The Amazing Race - Season 26

Friday 8:00 PM on CBS Premiered Sep 05, 2001 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 5/15/15
    Season 26 ends with the final teams flying from Peru to Dallas where they go to great heights at the top of AT&T Stadium, visit a Texas cattle ranch and rappel 500 feet down the Reunion Tower.
  • In It to Win It
    Episode 11

    Teams race across Peru, engaging in the local culture through dance and a popular leisure activity. Vehicular difficulties leave one team playing catch up early on as teams battle for a spot in the final leg.

  • Fruits of Our Labor
    Episode 10

    Teams fly to Trujillo, Peru and make their way to rural Otuzco, doing battle in the sugarcane fields before sorting through hundreds of potatoes at a tricky Detour.

  • 4/24/15

    Teams fly back to Europe and race to the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, where one racer loses their bearings at a mind-numbing Roadblock, while another team melts down while losing their way. Teams compete in a traditional variation of shuffleboard or solve a series of clues in a floating hot tub at an intense Detour, before fighting for survival in a race to the Pit Stop.

  • Moment of Truth
    Moment of Truth
    Episode 8

    Teams race across Namibia where they are tasked with interpreting a clue in German, before sparks fly at the Double U-Turn board when battle lines are drawn.

  • Back in Business
    Back in Business
    Episode 7

    Teams fly from the second smallest country in the world to the second least densely populated one, landing in the Namibian capital of Windhoek. Teams construct traditional dwellings and get up close with the local wildlife at the Detour before an intense race to the Pit Stop.

  • 4/10/15

    Teams fly to Nice in southern France before making their way to the Principality of Monaco, where a romantic Roadblock sends some teams searching the wrong way, while in the iconic Monte Carlo Casino, Lady Luck determines which Roadblock teams must attempt.

  • Get in That Lederhosen, Baby (Bavaria)

    The race continues in Bavaria, Germany, where teams take part in traditional Oktoberfest activities. One team makes a costly error by losing their fanny pack, while driving difficulties threaten two teams.

  • 3/13/15

    Teams race to the Thai capital of Bangkok, where they are immersed in the local culture at a chaotic Detour. Several blind dating couples experience conflict, putting a strain on their relationships.

  • #MurphysLaw (Phuket, Thailand)

    The remaining teams travel to Phuket, Thailand, where they face their fear of heights. One team falls behind early at the airport, while another misplaces their fanny pack, resulting in a photo finish at the mat.

  • 2/27/15

    The race continues in Nagano, Japan, where teams take on an Olympic-sized Detour and try to open an intricate Japanese box at a complicated Detour.

  • Great Way to Start a Relationship (Tokyo, Japan)

    Season 26 begins with 11 dating couples, including five pairs who meet for the first time at the starting line at California's Castaic Lake, before flying to Tokyo, Japan for the first leg of the race. For the first time in Race history, a Blind U-Turn lies in wait on Leg 1.