The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 8

Super Shady

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on CBS

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  • Great first ever leg in beautiful Denmark! (Spoilers ahead!!!)s


    This was a terrifc leg, and my third favourite leg of this particular season, falling only behinfd the two Malawi legs.

    Firstly, the flights dilemms was rather interesting. I was astounded that Amani & Marcus didn't do further research, but perhaps this will a ct as a wake-up-call. I was especially amazed because there were no less than two different flights at night from Amsterdam to Copenhagen, so it wouldn't have been too hard to find one of those two flights.

    Nextly, to the R(oadlblock. I thought it was not a particularly intense or tricky challenge, although many people (including myself) would've struggled. As I mentioned on this episode's thread, I found myself watching the beautiful architecture of tha t hall in the castle as opposed to the actual dancing, especially as the architecture was so beautiful!

    The Detour was definitely an improvement. My choice would've been 'All Churned Out', as animals can definitely be unreliable or uncooperative, however the bunnies at 'All Hopped Up' were just adorable. I loved seeing Marcus cheer his bunny on, as well as Bill naming both his rabbits and Laurence's belief that his was on steroids! That was rather hilarious!

    As for the U-Turn; I cann'ot agree with Ernie & Cindy's decision to U-Turn Bill & Cathi. The U-Turn is not a tool to use just to win one leg - it should only be used for survival purposes, as was the case with Bill & Cathi's decision to U-Turn Laurence & Zac. I don't think it is wise to use the U-Turn just to win Leg Eight, as there are more legs ahead, and there could potentially be another U-Turn, and maybe on that occasion, Ernie & Cindy would need to exercise the powers of the U-Turn - but now they have used it up and will be left vulnerable if such a situation is to arise.

    Anyways, all up, this was definitely an absolutely terrific episode! I certainly hope that this standard is maintined into Belgium for the next episode - which, based on the previews, is seeming to be a rather unorthodox type of episode!

    Can't wait!