The Amazing Race - Season 17

Friday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 05, 2001 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 12/12/10
    The final three teams depart Seoul, South Korea and fly home to Los Angeles to claim the one million dollar prize, with a two-thirds chance of the first all-female Race victors. A tandem task at the Port of Long Beach forces teams to confront their fears of heights, while a Roadblock at the Rose Bowl puts racers' craftsmanship to the test. A game show-style task hosted by Bob Eubanks to recognize and organize all of this Race's Pit Stop mat greeters awards the best prize of all—the location of the finish line.moreless
  • 12/5/10
    The four remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Statue Square in Hong Kong and fly to Seoul, South Korea, with Nick and Vicki needing to overcome both a six-hour penalty and a Speed Bump. Teams head to the DMZ, where a whitewater rafting expedition from Seungil Bridge gets them partway to U.S. Army Base Camp Casey and the Roadblock involving picking a headband and searching a field of 200 soldiers practicing tae kwon do for the one wearing a match. Directed to Seoul World Cup Stadium, teams obtain their Detour choices: doing 24 "Full Throttle" laps in a speed skating rink or delivering six "Full Bottle"s of ginseng root. A stop at Yeouido Hangang Park gives the location of the penultimate Pit Stop: the Temple of Heaven.moreless
  • I Hate Chinese Food
    Episode 10
    The four remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Lalbagh Fort in Dhaka, Bangladesh and fly to Hong Kong, then head to Cheung Chau Island. In the Kowloon area, a Roadblock at the Majesty Chinese Restaurant makes racers search a buffet for one of five fake food items, but also eat any real food they pick up along the way. A Detour at the Bruce Lee statue along the Avenue of Stars gives a choice of riding the "Ding Ding" trolley to search for three signs revealing the Pit Stop location, or taking a "Sampan" to deliver parakeets to an awaiting boater in Aberdeen Harbor who held the Pit Stop clue, directing teams to Phil and the mat in Statue Square.moreless
  • 11/21/10
    The five remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Al Alam Palace in Oman and fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Informed there's a Double U-Turn ahead, teams know if they're not quick they may have to do both Detour choices offered after completing a sugarcane-pressing task at Sundorban Square Supermarket: ensuring 30 deckhands get a "Balanced Meal" by delivering tiffins via boat, or using their heads to deliver 100 "Balanced Bricks" to a local shop. A Roadblock at Nazira Bazaar makes racers properly assemble a cycle rickshaw. Successfully putting it together yields the clue to the Pit Stop at Lalbagh Fort.moreless
  • Ali Baba in a Suit
    Episode 8
    The six remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg, Russia and fly to Muscat, Oman. Their first stop leads to a truly engaging wait to climb Burj Al Mubkaharah. The Roadblock at Jabel Shams forces racers to rappel 500' and search hundreds of Arabian lamps for the few with Aladdin's ring. Atop a stack of collosal books in Nizwa awaits a Detour choice between pumping from the "Water Table" and making a delivery or purchasing ingredients and cooking a traditional soup to place on a bridal party's "Wedding Table". A final Route Marker task to deliver frankincense to Ali Baba in Muttrah Souq provides the clue to the Pit Stop at Al Alam Palace.moreless
  • The seven remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia and are immediately faced with a Detour at Abtobo Circus forcing them to either learn to play a folksong on the accordion as if they were part of a "Circus Band" or spin ten plates for ten seconds like a "Circus Clown". Teams then set off on a Russian mystery that would lead them to the Peter and Paul Fortress, where the Roadblock outside had racers participate in a popular Russian game, gorodki. Clearing three gorodki stages yielded the clue to the Pit Stop, located on a bastion inside the fortress.moreless
  • Run, Babushka, Run
    Episode 6
    The seven remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Ankenes Marina in Narvik, Norway and travel (via Stockholm) to St. Petersburg, Russia. A stop at the Rostral Columns offers two torturous Detour choices: identifying three pieces of "Classical Music" being played amidst two ballrooms full of pianists, or indulging in some "Classic Cinema" by finding film that matches scenes from Sergei Eisenstein's October playing on a screen. Via Palace Square, teams make their way to the Roadblock at Aleksandrovskaya, which forces racers to dress as babushkas and plant potatoes to earn the clue to the Pit Stop at St. Isaac's Cathedral.moreless
  • 10/24/10
    The eight remaining teams depart the Pit Stop along the Norwegian border in Swedish Lapland and drive across the border to Narvik, where a gondola ride to a mountaintop offers the choice of claiming a Fast Forward via participating in a traditional Norwegian Christmas ritual or proceeding to the nearby Skjombrua Bridge. At the bridge, a rappelling Roadblock gives racers the next clue, but forces then using ascenders to get topside and continue. Advancing to Harvika, teams faced a Detour choice of riding a "Bike" to get a lock combination or sailing in a "Boat" to deliver two fish and a chainsaw. Completion awarded the clue to the Pit Stop at Ankenes Marina.moreless
  • The nine remaining teams set off from the Pit Stop at Awusa Ntso's house in Doryumu, Ghana, ditching the heat of Africa for the cold of Swedish Lapland in the Arctic Circle. Upon arrival, teams raced to the world-famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, where their next clue—and Michael and Kevin's chilly Speed Bump—awaited. Directed to Fjellsborg Lodge, racers were tasked with a Roadblock combining collecting flags with giving dog sled teams their summer exercise. The subsequent Detour given at the train station in Vassijaur forced teams to choose between racing hi-tech "Sleds" or building a tent called a goahti to put their "Beds". Completion awarded the location of Phil and the Pit Stop, stationed beside the Norwegian border.moreless
  • In Phil We Trust
    Episode 3
    The nine remaining teams departed the pit stop at the Kaneshie Market in Accra, Ghana for the neighborhood of Jamestown, where racers faced a Rocky Roadblock at the Akotoku Boxing Academy. Heading out of the city, teams subsequently were tasked with delivering building supplies by wheelbarrow to a small school, where they then faced determining where Ghana is on a map of Africa. A correct answer yielded the Detour, giving teams the choice between playing with "Bicycle Parts", or testing their skills in the "Language Arts". Completion was awarded with the Pit Stop location, the home of Awusa Ntso, a short walk away.moreless
  • 10/3/10
    The ten remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Eastnor Castle in England and fly to Accra, Ghana, where they head first to Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. A Roadblock at the Makola market forces racers to sell enough sunglasses to earn 15 cedis. The Detour has teams choosing between helping local residents be able to "Tune In" to television, or delivering eclectic coffins to be used by people after they "Check Out". It culminates in a race to the Pit Stop at Kaneshie Market, with taxi drivers' knowledge and driving skill playing a big part.moreless
  • Eleven teams depart from Gloucester, MA on a race around the world for one million dollars, first flying to London, England. A drive to Stonehenge proves navigating the English roads would be more complicated than many racers imagined. A task to storm Eastnor Castle sees teams splashed with water in the face, while an unlucky racer at the subsequent Roadblock gets a watermelon smashed in the face while using a ballista in effort to earn the clue to Phil and the Pit Stop, found on the grounds of the castle.moreless