The Amazing Race

Friday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 05, 2001 In Season





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  • Sad that Amazing Race and CBS thought this was a good idea.

    I know Amazing race has gone to Vietnam before however the differenc this time two Items were chosen as a backdrop and contest. The B52 memorial tsk tsk tsk I am sure first the Vietnanese named it that not as a memorial to the crew members who lost there lives or became Prisoners of war. nor to the service of the B52 in Aviation History. It was a memorial to Battaling theri enemy and how glorius there Soldiers were. The other is the Song and you had to go and make it requirement for the contstants to sit thru the entire song and then find propaganda that matched the Song's goal of spreading Communisim and socialism then use closed captioning of the Words for the American public and viewers of the show so they knew what the words were.

    Stop being arragant and in this case showing your are in contempt of the Viewership of the show. Matter of fact the show has been to Russia and other countries without promoting the viewpoints of those Communist Countires why this time. What is next North Korea? I rated you with a 1 because zero is not possible.