The Amazing Race

Season 22 Episode 6

Scorpion King Hunter

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 2013 on CBS

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  • jeff is a total goof...

    i've noticed some inconsistancies with both him and meghan.. when the camera is clearly in their view they maintain this goofy/insane/off their tits act but when the camera is not in view / in their faces they actually seem quite reserved miserable and almost normalish key word almost..

    gotta love the 'idiot abroad mantra' of some of the redneck/sheltered not well traveled teams

    lion king was made here comment.. awesome.. if embarrasing..

    the baby scorpions where kinda cute :)

    lol at the locals in the back seats of the cars !


    Chuck "This is where the lion king was I chuck-led at that lol.

    This episode was better than last weeks thats fosho. It was funny and scary. The scorpion challenge ruled. I was surprised how hard the fire challenge was, im never going camping. I just finished watching TAR 7 and I also saw the similarity between these seasons. I still wish Rob and Amber had won though, alll welll.
  • Brilliant!

    This was a brilliant old-school Africa leg! I was really excited that we were headed for Botswana, which hasn't been visited since TAR7 and is a very fascinating and uinique place. Botswana is definitely very different from any other African country I have ever seen on TAR.

    I was really happy we had self-driving, albeit a minimal amount, but hopefully that will continue netx leg.

    The Roadblock was an intriguing cultural task, but teams really didn't have to do much themselves, contary to what Joey made it appear. *rolls eyes*

    The Detour was nice. I can't believe so many teams chose Fire. Don't they know how difficult that is? I would've headed for the Fowl immediately.

    Really happy about the NEL! Max & Katie survive! But it is definitely only the third most exciting ending to a leg we have seen in Botswana, considering the two epic endings on TAR7.