The Amazing Race

Season 20 Episode 1

Tears of a Clown

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2012 on CBS

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  • and i thought team selection couldn't get worse this season proved it within 6 minutes..

    looks like i'll be skimming through this season, hopefully my preconceptions will change or at least be proved wrong but i doubt it..

    meat heads, dippy drama queens, the greedy previous winners of large amounts of money, and some creepy rednecks... doesn't bode well for a deserving winner...

    first task balloon searching in a vineyard interesting

    then no airport scenes just a scene of the first 6 on the faster plane ?

    then a simple sky dive and follow a map,

    then make empanyatas..

    then the two asian chicks completly miss phil on the reaction was interesting my intrepritation of that was he doesn't like team guido/jersey shore..

    fave teams for me would be the rachel n dave, the twins, the fbi chicks (even though they seem to have been editted out)..
  • Already like this better than Season 19, hopefully it gets even better and stays that way! SPOILERS CONTAINED

    Thoughts on Teams (In Placement Order):

    1. Rachel & Dave : I love them. Rachel can sort of give me a Mallory-vibe but even tougher. I hope their bond gets better. If they turn into a bickering couple, I wouldn't really have a problem. Their win was quite unexpected in this episode as they have been in 3rd throughout most of the leg, but that is a great moment!

    2. Brendon & Rachel : I've never watched Big Brother and all, but for some reason I kind of like this team. I don't like them because they already have won lots (from Big Brother). I do like them because Rachel will create drama and drama is something that we have not been seeing in The Amazing Race for a while. However, I was quite glad they did not win the Express Pass.

    3. Art & Jj : I don't like them much. They have some humor but I don't like their humor. I was glad they lost their lead. No hate on them.

    4. Nary & Jamie : I hope to see more screentime from them next episode. Jamie looks a LOT like Nat in Nat & Kat haha!

    5. Vanessa & Ralph : I love them. They are a cute and fun couple and I hope they last long.

    6. Elliot & Andrew : I hope to see more screentime from them next episode as well. They can be quite boring but likable too.

    7. Kerri & Stacy : I was disappointed with their performance. I like this team but I hope they can catch up and be more in the front of the pack. Also, I kind of think they're trying too hard to be funny or interesting, but I still like them.

    8. Dave & Cherie : I don't understand what is very likable about them, so I don't like them much. But I would like to see them make it quite far!

    9. Bopper & Mark : I like them and their acts/reactions. They can be annoying but it's quite funny.

    10. Joey "Fitness" & Danny : I don't like them much, but I don't hate them. I would have been very shocked to see a male team like them go out first.

    11. Misa & Maiya : They seemed to be one of the weakest, but I was shocked it was them to go out first. Bad luck was really on their side since the beginning of the leg with the starting line task. But it was their fault for not seeing Phil, so I don't know what to say.

    Thoughts on Tasks:

    Starting Line Task : As amazingrace said, this task was pointless and I quite agree. It was even more pointless since the Hazard did not return. I was actually quite glad there was no Hazard because it could really mess up the team given it.

    Roadblock : I'm not a fan of these kinds of Roadblocks because there really is no chance to catch up unless someone is really, really nervous. I loved the twist of the non-participant sky-diving. I noticed that all the girls were sky-diving, haha!

    Empanada Contest : This task was alright, but it did give other teams advantages and chances to catch up.

    I hope there were more tasks. If you watch earlier seasons' premiere episodes, there were a massive amount of tasks just in the first episode.

    Overall, it was an alright episode. The lack of tasks really brought the score down for me. The blend of teams isn't really good, but the drama that they can create is going to be amazing.
  • Great start to the twentieth season!

    Well the only negative with the episode was the lame starting line task, which was completely pointless.

    However, that aside, once we got to Argentina, I really enjoyed it! I don't lnormally find skydiving to be too exciting of a task to watch, but the twist - the teammate who isn't doing the Roadblock has to skydive - was spectacular! I absolutely loved it!

    The empanadas task was fun, mainly because they looked so tasty! I want to eat some!

    My favourite team - Rachel & Dave - won the Express Pass - which is great! Art & JJ and Misa & Maiya were the teams I didn't particularly like.

    The ending was so epic! Wow! One of the craziest endings to a TAR leg ever! Absolutely unbelievable!!!

    Can't wait for next week! I do hope that this season is much better than the last!