The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 8

Super Shady

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2011 on CBS

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  • Beautiful and a brilliant leg full of beautiful scenery in Denmark as well as intense suspense and thrills


    Of all the legs to this point for TAR 19, this was indeed the best leg of the season so far, without a doubt. I loved it, and it was well worth the visit to Copenhagen. The two previous legs in Malawi are right behind.

    The six teams faced difficult tasks in Denmark as well as many of the teams getting lost. This leg felt like classic TAR in many ways. It was so great to see the music to represent the culture. The Roadblock task was quite interesting, and entertaining. I really began to love all the teams this leg, a lot of screen time and a lot of frustration coming out in their performances. Only team I dislike is the one who actually won the leg, and they need to get eliminated.

    The Detour was incredible, and it was nice to see some of the countryside of Denmark. Jeremy & Sandy got lost pretty much the entire leg, and I did not want to see them go. I have to be honest here, I found Sandy particularly attractive with all that make up on. I was like "wow" she's really beautiful.

    Amani & Marcus caught up, yet again after another event of trailing behind the pack. It was good to see, as I love that team. The Detour task I would have gone for would have been the bunny one personally, though I really enjoy the concept of butter making. Hmmmm yum, grab the sugar and then we have the best combo. It was nice to see both Jeremy & Sandy and Amani & Marcus catch up just before the end of the leg. Andy & Tommy were consistently at the middle of the pack this leg, which was rather interesting. Lawrence & Zac however, I could not have seen their elimination coming. I predicted this leg would be an elimination , just had the spark. I also believe that the next leg will be an elimination, making this similar toTAR 17.

    I was very sad to see Lawrence & Zac go home. Them being U-Turned by Bill & Cathi really caused this, but I don't blame Bill & Cathi. Stupid Ernie & Cindy were to blame for this huge disaster. Screw them... They should have been eliminated instead.

    Lawrence & Zac did very well during their time on the race and I applaud them. This episode was fantastic, bring on more Denmark on the next leg for how ever short it may be, and then onto the birthplace of Tintin, soon to be in cinemas -I love the Tintin comics/episodes, so I will love Belgium. The country itself is great too. Loving Europe this season already. I do wish that the teams could have gone to Europe sooner and spent much less time in repetitive dull locations that I am not going to mention, but regardless, the three legs in Europe this season will make this season terrific.