The Amazing Race

Season 21 Episode 11

Take Down That Million

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 09, 2012 on CBS

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  • seriously ?

    the weakest team that was about to give up in ep9 wins ? but a uturn suddenly ignites a fire under their ass ? wow

    i suppose since the twinny's lost out i can call it a good result but i do it underprotest.

    tasks where indeed lame the organisers need to plan too much physical n mental will wear them out... but thats what 12 hours rest is for... put them threw the wringer it is for a million after no...

    keep the lame tasks at the begining warm the teams up and show how stupid they are at simple stuff and then on the later half then start pouring on the the remaining teams are the strongest right ? no it's the lucky basterds or the schemers... or the meat many genuine nice smart people make if they do they get u turned...
  • Worst Ending Ever

    Oh where do I start? The penultimate leg in France was pretty bad for my standards, and all the damn bickering between the Twinnies and Josh & Brent. Seriously, and the tasks didn't do it for me.

    The final leg was good right up until the worst team crossed the finish line to take home the $1 million. This season has had one of the worst casts and routes in history and is up for one of the worst seasons of all time. Seriously, why Josh & Brent... Why? It should have been the chips, or even Trey & Lexi but this edition of the race was just crap on a plate. I can't even be bothered going into sufficient detail but to say that the last two seasons along with this installment have been below average, and almost to kill the series that we all came to love.

    The only real good thing about this episode was watching the Twinnies get eliminated. Everything else just sucked.
  • Adios, Twinnies!

    That was the most important thing to note in the first leg. As it was, I didn't mind any of the last 3 teams. I would have preferred Abbie and Ryan, but I don't always get my way. Overall, not a bad season. I do wish they would not bunch teams so often. For example, the ferry ride to Mallorca. Hello, they were able to fly back to Barcelona, so that was only chosen to bunch the teams. I guess they can't have blowout races like they used to. Oh, well. One of these seasons, I really do need to apply.
  • Mixed reactions to this.

    I will review Legs 11 and 12 separately.

    Leg 11:

    Leg 11 was horrible. They go to France, and out of the many beautiful aspects of the French culture they could showcase, they choose preparing dog food and riding sleds/plows or whatever they are. Like that is a disgrace to France as far as I am concerned. If they wanted plowingm, they could've done it in Indonesia, or they couldve gone to Phillippiens and switchbacked to 'My Ox Is Broken' at least.

    The mushrooms were better, but still a pretty mediocre task.

    The great thing about Leg 11 though, was the elimination of Natalie & Nadiya. Couldn't stand them at all. They were really obnoxious, rude and annnoying. Good riddance.

    Lge 12:

    The finale was great, in my opinion! Best finale since TAR17 in terms of the tasks at least. The Harry Houdini escape act was a phenomenal task! Very scary, very tricky and a tough one with a surprise bungee at the end! It was much better than the usual standard bungee/heights task, as teams actually had to do something.

    The pizza delivery I could have done without. It was a little pointless to be honest. I wish they had've done something different instead.

    But the Memory Challenge was great! They finally pulled off a great Memory Challenge for the first time since TAR12! And nobody would have thought to remember the 'hello' and 'goodbye' messages! It was cunning!

    I was cheering for Trey & Lexi, followed by Jaymes & James, but I was also OK with Josh & Brent. For once, I actually liked all members of the Final Three! :P I hated Josh & Brent at the beginning, but they gre w on me during Legs 7-9 when they teams up with Abbie & Ryan. I am more happy about the outcome for Abbie & Ryan's sake than Josh & Brent's, but to be honest, I don't like these 'six=pack' or 'dream-team' alliances that much, so it is nice to see them break up sometimes.

    Josh & Brent were one of my least favourite teams on the race, but I am OK with thte outcome. Not super happy about it, but I can live with it, unlike most other TAR seasons. :P

    sorry about the multiple typos! Writing this in a real rush!)
  • So disappointing

    Ugh, so disgusted with this ending. Worst team won it. Bad enough with having people like the Twins and having the theft earlier but it was just bad. I love this show but no happiness in the result at all. This was as bad as the season where Ernie & Cindy won after clearly cheating (not having a ticket but taking the train anyways) won.