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The Amazing Race

Friday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 05, 2001 In Season



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  • already crossed off my 'must watch' shows

    From a baby boomer who's been a fan for years - 'til now. Ford should be embarrassed. Looks like the powers that be tried to fix something that wasn't broken - seeyalaterbye.
  • Update Your Episode Guide!

    Season 26 is starting the day after tomorrow. TV Guide knows it, your Series BANNER knows it, but until you add the Season to your Episode Guide, it doesn't show up in "Shows I'm Watching" list even though I have the Series checked. Please fix this for this season and all upcoming seasons (this has been going on for a while, but I finally got fed up, sorry).

    Edit: Thanks for fixing this. It's showing up now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • Why is this still on the air?

    If it is true that Reality TV competition shows are the lowest rudder on the cultural ladder, then The Amazing Race is just fine where it is.

    How this circus sideshow managed to stay on the air for over 25 seasons will for me be a mystery, but i'm certain the onus will be on the great unwashed masses who find nobodies knocking themselves around in a "global race" to be entertaining.

    CBS must really be hurting for ratings since rubbish like this seems to do the trick. What's next, live Roman-era Gladiator matches?
  • Love, love, LOVE this show!

    Ever since I started watching this when I was in Grade School, I fell in love with it, there are usually great contestants on that show. My parents are even planning to audition for the show, but that doesn't matter. The Amazing Race should be on a few more years. XD
  • Fairness says no favoritism

    My fiance and I love this show. Dave and Connor deserved and earned the win, though they should thank the Afgans for knocking out the other top team the Cowboys.

    Some of the other comments criticizing some of the negative teams are right on. Just want to add the glaring coincidence of a low performing eye candy team TWICE getting the "non-elimination leg" bailout. The country girls stayed alive through manipulative flirting, and when one said "who cares about the man", true negative colors were shown. Don't want to see them again.

    This is a great show, love seeing the world in an exciting way. Keep bringing more genuinely positive role models.
  • Karma is a ***

    Karma comes back in the form of a taxi driver. If you are going to lose your integrity for 1 million dollar, then you don't deserve the money.
  • PLEASE, no more Brendan and Rachel!!!!!

    I was pleased to see Dave and Conner win. Brendan and Rachel are so FAKE! Praying one minute, stabbing someone in the back the next. I pity any children they may have. And BTW, some people actually WORK for a living. I'm so SICK of these two.

  • Musical Instrument

    If you are in a contest or race and you have to do something, then as part of the race instead of cheating and trying to see how it was made, do it yourself which is what is suppose to happen. Tonight after watching a Doctor try cheating and then beg another contestant to help her and the other person does in my opinion that is cheating and the doctor should have been penalized, I will seriously consider not watching this show any longer like a lot of people I know have done. That is teaching younger people that it is okay to cheat to win.
  • Season 17 Jerk

    The way that Nick treated Vicki throughout the race is despicable. He is a total jerk and I hope that she will find someone that will treat her better than he treats her. No matter the stress, no one needs to be treated like that. She was having MEDICAL problems with her asthma and he blamed her for it. What a major douchebag!
  • What an amazing show

    If you havent seen the show and are wondering why this has so many hits, watch it and you will find out in less than 15 minutes why this race truely is called The Amazing Race. Its really worth your time. It really is.
  • Amazing Race Truly Amazing

    I could care less about what the close-minded TAR22 haters have to say because I'm pretty sure most of them are just hating on it because they haven't even enjoyed it and like to complain about EVERYTHING The Amazing Race does. Like, shut up! In general, The Amazing Race is my favorite show of all time. You get to experience many foreign countries' at your fingertips without leaving your seat. Many of the tasks performed by racers there are really interesting and reflects on each countries' beautiful culture and traditions. There are also some very funny bits here and there. Remembering one from season 14, the classic "Swiss cheese hill" provided much laughter in racers attempting to carry the wheels of cheese down a hill without falling over. The task later appeared as a Switchback in season 22 at a different steep hill. Most of all, a perfect ending to a truly amazing season of TAR is with a scene of them waving and closes off to a wonderful sky scenery.
  • Amazing Race

    Why were the hockey players not penalize for not completing the task were to ROLL the barrels up the hill NOT carry piror teams had to take cheese rolls down a hill in the snow on a sledge, what the instructions team rolled them down the hillside and for not following the instructions were given a penality when checked 15 or 30 minute penality) So whats the hockey players did not follow directions and ROLL the barrels and they did not get got caught cheating....... CBS cheated on National TV...
  • Ich bin ein Michiganer

    The last episode of TAR had teams driving in Berlin but the license plates were from Michigan. What is going on? Is this filler that has been edited in - you'd think they would have lots of real material though. Or did they fly the cars in from Detroit and not bother to change the plates?
  • Amazing RACE? Hanoi edition

    I am appalled by the insensitivity of CBS in the airing of this segment of the Amazing Race. I lost my father in the Vietnam war and am insulted by what CBS aired that sunday evening. In my opinion the producers of CBS who are responsible for this are no better than Jane Fonda when she visited North Vietnam during the war. CBS owes the veterans of this war an apology for their indiscretion.

    In the past I have enjoyed much of the programing on CBS. Until CBS comes forth with an apology to those who served in the Vietnam war. I will NO longer watch any program aired on CBS.
  • Amazing RACE? Hanoi edition - CBS and the producers and the participants -be embarrassed.

    CBS - the producers - even those who participated should be embarrassed. I HAVE NEVER watched this program - and for certain will not in the future. An apology isn't enough. (And I believe in freedom of speech - but there is something called "good taste - patriotism - and OMG it's Hollywood gone amuck again!

    HEY CBS and the producers and all those that A DONATION to THE EDUCATION CENTER - now being planned by the WALL! Surely - you smart folks at CBS know about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall? Perhaps not. So let me tell you about it. Go to . THE WALL happens to be the most visited monument on the National Mall - in Washington. Bob Beckel's mission is finally a good one - and that said - perhaps if the sponsors of this program got mail also - then CBS would pay more Perhaps rethink this program.....
  • Amazing race

    U r a disgrace to the men that gave their lives in Vietnam Nam. The men that were taken to the Hanoi Hotel and were tortured and starved!! I wouldn't watch your show or Anything related to CBS if you paid me. Communists
  • Sad that Amazing Race and CBS thought this was a good idea.

    I know Amazing race has gone to Vietnam before however the differenc this time two Items were chosen as a backdrop and contest. The B52 memorial tsk tsk tsk I am sure first the Vietnanese named it that not as a memorial to the crew members who lost there lives or became Prisoners of war. nor to the service of the B52 in Aviation History. It was a memorial to Battaling theri enemy and how glorius there Soldiers were. The other is the Song and you had to go and make it requirement for the contstants to sit thru the entire song and then find propaganda that matched the Song's goal of spreading Communisim and socialism then use closed captioning of the Words for the American public and viewers of the show so they knew what the words were.

    Stop being arragant and in this case showing your are in contempt of the Viewership of the show. Matter of fact the show has been to Russia and other countries without promoting the viewpoints of those Communist Countires why this time. What is next North Korea? I rated you with a 1 because zero is not possible.
  • Disrespectful

    We don't watch network television or reality shows, and have never watched The Amazing Race. However, my boss, who is a veteran told me about this fiasco. It just enforces why we don't watch this stuff. CBS you are sad, disrespectful and pathetic. Pull the show, and apologize. Maybe you can salvage what viewers you do have.

  • Vietnam Episode, 3/17/2013

    Shame on you CBS or should I say Communist .
  • Hanoi Vietnam

    The least intelligent does stupid stuff. This show sucked. You owe the many who fought and died there an apology for glorifying the Communist government. We will make sure that we bypass your program from here on out and will insist that others do the same. You are very offensive young people that don't have a clue.
  • Vietnam Episode March 17, 2013

    I was disappointed in the last episode of Amazing Race. Going into Hanoi, Vietnam, was not just a case of seeing some of the people there but going to a celebration of the Communist/Socialist way of life and, worse yet, the site of a B-52 that had been shot down (with Americans aboard I am sure--it didn't just fly there by itself). I see no reason to celebrate a government that is oppressive like all Communist governments who have no freedom for those who do not follow their ideas and indoctrination and who executed thousands in the South when they took over there. I know that many in the media and entertainment consider the Socialists of the world their comrades. I do not. I would suggest sticking to the purpose of the show and leave the propaganda to others. Thank you for your time.

  • viet nam episode march 17,2013

    being a veteran having served in viet nam really made me ashamed of the show on Sunday thousand of people died in the name of freedom. yes they seem to be free but governments doesn't grant you freedom and to have that socialist agenda thrown in your face for entertainment was disgusting. If you were forced to promote that agenda because of the show you should have refused to do it. it didn't belong on the air for entertainment. the showing of a b-52 as a symbol of their wining was also disgusting and than playing that song at the end of the show was also disgusting but i guess for a Marxist socialist station like CBS i guess it is befitting it would seem we know where their loyalties lie
  • communist propaganda

    am I the only one who was offended by the amazing race using a B52 crash site as a place to get the clue to the next trial. or the socialist song sung over and over. did no one care or did no one get it. Our soldiers died there. I get the Vietnamese loved it. But the show is American
  • Vietnam Vet Offended

    The show filmed in Hanoi showing the celebration of Socialism and the b52 monument was highly offensive to me

    This show is simply AMAZING!

    Best Season: 2

    Best Teams....

    Team "Temper Tantrum" - Will & Tara!

    Team "Smiley" - Blake & Paige!
  • Best Show

    I actually go through Amazing Race withdrawl, but I was a bit upset about the money the twins stole. They should have received a penalty - at least they didn't win.

    I love the show.

  • Thieft is Never Okay

    I can say that after watching Amazing Race almost from the beginning, I can no longer in good conscious, continue. I was hoping to see some penalty for the twins' thieft, but it never came. There is a penalty for stealing a taxi and a penalty for bartering your own belongings. How on earth can there not be a penalty for stealing from cash or anything from other contestants. What next, no rules against stabbing, so that is okay? When Survivor became a cut throat game, I stopped watching it. I have been proud of the code of ethics Amazing Race, until now, has emulated. With remorse I will no longer watch this show. I encourage all who truly believe in ethics to do the same until some action is taken by the program to remedy this crime. This has become a dirty game!!!!
  • Stealing, Really ?

    This was so not fair to the Rockers, they have ran a great race.The twins keeping the money was so not nice. Then they have their backpacks stolen . I believe these guys deserve another chance
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