The Amazing Race - Season 20

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Season 26 : Episode 8

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  • The final four teams continue racing in the two-hour season finale of the twentieth edition of The Amazing Race.

  • 4/29/12

    The five remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Bolgatty Palace in Kerala, India and head to Daiva Vili Bhagvathi Kshetram, with Bopper and Mark knowing a Speed Bump awaits them. The clue provided by the awaiting priest both directs teams to Pattanacaud Coir Mat and Matting and contains a Fast Forward. At the matting factory, a Roadblock makes racers spin coconut husks into 40' of rope and then fill a spindle from bundles of the rope. Completing the task directs teams to Fort Kochi and a Detour choice: correctly decorating a "Pachyderm" and then wheelbarrowing 15 loads of elephant manure to a truck, or choosing to ten times "PackA Box" with dried ginger. Success awards the Pit Stop location alongside the Cheenavala Fishing Nets.

  • Bollywood Travolta
    Episode 9

    The five remaining teams depart Lake Manyara in Tanzania and fly to Cochin, India. Continuing to Sacred Heart College in Thevara, teams are faced with a Bollywood-themed Roadblock where racers must learn a complicated dance routine and perform it to the satisfaction of the choreographer. Clued to the Indian Coffee House, teams are given a Detour of either both racers scoring a boundary in "Cricket" or both navigating a test course in an auto rickshaw requiring them to successfully "Clutch It". Completing awards the Pit Stop location: Bolgatty Palace.

  • 4/15/12

    The six remaining teams continue racing through Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater, with knowledge of an impending Double U-Turn, as well as a Speed Bump for Nary & Jamie. Directed to the Hillary Clington stall in Karatu, a Detour awaits: wait in a long line to fill nine large jugs to deliver a family's "Water Supply", or repair a flat bicycle tire and fill it with the correct "Air Supply". Moving on to the Jack Stelzer Pub, the Double U-Turn tempts racers prior to directions to the Gem Gallery and Arts store, where the Speed Bump forces Nary & Jamie to set up an outside art vending kiosk. The clue there points teams to Margaret's Farms in Mto Wa Mbu and the Roadblock, where racers have to harvest 500 grams of honeycomb. Successfully completing the Roadblock gives the location of the Pit Stop: Lake Manyara.

  • 4/8/12

    The six remaining teams set off from an esplanade alongside the Caspian Sea in Baku, Azerbaijan and fly to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Once there, teams race to get on charter flights to Ngorongoro Crater, where they have to find a Masai warrior; he offers a Detour choice of testing your "Marksmanship" by hitting a clay target with a rungu or performing a "Courtship" jumping ritual for a minute in the thin air. Completion of either directs teams to the Simba A camp. On arrival, teams must build a safari tent and shower so after checking in with Phil at the Pit Stop, they can stay the night.

  • 3/25/12

    The seven remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Landhannes Farm in Bavaria and fly to Baku, Azerbaijan. The clue at Temple Ateshgah sends two teams risking to go after a Fast Forward at a hay market requiring them to arrange bales of hay in a 10x3x5 stack; the other teams head to Occupational Training International, where a Roadblock awaits requiring racers to take part in a training exercise where they must escape the simulated crash and capsizing of a helicopter. Completing the training sends teams to the Old Town of Baku and the Toghrul Karabakh carpet shop. A Detour there forces the choice of searching through an old Soviet car to find the one "Apple" among hundreds that has a race flag or going to the Naftalan Health Center and scraping crude "Oil" off a gentleman who's undergone a spa treatment common in the country. Completion points teams to the Pit Stop at an Esplanade alongside the Caspian Sea.

  • 3/18/12

    The eight remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Piazza Castello in Turin, Italyand make their way via train and car to the German state of Bavaria, with Bopper and Mark knowing a Speed Bump awaits them. Arriving at Gasthof Zum Rassen, teams are faced with a Detour of either following a trail to the Hansel and Gretel "Fairy Tale" witch and shingling a gingerbread house's roof or stylingthefacial hairof a "Champion Male" beard competitor; meanwhile, Bopper and Mark's Speed Bump of correctly yodelling precedes their Detour. Success points teams to Neuschwanstein Castle and the bedroom of King Ludwig II, where a clue sends teams to Füssen and a Roadblock using their Travelocity Roaming Gnome in eisstockchienben. Sliding the Gnome across the ice andonto the bullseye awards the Pit Stop location: in a cattle barn at Landhannes Farm.

  • Taste Your Salami
    Episode 4

    The eight remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Escalinata de Antequera in Asuncion, Paraguay and fly to Turin, Italy. Directed to the Lingotto Building, two choices await: a Fast Forward where one person has to land a remote control toy helicopter on a model of the building on their partner's head, or a Roadblock where racers rappel 120', grabbing their next clue along the way. Then heading to the Museo Nazionale dell' Automobile, teams search for a Tin Lizzie that holds their next clue. Pointed to the Mole Antonelianna, a Detour gives teams the choice to use a powerwasher to "Clean that Statue" or put their tastebuds to the test and "Name that Salami". Success grants the Pit Stop location: Piazza Castello.

  • 3/4/12

    The nine remaining teams depart from El Gomero rubber tree in La Recoleta, Buenos Aires andfly to Asunsion, Paraguay. Teams are immediately faced with a Detour, choosing between making sure a 10x10 pyramid of watermelons is properly "Stacked Up" or making a gutted harp be properly "Strung Out". Directed to Plaza De La Democrazia, a Roadblock forces players to perform a choreographic routine while balancing a bottle on their head. Success sends teams on foot to the Pit Stop: Escalinata de Antequera.

  • 2/26/12

    The ten remaining teams depart the Argentinian Patios de Cafayate winery and head to the town square to await delivery of their next clue. The ensuing Detour gives teams the option to construct and use a solar kitchen to get a kettle to boil in "Boil My Water" or take firewood and clay via donkey to a pottery workshop in "Light My Fire". Then directed to Buenos Aires by bus, teams race to Mercado de Hacienda de Liniers upon arrival. Faced with a Roadblock, racers must take the total weight given by a cattle auctioneer and divide to get the average weight per cattle before the bidding ends. Success awards the Pit Stop location—a 200-year old rubber tree named El Gomero, that sits at the middle of La Recoleta.

  • Tears of a Clown
    Episode 1

    Eleven new teams—including Big Brother 12 and 13's 'Team Brenchel'—depart Bridlewood Winery in Santa Barbara, California and race to Santa Barbara, Argentina. At Aerodromo Gilberto Lavaque, a Roadblock forces team members to use a map to navigate to their teammate… who's been dropped there via a tandem parachute jump. Then directed to Patios de Cafayate Winery, teams must properly make 120 empanadas to receive the location of the Pit Stop, located on the grounds.

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