The Amazing Race - Season 18

Friday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 05, 2001 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 5/8/11
    The four remaining teams depart Zermatt, Switzerland and fly to Rio de Janeiro, where a Roadblock forces team members to correctly lead a samba troupe. After everyone endures a 15-minute Brazilian waxing, they go to Copacabana for a Detour, choosing between making 100 caipirinhas "On the Rocks" or selling bikinis "On the Beach". Following the Pit Stop below the Museum of Contemporary Art, the now three remaining teams fly to Miami, where a Roadblock forces racers to use a heavy-load forklift to put a boat in dry dock at Rickenbacker Marina. Directed to Key Largo, a second Roadblock awaits at Jules' Undersea Lodge, where racers use a BOBdive to search floating chests for one containing their next clue. Teams continue wending their way south through the Florida Keys until being directed to the finish line on Pigeon Key off Old Seven Mile Bridge.moreless
  • 5/1/11
    The five remaining teams depart from the Moos Restaurant at the base of the Alps in Zermatt, Switzerland and head to the Air Rescue Helicopter Port. From there they helicopter to the Detour, where they must either "Search" for a dummy using an avalanche beacon, or simulate a "Rescue" from a deep crevasse. Teams then take the train back down to Zermatt and go to Le Petit Cervin. There, the Roadblock has team members make a Travelocity Roaming Gnome out of chocolate. Completion rewards the location of the Pit Stop: a 300-year-old cabin in town.moreless
  • 4/24/11
    The six remaining teams depart the Villa Trapp in Salzburg, Austria and race via train and taxi to Schaanwald, Liechtenstein, with the knowledge that a Double U-Turn awaits. The Roadblock makes racers use a motorized bike with odometer to ride and measure the length of the entire country and give it to skier Marco Büchel, who would direct correct racers to Gutenberg Castle; meanwhile, the Speed Bump forces Gary and Mallory to correctly fuel their bike before starting. The reunited teams then race to Zermatt, Switzerland, where the Detour offers a choice of sharing a large pot of "Cheese" fondue or trying not to "Wheeze" while delivering 20 pieces of luggage to at least five hotels. Teams are then tempted with using the Double U-Turn at the fountain by Inderbinen Brunnen before proceeding to the Pit Stop at Moos Restaurant.moreless
  • The remaining six teams depart from the Pit Stop at Ramnagar Fort near Varanasi, India and fly to Vienna. Upon arrival, teams raced to Schloss Schallaburg, where a clue directed them to the National Library and an awaiting Detour. Teams could choose between taking a "Long Hard Walk" delivering an analyst's couch from the Freud Museum to the University of Vienna, or having a "Quick and Easy Meal" by eating a large dinner in the span of one twelve-minute rotation of the Wiener Riesenrad. Completion directed the teams to drive to Salzburg, where a Roadblock forced one racer to work as a chimney sweep to earn the clue to the Pit Stop: Villa Trapp.moreless
  • 4/10/11
    The seven remaining teams depart from the Fountain of Joy in Kolkata and fly to Varanasi, India's most holy city. Arriving at a tonga stand, a Roadblock awaited, forcing racers to find six holy men called sadhus to retrieve pieces of a phrase, assemble them, and present them to a seventh sadhu to get their next clue. Directed to the Tulsi Ghat area of town, a Detour awaited at Swaminath Akhara: teams could make 50 fuel bricks out of manure and hay and then use other bricks to "Feed the Fire" to boil milk or retrieve hay bales from across the Ganges and deliver them to a homeower to "Feed the Buffalo". Successful completion awarded the Pit Stop location: Ramnagar Fort.moreless
  • The eight remaining teams depart from Green Lake Park in Kunming, China and go to Jin Fu Yi Zhan Tea Shop, where they must drink tea to get their next destination: Kolkata, India. At the Town Hall, a Roadblock presents hundreds of cups of tea, with racers having to sample teas until they find one that matches what they drank in China. Then directed to the Tiwari Tea Stall in Jorashanko, teams are presented with the Detour: engaging in "Hindu Art" by painting a statue of Ganesha, or delivering "Bengal Literature" to a nearby school. Completion yields the location of the Pit Stop: the Fountain of Joy by the Victoria Memorial in Maidan Park.moreless
  • 3/20/11
    Continuing with the clue Phil provided at the Eternal Tower in Lijiang, China, the teams head back to Kunming with the knowledge there would be a Double U-Turn ahead. A long wait for a train turned into a friendly basketball game with Flight Time and Big Easy. Pointed from the Dounan Flower Market to the Golden Horse and Jade Cock arches, the Detour awaited: teams could "Honor the Past" by arranging dolls by memory only to match a traditional Tibetan dance troupe, or "Embrace the Future" by assembling a solar water heater. Directed to the Stone Forest from the clue at the Double U-Turn, the Roadblock required safe assembly of a model of a dilophosaurus to earn the location of the Pit Stop: Green Lake Park.moreless
  • 3/13/11
    The nine remaining teams depart from Commodore Perry's Landing in Kurihama, Japan and fly to Kunming, China to arrange travel to Lijiang, but Kent and Vyxsin spiral out of control immediately. At Jade Dragon Mountain, teams ride yaks to obtain a clue directing them to Spruce Meadow and the Roadblock: finding charms with the twelve Chinese zodiac signs among thousands of charms and arranging them in order. The zodiac theme continues in Lijiang's Old Town, as racers write wishes and deposit them into their sign, marked on a prayer wheel. Directed to the Detour, teams choose between each using a giant wooden "Hammer" to pound molten candy into shape or carrying a large ceremonial "Horn" while leading a parade of Naxi dancers to Wencheng Palace. Completion awarded the clue to find Phil at the Eternal Tower atop Lion Hill.moreless
  • The ten remaining teams are transported from the Pit Stop at Junction Mine in Broken Hill, Australia to Sydney, where they learn their next destination: Tokyo. Teams fret over the risk/reward of a non-direct flight that's scheduled to arrive 15 minutes sooner than a direct one. A clue at a rotating parking garage directs them to the Yabusame Dojo in Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, where the Roadblock awaits, forcing participants to correctly perform a Yabusame ritual, culminating with shooting a target from a rotating fake horse. Directed to Minamiashigara, the Detour awaited, offering a choice between a physically and mentally demanding Shinto "Prayer of Purity", or searching a massive muddy bog for a "Frog of Luck". Completion yielded the location of the Pit Stop: Commodore Perry's Landing in Kurihama.moreless
  • The teams continue racing from Shelly Beach with the clue Phil provided, with Amanda and Kris knowing that their automatic U-Turn will soon come into play. After realizing the clue is sending them to Sydney's town hall, teams sign up for charters to Broken Hill, 684 miles west. A Detour in the Living Desert gives teams the chance to use Aboriginal customs to connect with either the "Spirit World" or the "Natural World". A final task dresses the teams as kangaroos and forces them to use a periodic table to help find the clue to the Pit Stop, located at Junction Mine.moreless
  • 2/20/11
    Eleven previous teams who came close to victory, but have 'Unfinished Business', depart from Palm Springs, California to Sydney, Australia, but a pre-clue task gives one team an unwelcome handicap. Upon arrival, teams head to Ocean World in Manly, where a Roadblock forces racers to retrieve a large compass from a 1.5 million gallon tank with sharks and stingrays, then use its rim to help decipher a message outside on nautical flags. Correct delivery of the message sends teams sailing a 16' skiff to retrieve their next clue, the location of Phil and the mat: Shelly Beach.moreless