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  • Great

    This show has done what Survivor cannot and that is come up with new ways every season to impress the audiance. I think that this show has had a total of 7 seasons that were amazing, 1 that was okay, and 2 that were just plain bad. everyone was waiting for an All Stars and now it seems that we will get what we have been waiting for for a very long time. I think this show gets better and better every season and that it has overtaken Survivor as the best reality show on TV, though I didnt think I would be saying that two to three years ago.
  • i thought

    i thought that every season would be alike people back stabbing each other to try to get to the finish line, but every season is getting better the challenges are harder and the places are cooler it is just the perfect reality show even though sometimes it feels a little planed out.
  • The best reality series on TV

    This is by far the best reality series on Tv. Teams travel across the globe to try and win a million dollars. Along the way the teams must overcome extreme challenges in exotic places. The series also pays a great deal of attention to teamwork and cooperation teammembers must use to overcome these challenges. The peoples emotions are real and you can tell that they are unscripted. This show is about real people, real relationships, and the obstacles they must overcome by pushing each of them to their limits. The show is exciting because the characters go to places most Americans don't really know anything about giving it an educational aspect as the teams and viewers learn about other countries, something that many Americans have not done well in the past.

    Seasons 1-7 were the best. The amazing race has gone down hill after season 7 with this being the only good show of its kind it relly stinks on were tv is going. unlike sovivor it moves around dosen't stay in one place. The Teams fighting with themselves and eacth other it is funny.
    season's 1,5and6 are the best seasons of the show Chip and Kim from season 5 is the best team of all time. Phil the host of the show is a better host then Jeff of Survivor. That is all i have for this review THE END.
  • Lives up to its title.

    Simply a great concept for a show, and perfectly executed. Unlike so many other reality shows, the Amazing Race isn't about humiliating people or making them do disgusting things for money. It's a thrilling race around the globe, with some of the most spectacular scenery anywhere. It's an intense competition, with people performing challenging and often exhilarating tasks. It's about teamwork, with each person having to rely on his or her partner in order to cross the finish line. And it all adds up to great, fast-paced entertainment.

    As long as we never see a Family Edition again, there's no reason the Amazing Race can't last plenty more seasons.
  • Every season, except for one was amazing

    This is the only reality show where it is exciting every week, there are real people, participating and racing around the world. This show captures elements from a global perspective, every team that was involved I can guarantee, after the show their lives have changed because of it, it is just a great experience. The only bad season was the family season where the farthest they went was Montreal, Canada. It was understandable because maybe they felt it would be more difficult with more people on the plane, but nonetheless, every season has been amazing, and unlike Survivor it isn't getting annoying. Keep it up.
  • Very Fabulous, The Most Exciting Reailty Game Show Of All Time. When I Was Watching This Show, It makes Me Feel Like I'm actually In The Races,The entire Concept is creative and innovative.Keep Going Amazing Race.Also Love The Amazing Race Asia...

    Very Fabulous, The Most Exciting Reailty Game Show Of All Time. When I Was Watching This Show, It makes Me Feel Like I'm actually In The Races,The entire Concept is creative and innovative.Keep Going Amazing Race.Also Love The Amazing Race Asia...

    The Amazing Race is a multiple Emmy Award-winning reality game show normally broadcast in one-hour episodes in which teams of two or four race around the world in competition with other teams. The CBS program has been on-air since 2001 and has recently started its tenth season. It is produced by Earthview Inc., Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri's production company, as well as Bruckheimer Television for CBS and Touchstone Television (technically making it partially a Disney show). The show is hosted by New Zealander Phil Keoghan. It was created by Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster. It has been awarded the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality/Competition Program every year since the category was created in 2003.

    The race utilizes progressive elimination; the last team to arrive at a designated checkpoint leaves the game. The race starts in a US city. Teams must then follow clues and instructions and make their way to checkpoints in places around the world, eventually racing back to the finish line in the US.
  • Brilliant!!!

    This show is really kind of a simple, but they do it a way that people just keep comin back for more, i don't know what it is but there's something in the programme that just grabs you from the beginning to the end. Basiclly, the show is about 12 teams, with two people in each team. this can be marrried couples, friends, family anything. They are given clues and then they have to get to the next clue fast. when they get to the next clue they then have to complete either a roadblock or detour. Roadblock - a task only one person can do once the person has been chosen they can't change their mind. Detour - choice between two task both with pros and cons, can be complete by either both or one team member. After completing the tasks the teams get another clue which sends them to the next one, the last clue on the leg of the race will be to the pit stop. Most of the time the last team to arrive at the pit stop is elimated from the race, so teams need to complete their roadblocks and detours fast. And thats what the show is about, pretty simple but very well done, i recommed you watch this now. If you still don't belive me on how good this show is just look at the amount of seasons and awards it has.
  • I can't get enough of this show!

    The Amazing Race is fantastic! I love watching this show , I get so excited each time I watch and episode. This is the third season I have watched so far, I will look forward to many seasons more.

    All the people on this season are great! I didnt like seeing the gay couple leaving sorry I cant remember their names right now. They had so much spirit, joy and determination right to the end for the game. I was sad to see them go.

    I love how Mary is, strong minded and sweet! This couple is one I wish would stay near the end. Along with the brothers!

    I got the time mixed up last episode and was extremely dissapointed in myself for missing an episode for the first time! I hope everyone else had a blast watching it though!

    This show is awsome, I love it.
  • This is by far the best reality show on TV

    The amazing race is the best reality show on TV. It has everything a good reality show needs exciting challenges, good teams, some back stabbing, and a millon dollar prize. I love the amazing race it shows som much of the world and it never gets old. I also really like it this year since they have that lady with the missing leg becuase shes an insparation, I can't say the same about her husband though. Another thing that makes the amazing race great is that they change things up every year like that time they had the family's on all together.
  • Love it!

    I do not know what it is about this show, but I really just enjoy watching it. There are many reality shows out there, but this one I would say is the best. Not only do you get the interaction (fighting, laughing, etc) between everyone, but you also get a very interesting trek around the globe. You will see things that you just do not get to see everyday in other Countries. In addition, there is always some kind of choice of tasks that people have to do. Great excitement and very informative. If you never have watched, it , I suggest giving it a try, I am sure you will like it.
  • Great show. Hope to see many more seasons.

    I find this a cool show. I like that they try to keep it the same but put in little twist to change it up. The only one I really hated were the ... Wait not the whole shows just the couples of: Donnie & alison and Boston Rob & Amber. For some reason I just could not stand watch them on screen. For either show. Alison for Amazing race & Big Brother(twice) and Rob & Amber for Survivor and Amazing race. I think that Alison got everything she had coming to her. I so glad that Donnie came to his sences and left her.
    But other then them I love the show.
  • Always love it!

    This show is my favorite \"Reality Show\" because it shows what happens when Americans are placed in foreign countries, don\'t speak the language and how they have to try to get through. I think it is a great argument for Americans to realize that although we are the most powerful nation in the world, we aren\'t the ONLY nation in the world. If learned other languages, customs and countries...perhaps we wouldn\'t have so many problems. On a personal level, the dynamics of the team members in stressful situations, and their ability to move on through or not is fun to watch.
  • My guilty pleasure on a weekly scheme (except for the family version).

    Why do I find "The Amazing Race" so great! Is it the teams -- No! Is it the premise -- Yes!

    Okay -- The Amazing Race is about pushing yourself to the limit. It doesn't hurt that it is in such wonderful locales. Travel is important as is learning about other countries, their culture, their lifestyle. "The Amazing Race" balances all this is a wonderful competitive manner. Where else can you see people rolling down a hill in a huge ball buffered by water? Where else can you see them in Mongolian helmets racing across land that is dangerous to the best riders? Where else can you see them build huts and sample the lifestyle of the other areas of the world?

    "The Amazing Race" offers us teams that exemplify America. Granted, we have had our share of ugly Americans who have ran the race, but overall we have had more that respect and want to learn the culture of the countries in which they visit. With the language handicap (in addition to only having a certain amount of funds), we find that people are more than willing to help. While we may feel bad for the team who comes in last, we can also marvel at the opportunities they have been given and the different cultures they get to see.
  • Best reality show ever.

    The Amazing Race is one of the ultimately best shows ever and is the best reality show ever. I have watched every single episode since the first season and it justs keeps getting better except for the family edition season. The Amazing Race is one of the few reality shows that I would like to go on immideately. The show is about 11-12 teams that raqce around the world. The bad thing about the show, however is that the teams usually catch up if there is a place with closing times at times that the airplanes arrive to the airport.
  • This is a great show that keeps you excited. It is just entering its 10th season, and I is better then ever.

    This show is instantly addicting. You immediatly choose your favorite team, and your least favorite team, and yell at the TV for the rest of the season. It is always keeping you on the edge of your seat because you never know what might happen. The team in the lead could suddenly get a flat tire, and suddenly they are the last team. A great thing about this show is that you don't need to watch the past nine seasons to like the show. Because each season starts a new race, you can jump in right now, although you might want to watch the past ones, just because they are so good!
  • Good show but starting to get old...

    This is the only show that I guarantee I see every week. I love watching the teams fight with, argue with, and trick each other as well as with their teammates as they make their way around the world. It's an awesome way to learn about the world. Mind you, by the tenth season, some things are starting to get boring; they really need some new stuff in the show. The other annoying aspect is that the show will not keep to one time, often causing me to miss it until I rearrange my schedule. It's mostly now just a chance for me to get together with friends to do something.
  • Gets boring after a while.

    I used to lvoe watching the Amazing Race every week, but to me, and this is just my opinion, it got boring after the Family Edition. I don't know why, it just feels that way to me. I think it lost some of its pizazz for soem reason. I still watch it, and it's a decent show, but I just think it lost some of its pizazz, they travel to the same places some of the time, they feature the same personalities, you nkow stuff like that. I think they should have an All-Stars Amazing Race, they've had a lot of different and interesting people, so an All-Stars edition would be a good idea.
  • This is a great show . I just love everything about it. Thank you CBS for a terrific show.

    The amizing race is my favorite show. Congratulations on the Emmy Award once again. I can't wait for the day to come to watch it.It is a great way for the participants to know different countries, cultures and people, something that maybe some of them will never have a chance to do in their life time.I am an outdoor person and I love to see all this different sceneries and beautiful countries. I think I like this show so much that I need to be one of the participants. Maybe next time I'll give it a try. Thank you Phil for being a great host. Sandra S. from California
  • The Amazing Race is a reality show about 11 teams of 2, they have to outlast each other by racing around the world and reaching the pit stop. Last one to go to the last pit stop/finish line wins a million doller.

    This is an amazing show, it doesn't really get boring and i would love to be on this show, why? well in either way i don't see how you lose, if you don't win the million dollers you still get to see all these places you always wanted to go to. This show is always entertaining to see who will be the one that wins the money at the end, what they did to earn it. Great show and one day who knows i might even be on it. I've watched every season and this is one of the best reality shows out their in my opinion.
  • This is a great show that is different every season.

    I truly love the Amazing Race! In my opinion it is one of the best reality shows on television. It really never gets old either. There is always new people and new locations. Along with seeing various locations around the world and their cultures you get to see the contestants perform different tasks that often coincide with the culture of the location that they are in. It is "amazing" and extremly interesting. I have a feeling the Amazing Race will be around for awhile seeing as it is hard to run out of locations and people. Every season will have something new to offer.
  • Run . . .run . . .

    This show, when it's at its best, keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for more. No one has to degrade themselves on this show, get naked, eat something from the trash or spill their guts for our general ameusement. Basically, its a battle of wills and feet. Although its not a learning tool, Amazing Race does insert some interesting facts about the sites the contestants visit, therefore-its not an only entertainment reality show. The contestants suck you in because they're REAL people. And not all barbie dolls or jocks simply picked for their looks. (Clears throat:Survivor, Fear Factor, Big Brother).
  • It is a great show.

    Basily itjust abounch of people running around the world to win a prize sort of. People run around the world. But they have to complete a sort of tast. The last one to finish the task gets eliminated. Thats sort of sad to see because they went to far and came to close.
  • I really would like to be on this show.

    I\'ve seen countries that I\'ve never even knew existed on this show. I love how the show literally takes you for a ride through the countries and cities. Most shows don\'t make you feel that way, but this show does. The challenges are awesome and I really think they are fit to the city and country they are in. I actually think this show is educating when it comes to geography. Helpped my pass a test on geography once too. It is also fun watching the teams complete the challenges. They work very hard together to get places. One massive scale of a TV game/reality show.
  • nice show..

    this show is all about reality and shows us real human emotion and how we deal and act upon certain situations.they race against each other in real time and they also manageto experience and travel around the world.they get to see the sights in this once-in-a-lifetime experience..and don\'t forget about the $ 1 000 000 dollars cash prize!this is really a great show to watch especially when the challenges and obstacles test the contestants endurance and they manage to get past them and move on to the next cant help but shout for joy when your favorite pair wins..great show!
  • What an awful show.

    Survivor Race. I feel happy for the winners, they win a million dollars. For me to judge a show, I think I may sound mean, but I personally feel that the Amazing Race isn't that good. It's like another version of Survivor. The show is a hit, but I don't like it. It's boring, even though its a hit, I'm not slightly interested. The survivor formula is so overused, the networks really need to start making something original. This is bad TV their promoting here. I love Bruckheimer movies, this is one project I'm not buying into. I can't say anything good about this show because it's so bad.
  • I think that this is a very cool show

    I think that it is cool to be racing across the world how they do it. They take racing to an extreme. Some of the things they have to do are amazing. (Hence the name "The Amazing Race") I watch it whenever I can. Its also cool because you do not necasaraly have to watch it all the time to follow along.
  • Currently my favorite reality show.

    I happened upon this show in season one and was hooked. Unlike Survivor where you see them sitting around until the next challenge, there always seemed to be something happening to someone somewhere. There were the detours, road blocks, air plane which leveled the playing field… not to mention the locations they went to. I can’t even begin to fathom the logistical nightmare it must be to prepare for these races.

    Although always a fan of the show it wasn’t until Chip & Kim won that I was truly elated with the winners (sorry to the teams who won before them). And I love Phil’s little diary clips at the website telling us little tidbits of what goes on behind the scenes, but I’m getting a little bored with the raised eyebrow schtick – but hey that’s just me. If it works for him that good enough for me.

    I really enjoyed Phil’s Discovery channel show which gave people 3 days & $3K to try to live their ultimate dream (I can’t recall the name right now) which was like a mini TAR for an individual and was sad to see end so quickly.

    The family version of TAR didn’t hold my attention as much, but I did watch the last few episodes and was disappointed in the winners and their treatment of another team.

    I was glad to see the return to the original format and was happy with the winners. We especially liked the brief footage of the Asakusa temple shown (even though they didn’t go through that section of Tokyo) as we just had been there in January and could see our hotel in the distance.

    We are reved up and ready for the next race beginning to air August 2006.
  • amazing it keeps getting renewed

    i am so sick of reality tv. when is america going to finally say enough is enough. this is by no means the worst reality tv show on the air. but i do not think it is all that great either. they spend too much time dealing with the teams that have way too much drama.
  • funny

    this show is pretty much people traveling but i love the anger every time someone just expolodes in anger and yells Jonathon & Victora WOW! thoose guys need serious counseling. its wonderful seeing the sites and the places but more fun seeing the people attempting the obstacles and chalenges. some miss things and fall behind and when their money is removed and bags taken away I'd rather be eliminated than beg for money ever seen american's beg for money in a poor country. well thats about it i enjoy this show and look forward to season 4 thank you for reading my review
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