The Amazing Race

Season 20 Episode 4

Taste Your Salami

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 11, 2012 on CBS

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  • rachel is putting it on for the camera..

    cos no one can be that flakey surely ? and brendan is supposed to be a smart guy ? FOOL IN LOVE abandons logic and common sense = dumbest smart guy ever.. wow i'd of slapped her several times by now and then probably dumped her ass...

    sometimes it's fun to see people breakdown but she is really taking too far, with the threats of quitting and breaking up and when he tries to apologise or cheer her up she shuts him down flat... this dude is blinded by his misplaced love for this fruitloop..

    other wise pretty standard leg, nothing really stood out we need some u turns up in this bitch !

    the rednecks are funny if a few broken records (still not convinced a guy should call another guy baby)edtting is once again favouring some teams almost totally ignoring team fbi and only focusing on thr warring couples..
  • Not liking this season

    I cannot stand Rachel. I hope they get eliminated SOON! Her constant whining is making this season almost unbearable.
  • Brendan & Rachel

    Will someone PLEASE tell Rachel to STOP all the whinning. I have been rooting for B & R from the beginning, but, if she doesn't stop crying and whinning i'm gonna root for my second favs.
  • Some fun in Italy! Great episode!

    Not the best episode of the season, or the best episode in Italy, but still a lot of fun!

    The start was interesting, and poor Bopper & Mark sjuffered from the very beginning with the flights.

    Finally the FAST FORWARD is back!!! Not the most exciting task, but I'm just thrilled that the FF is back after a two season absence! This made my day!

    The Roadblock was acceptable and average, but the element of 'if teams don't make it in 2 minutes, they have to run all the way back up' made the challenge much moreinterestign than most rappel tasks.

    Regarding the Ford product placement, I don't mind a couple of minutes like we had today, but at least they didn't dedicate a whole Roadblock to it, like they did last season!

    Ralph playing with the parking assist was great! LOL!

    The Detour was really exciting, particularly the salami! With no Brenchel, this would've been a boring episode, but Brenchel made this really exciting to watch! They add so much suspense and drama!!! She gives me Flo vibes! <3333

    The beheading at the other Detour was quite funny, too!

    Diasppointed to see Bopper & Mark in last. But Art & JJ giving them money was a really nice thing to do. I'm not an Art & JJ fan - nor will I ever be one - but that was really nice. :)