The Amazing Race

Season 10 Episode 13

Say Your Deepest Prayers Ever

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 10, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The final three teams take off from their Pit Stop, the Fountain at the Palau Nacional de Montjuic and receive a clue instructing them to travel the Sangrada Familia. This church has been under construction for 124 years and they must find the park behind it. After finding a clue at the park, teams find that they must fly 500 miles and get to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. As teams jockey for flights and trains, teams that fall behind find themselves catching up. After the teams complete a Roadblock, a comic moment occurs when a team appears to miss a train that arrived early, only for two other teams to find that they simply got on a different train that only had an ultimately insignificant lead. After completing a fashionable Detour, teams are told to fly to their final destination city of New York. One team barely makes an early flight after being placed on standby, but another finds themselves out of the running when they do not get lucky. Ultimately, the two remaining teams travel to the giant globe inside of the News Building, and one team takes a commanding lead after finding a helpful taxi driver. The teams then head to the final destination --- the St. Basil Academy in Garrison, New York (Putnam County.) All three cross the finish line and one wins the top prize of one million dollars.moreless

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  • Ohhhhhhhhhhh ffffffffFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUuuuuuudge...

    I should've known the models were gonna win. They were big winners from the start. They were athletic and a male team that was straight. People hate guys like that. It would be more realistic if it were a couple of total nobodies who won, or one of the Six Pack members, but NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo, the models had to do everything. I didn't watch this "generic" reality show voluntarily, I was forced to. It'd have been better if the Alabamas won, or even Rob and Kimberly, who spent WAY too much time fighting and fussing so much they lost it! The end.moreless
  • A very nice end to a great season

    Well, well, well, after so much time racing around the world, we've found our winners. And the winners are....

    Tyler & James have won this season of The Amazing Race! I am very thrilled and I'm glad they won. They deserved every bit of that money, along with the crown.

    Overall, this season has been great, a few episodes here and there that were disappointing such as the following: Leg 3: Vietnam, Leg 8: Madagascar and Leg 11: Spain. The best ones had to be: Leg 1: China, Leg 2: Mongolia, Leg 6: Kuwait, Leg 9: Finland via Ukraine and this leg.

    My favourite teams were: Tyler / James, Rob / Kimberley, Dustin / Kandice, Bila'h / Saie'd, Erwin / Godwin and Sarah but not Peter. My least favourite were: Vipul / Arti, Tom / Terry and Lyn / Karlyn.

    This season brought along a lot of entertainment, many twists such as: A Double-elimination leg, the Intersection, the new penalty for finishing last on a non-elimination leg of the race (which is one of my favourites) and the clue telling teams KEEP RACING. Awesome stuff that made Season 10 great, along with many other great aspects.

    Tonights final was great ay. Many clues (which is better than a leg with very few clues) as well as suspense and a nice location of France!

    It has been an eventful and a fine example for The Amazing Race! I can't wait for the next...moreless
  • an eventfull season!

    \This was definitely a great season. There was rivalries, action, shocking events and humor all packed in. The teams was the thing that made this season what it was, they were all interesting in there own way. My favourite team being Tyler and James, I thought they were hilarious and good-looking of course. I loved the six-pack alliance, watching them was so funny and especially when it was just the girls and the cho brothers. You could tell the girls were frustrated with the brother towards the end which make there alliance even more unbelievable. I do however thing Tyler and James and Kandice and Dustin should have made an alliance, it would have gotten Kandice and Dustin further than what they got.moreless
  • The final three teams take off from their Pit Stop, the Fountain at the Palau Nacional de Montjuic and receive a clue instructing them to travel the Sangrada Familia.

    Good episode! The models win, Rob and Kim come 2nd and Alabama comes last. Haha. I knew they wouldn't win anyway. Rob and Kim still yelling at each other. Alabama didn't even get on the plane. Haha. Everyone was like we have to beat them and wow so much pressure between the teams and everyone. I don't get why at the end everyone claps because the blondes hated Alabama and they still clap? What is with that?? I so wouldn't if I was worst enemies with someone. But they must of had a deal or they couldn't be on the show.moreless
  • And the winner is...

    The final leg of this season's The Amazing Race was ... well, just not that exciting. There seemed to be a lot of travel in the first half of the show, and not a lot else. When they finally got to doing things, I thought it would pick up, but they didn't really have to do anything. All three teams picked the same task in making the jacket, and the judge there seemed a little picky. The skydiving... well, that looked like fun, but it wasn't really anything difficult for them to do as it was a tandem jump with an instructor/professional, so they really just had to be there. Sure, it might be a little scary for them, but it's not like they were doing it on their own.

    Overall, I just didn't get the sense that this final leg was in any way difficult for the teams. It was more a matter of timing, and with the flight to New York... well, that was really the deciding factor. And I firmly believe that the show, TAR, had the two tickets that were released to the boys, so that it wouldn't just be a Rob/Kim finale.

    It was an okay episode, but not what I was expecting in a finale, and for that reason, it was a let-down.moreless
Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


James Branaman

James Branaman

Himself (with Tyler, Season Ten)

Karlyn Harris

Karlyn Harris

Herself (with Lyn, Season Ten)

Kimberly Chabolla

Kimberly Chabolla

Herself (with Rob, Season Ten)

Lyn Turk

Lyn Turk

Herself (with Karlyn, Season Ten)

Rob Diaz (II)

Rob Diaz (II)

Himself (with Kimberly, Season Ten)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • Lyn and Karlyn are the first all-female team to make it to the final leg and the first all-female team to cross The Amazing Race finish line.

    • Tyler and James not only won The Amazing Race but they also won the first leg of the race. The only other team that accomplished this was Rob and Brennan in the program's premiere season.

    • This is the first season where the top three had never placed last in a non-elimination leg.

    • Departure Times: The teams departed from the Pit Stop and began this leg of the race at the following times:

      Rob and Kimberly: 11:09 P.M.
      Lyn and Karlyn: 11:44 P.M.
      James and Tyler: 11:53 P.M.

    • This was the first season finale since the fourth season that was only an hour long.

    • Lyn and Karlyn are the only team in the final seven to never have been 1st in any leg.

    • Excedrin Power Through and Go Moment: There was no specific "Power Through and Go Moment" in this episode. Instead, Excedrin congratulated the final three teams. They also offered viewers a chance to log onto the CBS website and vote for their favorite Excedrin Power Through and Go Moment of the season.

    • Detour: In this finale, teams were given a Detour choice of Art or Fashion, "two cornerstones of Parisian culture." In Art, teams were required to pick up a painting and then take it to a local artist. In Fashion, teams traveled to the Anatomy Fashion Shop and then created a jacket using provided tools. All teams chose to complete Fashion, with was somewhat challenging, as the fashion designer overseeing the task was somewhat precise and demanding.

    • Roadblock: "Who ready to brave the skies over Normandy?" was the clue teams were given to help them decide who would do this leg's Roadblock. In the Roadblock for this episode, teams were asked to choose which member of the team was "ready to storm the beach." The member who chose to complete the Roadblock had to complete a 13,000 foot skydive over Normandy Beach in tandem with an instructor. Meanwhile, their partner would do a nosedive in the plane. Tyler, Karlyn and Kimberly chose to do the skydive.

    • Balance Sheet: Tyler and James rose from last to first and won The Amazing Race. Rob and Kimberly dropped from first to second. Lyn and Karlyn skydived from second to last. They missed a critical flight, placing them out of the running, but were still shown crossing the finish line.

    • Before the closing credits, CBS aired a promo for The Amazing Race 11: All Stars. The promo stated that the teams for this edition, which premieres in February 2007, are still a secret at this time. However, it promised new surprises and new relationships.

    • For the first time ever, the winning team was allowed to contact family by cell-phone upon winning and tell them that they had won the race. Tyler talked with his mother and James talked with his father.

    • The teams crossed the finish line and finished The Amazing Race in the following order:

      #1. Tyler and James
      #2. Rob and Kimberly
      #3. Lyn and Karlyn

    • Tyler and James are the official winners of the tenth season of The Amazing Race.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Tyler: This is the time for heat to be applied to the other teams. No more friends.

    • Tyler: Say your deepest prayers ever!

    • Tyler: We won the game of life and now we won The Amazing Race too. It's awesome.

    • Tyler: Listen, James and I just won The Amazing Race.
      Mrs. Denk: (on cell-phone) What?! You won?! Oh my God.

    • Phil: Lyn and Karlyn, you're the third team to arrive. (The previously eliminated teams cheer for them.)
      Lyn: This is just a dream come true. To finish the race and then be the first female team to cross the finish line, that means a lot.

    • Phil: Rob and Kimberly, it's been a long race. Congratulations. You're the second team to arrive.

    • Phil: Four continents, thirteen countries and 40,000 miles --- Tyler and James, you are the official winners of The Amazing Race. Congratulations! You guys have won the million dollars. Congratulations!

    • Rob: (to taxi driver, on the way to final destination) Can you go as fast as you can? It's worth a million dollars.

    • Kimberly: (after Rob repeatedly complains about not being the one to complete the skydiving Roadblock) I thought we were doing this to win a million dollars, not to skydive.

    • Lyn: (regarding the fashionista judge at the Fashion Detour) The lady judging was the Fashion Gestapo. All she wanted to say was "no."

    • Tyler: (regarding the skydiving) All right. That was unbelievable. That was awesome.

    • Kimberly: I've skydived before and I'm real bummed because I wanted Rob to do it.

    • Rob: (regarding the skydiving) I'm so bummed right now. The one thing I wanted to do.

    • Lyn: Catching a flight that was at a closer airport has turned out to really work to our advantage.
      Karlyn: Now that's thinking.

    • Lyn: Our taxi driver seems to be doing a good job with driving. He feels the importance oozing from us.

    • Phil: (voiceover, recapping Rob and Kimberlys' performance on the race) Dating couple Rob and Kimberly constantly bickered
      Kimberly: (in "tomato" Detour in previous episode) I say we go do the other one.
      Rob: Just do the damn task! I'm not doing it!
      Kimberly: Listen to meeee!
      Phil: and repeatedly broke down.
      Rob: (experiencing car troubles) It's not going into any gear. Oh my God, this car is blown up.

    • Phil: (voiceover, recapping the season) Some suffered beastly mishaps, others suffered vehicular mishaps.

  • NOTES (4)

    • This episode features the first time since season five's finale that the episode title does not quote Phil's final summary of the continents, countries, and mileage of the season.

    • The original broadcast of this episode on CBS was delayed 28 minutes in some markets due to an overrun of a Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers football game. The Chargers won the game, 48-20. Other markets were delayed by 5 minutes from an overrun of the Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets game.

    • This finale was featured in both TV Guide magazine and as a Zap2It pick.

    • Unlike other recent Amazing Race finale episodes, this final episode of the season is only an hour long.