing against each other to be the first to the final pit stop. On the way they find out about each other and themselves when faced with challenges….and then it's the surroundings. The beautiful cultures, the beautiful people and the wonders of the world and at the end, their lives and yours are changed forever. Reality has never been so AMAZING!
  • I would have to say, The Amazing Race is quickly and surely becoming one of CBS's most watched reality television shows, competing against slowly aging Survivor.

    This show pits teams of a certain number against other teams in an exhilarating race around the world. This race clearly defines who your teammate(s) is/are and who you truly are. This show either makes (like Hayden and Aaron) couples or breaks (like Lenny and Karen) them. After nine full exhilarating seasons of this show, I have to say that this show is one heck of a show. In this show, there are surreal moments (like when a team reaches the finish line first), there are sad moments that can even move host Phil Keoghan to tears (like the elimination of Charla and Mirna in the 5th season of the Amazing Race), there are tense moments between teams (like the feud between Team Guido in season one against all the others), and there are moments when the teammates just start arguing to the max (like Lenny and Karen over the duration of the first Amazing Race until they were eliminated). To wrap this up, if you love reality, I can say FOR SURE that you will love this show.
  • The best show on earth

    Amazing!I just love it!! Who would have thought that racing around the world can be so much fun, its filled with suspence and adventure all at the same time. Each week I can't wait for the next episode. The challenges are really nice to watch. I love the fact that we are introduced to new countries and cultures from time to time. and the million dollars makes it so much better. It is always nice to see someone win that much money. Anyway, I do hope this fantastic show is going to stay on the air for a long time because it is truly entertaining.
  • bravo

    i'm impressed that they've finally done it! the drama, adventure, cultural surroundings are all fantastic! they pick some of the weirdest things for the competers to do... but sometimes i feel that they could have pick something a little more entertaining .... like when they travel to China, i'd like to see them eat a dog for the Fast Forward... think of it as revolting if yu wish, but at least they're making use of the dogs rather than putting them in a pound and then putting them down when they get old or over populated...
    a race around the world - to bad it's not the Queen that drops the checkered flag -.^ (for those that know what i mean)
  • Amazing Race is both dramatic and adventurous. I love this reality show because of that.

    I love this reality show, The Amazing Race. It has a lot of suspense because when someone is in the lead and the person you want to win gets lost it gets you frustrated.This show is very adventurous because the contestants go to many different places and have to explore it. I was so happy that BJ and Tyler won they are always so excited to go to new places and learn from every place they go. I recommend this show to anyone because its fun to watch
  • One of the most interesting competitions ever

    I really like this show because it shows something I have always wanted to see: how fast can somebody travel arround the world nowadays.
    The show is great and I like the fact that the teams are different form one-another: father-daugther, best friends, couples, etc. The ideea with the detours and road blocks, in short the challanges is the element that makes thee show intersing, otherwise it would have benn just a trip around the world.
    What I sometimes consider unfit is the task that imply luck, such as selecting the correct haybail to find the clue in was, because it should test navigating, physical and leadership capabilites, not luck.
    All in all, a good show and its a good thing that it is totally genuine and original.
  • A Complete Waste Of Time.......But yet Addictive

    WASTE OF TIME!WASTE OF TIME!most of the people i know always say "Oh that's boring & a waste of time!"Now i kinda agree & i kinda don't.Cuz' Sure it's a waste of time type of reality show,but yet you get hooked on it.And u try to quit watching it but you don't.A great time pass & excuse for something u don't want to do.That's all I have to say...
  • Scrum-freaking-trulescent, ok so I didn't spell that right!

    The Amazing Race is one of my favorite reality shows. Every season, we always see something different with The Amazing Race. This year was no different, the teams finally went to Japan for the first time, and for the final episode, we saw the teams reciving cluse with T-Mobile Sidekicks. It's reality with a little innovation.

    I give The Amazing Race (or T.A.R. for short) a 9.9 out of 10. To me it just fell a little short of perfection, but it's still superb nonetheless!
  • This show is amazing!

    The Amazing Race is the one of the best reality shows ever! About 11 teams of two (Or four in the family edition) race around the world to try to win 1,000,000 dollars. It seems to get better every season, except for the family season which didn't involve any traveling outside of North America, so it was a bit boring. I like seeing the world, and all I have to do is sit in front of my TV and watch this show. Overall, I give The Amazing Race a perfect 10/10. Thank you for listening to my opinion about The Amazing Race.
  • A race around the corny as it sounds, this is a great show.

    This is show is like no other. You bring together people in a relationship and you put them on a race course - around the world. The Amazing Race shows how people can work together, but still bicker. It's the ultimate test in a relationship. Miss it, and regret it.
  • The class of the reality tv genre.

    This is the reality show most people want to be in. Teams of two travel around the world and perform tasks and challenges that are associated with the country or city they are in. Teams are eliminated one at a time in predetermined elimination legs of the race. The final three teams battle it out for the million dollar prize. The show consistently provides a diverse and likable cast. I started watching with season three and have watched them all except for seasons seven and eight. When they came out with season seven, I thought they weren't leaving enough time between seasons. The show hasn't changed much over the years and continues to be very entertaining.
  • Amazing Show.

    The Amazing Race has become my personal favorite when I began to become obsessed in the 5th or 6th season, and I have been watching it eagerly ever since. Even thought it does occasionally have it\'s faulters(TAR 8: Family Edition), the show still comes back strong better and better every season.

    The Amazing Race focuses around teams of 2 (4 in season 8)going around the world to be first at the end of the finish line to recieve a million dollar prize. Along the way there re pit stops (eliminations, and also places where the teams can rest), detours (two tasks the teams can chose from), road blocks (where only one person from the team has to do the task and they do not know what it is before they decide who does it), fast forwards (where teams can skip all tasks after completing one task and then arrive at the pit stop) and loads of clues that leads you to the next clue.

    Language barriers, taxi rides, directions and other things also frustrate teams on the Amazing Race and makes it the ultimate reality show.
  • Best reality show on television

    Amazing race is by far the best reality show on television if not the best show in general. On what other show can you be taken around the world with out leaving your couch. The intriege and excitement cannot be matched by any other reality show out there. Survivor is rigged, American Idol is rigged, every other reality show out there is rigged and the amazing race is not. Heres hoping the amazing race will run 20+ seasons because every season it runs i will be watching and i hope your watching too because if you arent you dont know what your missing.
  • this is the first season i have watched every week, but i must say i am addicted :)

    reality shows in general have not really interested me. i started watching this show last year occasionally if i was home, but there is something about the people in it this year that have gotten me hooked and taping it when i can't be home to watch it.

    have to say the hippies are my favs (doesn't everyone love them?), i really hope they beat the frat boys to the prize at the end.
  • Around the world in 12 episodes.

    The first episode of every series is like an AA meeting. It goes around, with everybody telling what they do, and how much they want that money. But by everyones told you their story, its just like you know them personally.

    By the end of the first episode, you have your favourites, and you also know who you dispise. Its like your there, because you see joy, anger and misery. And by the time the seasons ended, you feel let down. You never know what happens to them. And the people that you have fallen in love with you will never see again.

    But as soon as this happens, you can trust that it won't be to long till you meet a whole new bunch of people to love and hate.

    That is the amazing race, a fast paced trip round the world in 12 episodes. The host is Phil Keoghan, who you will find pleasing, although he is only in every episode for like 10 minutes. But still, you will love the whole show. The characters become your best friend, and the whole way you see what it is like in other countries.
  • With the exception of the family version; this show is consistantly better and better with each season.

    Having a diverse set of personalities and temperments; each of the contestants bring a unique and interesting presance to the show. The casting is of superb calibur and builds the right mix of contestants each season.

    I would suggest that they try to get other notible personalities in the mix more often. Having Rob and Amber a few seasons back really brought value to the mix. Getting other celebraties on would add interest earlier in the season. Although, since you really get to understand the person better from their actions and interactions on the show; it could be a career limiting experience for some...
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