The Amazing Race - Season 23

Friday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 05, 2001 In Season



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Episode Guide

  • 12/8/13

    The final four teams travel to Tokyo, Japan, where an intense showdown at the Roadblock ensures that one team doesn't make the Final Three. Those who survive fly to Juneau, Alaska, where, after nine countries and 35,000 miles, one team is crowned winners of The Amazing Race.

  • Cobra In My Teeth
    Episode 10

    The four remaining teams meet their match when asked to eat a king cobra. An egg-boiling challenge in the Indonesian countryside scrambles the order, before one team gets lost in a maze of tea leaves and another has a bad hair day at a challenging Roadblock, with the final elimination of the race drawing closer.

  • 11/24/13

    Teams fly to Bandung, Indonesia where two teams miss a train and fall behind the pack, ending up in a two team fight for survival. Teams meet the local wildlife before an old rivalry is rekindled at a musical Roadblock, while one team places themselves in jeopardy to save their allies.

  • One Hot Camel
    Episode 8

    Teams continue racing in the United Arab Emirates, where a camel beauty pageant brings teams face to face with an iconic animal of the region. Two teams bring up past events as reasons at the U-Turn, forcing two teams to complete both sides of the Detour, while another team slips behind by missing a nearby clue.

  • 11/10/13

    Teams fly to the United Arab Emirates, where a tricky Detour drives one team crazy and leaves another team contemplating the use of their Express Pass. Teams face multiple fears at the leg's Roadblock, while a matter of seconds leaves one team in jeopardy, facing elimination.

  • Choir Boy At Heart
    Episode 6

    Teams travel by train to the Austrian capital of Vienna, where weather interferes with one team's ability to complete a task. Teams audition for the Vienna Boys Choir, where two teams sing our of tune and fall behind, before one team takes another's taxi, resulting in a showdown at the Pit Stop.

  • Get Our Groove On
    Episode 5

    The eight teams keep racing to Gdańsk, Poland, where three teams get lost from the very beginning, setting them behind the rest of the pack. Express Pass holders Tim & Marie finally hand over their second Express Pass before the fifth leg deadline and consider playing their own. Meanwhile, drama at the first Double U-Turn of the race leaves two teams fighting for survival.

  • Beards in the Wind
    Episode 4

    The remaining teams travel north of the Arctic Circle where Norwegian fish heads send some teams spiralling to the back of the pack, and a simple mistake costs one team the lead. Teams take a plunge into the cold Arctic, while one team makes a power play for Tim & Marie's second Express Pass.

  • King Arthur Style
    Episode 3

    The remaining nine teams are instructed to fly to Lisbon, Portugal. Two teams in an alliance take the lead, while other friends clash over spots on a flight's waiting list. Flight delays threaten to take one team out of the race, while a mentally taxing Detour leaves some teams confused.

  • Zip It, Bingo
    Episode 2

    Teams take part in the salt mining industry of Iquique in the race's first Detour, before travelling to the Chilean capital of Santiago, where a difficult Roadblock leaves two teams fighting for survival, while one team makes a costly error at the Pit Stop.

  • 9/29/13

    Eleven new teams depart on the 23rd race around the world. Their first destination is Iquique, Chile, where teams face their fear of heights and some struggle. A confusion at the race's second Roadblock sees more than one team sending out the wrong team member on the course, before one team makes a mistake that could jeopardise winning the leg and the two Express Passes up for grabs.

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