The Amazing Race

Season 24 Episode 4

Smarter, Not Harder

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2014 on CBS

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  • Some interesting pearls of wisdom in this great ep !

    The globes saying 'stay in school' yeah or be a dj and earn a lot of money for hardly any work hmmm !

    ' work smarter not harder', is that even possible for rachel ?

    Luke broke the drinks curse ! well done lad ! tbh i'd of smashed them long ago lol and that 'barman' must of been fed up by the end of a long night :P

    once again some odd editing of showing some teams gets taxis and then skipping others,

    pantyhose ? really rachel ? with that outfit ? really ?

    the bamboo trampoline, the tall ish people sailed through it no surprise there !

    i also don't like these limited flights especially when one is delayed. it's like a set up for drama.

    the bar/dj choice, the tracks sounded awful !

    and the drinks seemed so simple but no !

    also i had a feeling it was going to be a 'nel' a bit early but yeah felt like it was going to be one.

  • Intense!

    Well for the second leg in a row, we had a great episdoe despite horrible leg deisgn, mainly due to the drama we got. That was a completely pointless Roadblock - it affected the race in no ways and it was never going to affect the race either. Just a waste of time TBH.

    Luckily the Detour redeems the race because it was one of the best Detours we have had in ages. So much room for draama - and we certainyl got some!

    The leg structure would be really bad to eliminate someone, since it is just a Detour, but this worked for a NEL tbh.

    What I didn't like was the set flights again. They aren't being given any chance to search for their own flights so far...

    Hoping things continue to get well though. :P