The Amazing Race

Season 6 Episode 9

Tell My Mom I Love Her

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2005 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The six remaining teams continue from their Pit Stop in Budapest, Hungary, where they receive a clue telling them to find the area's largest wine cast. Once they find that, they must travel to the city of Ajaccio on the island of Corsica. some teams experience flight difficulties, but all teams manage to make the same flight in the end. Once in Corsica the teams had to find the room where Napoleon was born. When they arrive teams discovered that it didn't open until the next morning so they slept on the beach. After it opens, teams discover the second of only two Fast Forwards on the race. In order to retrieve the Fast Forward award, both team members must walk the ocean floor wearing special diving suits to find the clue hidden in a trap underneath the water. Two teams try the Fast Forward, with one eventually claiming it and scoring a special plane ride.
The remaining teams take marked cars and find a Detour: Climb Up or Fly Behind. Most teams choose Climb Up, which involves complicated climbing and rappelling, but one chooses Fly Behind, which involves searching a large water mass for a buoy with a clue. Although this option seems hopelessly awful at first, it turns out to offer an advantage when the team choosing it finds themselves ahead of all the teams who chose Climb Up. After completing the Detour, some teams experienced navigating problems causing some bickering between the team members.
Later, a Roadblock involving grape-stomping to make wine causes the same team to stumble. Some team members struggled with this task but eventually completed it.
In the end, it becomes a close foot race between two teams in order to avoid elimination but one team just couldn't make it in fast enough and feared the worst. However, they are given a surprise when they are informed that this was the second of several non-elimination legs so they're not out. They have now been stripped of all their money.moreless

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  • The scenery of Corsica was breathtaking. A leg full of tension and entertainment

    The bickering starts to increase...

    The six remaining teams headed for Corsica island in the seventh leg in a race around the world. The scenery of the Mediterranean was great but the teams seem to have gone mad for some reason. I was a little disappointed that the second and last Fast Forward was put in two legs in a row and how Adam and Rebecca won it. Seriously he needs to learn to grow up and she needs to stop treating him like a mother. Then at the Detour how Jonathan and Victoria were bickering once again about directions! It got great towards the end how the competition sped up to stay in the game but it was Haydon and Aaron who couldn't catch up and came in last. I didn't want them to leave but found out that this was a non-elimination leg (a surprise!)

    Next weeks episode is going to be tough looking at Ethiopia.

    Overall another fantastic episode with a nice scenery, this time of the Mediterranean with some cool challenges. Season 6 has shown more of the everything than any other season of TAR.moreless
Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller

Eliminated 6th with Jonathan (Season Six)

Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Jonathan Baker

Jonathan Baker

Eliminated 6th with Victoria (Season Six)

Lori Chestnut Harvey

Lori Chestnut Harvey

Eliminated 7th with Bolo (Season Six)

Bolo Dar'Tainian

Bolo Dar'Tainian

Eliminated 7th with Lori (Season Six)

Rebecca Cardon

Rebecca Cardon

Second Runner Up with Adam (Season Six)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Adam and Rebecca. (Fast Forward, Prize: Vacation to Sunny Caribbean, Compliments
      #2. Freddy and Kendra.
      #3. Lori and Bolo.
      #4. Kris and Jon.
      #5. Jonathan and Victoria.
      #6. Hayden and Aaron. (Stripped of all money, will receive no money for Leg 8.)

    • There was no Yield in this leg and only one has been made available so far, in the third leg, but it wasn't used.

    • First episode of The Amazing Race ever in where all teams remaining have the same relationship (romantically involved.) This is largely due to the amount of couples and ex-couples cast this season.

    • Balance Sheet: Adam and Rebecca move up from fifth to first. Freddy and Kendra move up from sixth to second. Lori and Bolo move down from first to third. Kris and Jon move down from second to fourth. Jonathan and Victoria move down from third to fifth. Hayden and Aaron move down from fourth to last but are not eliminated.

    • This is the first time that the second non-elimination leg of any season has appeared before the eighth Pit Stop.
      On the first, second and fifth seasons, the second non-elimination leg was placed in the eighth leg. On the third season, the second non-elimination leg appeared on leg 9 and on the fourth, the tenth leg.

    • Fast Forward: This leg contained the second of only two Fast Forwards hidden on this season of the race. Teams had to go to a harbor, put on diving suits weighing more than 100 pounds and walk the ocean floor to a lobster trap containing their next clue. Adam and Rebecca and Jonathan and Victoria went for the Fast Forward. Adam and Rebecca were the team that completed the Fast Forward.

    • Roadblock: The clue "Who's ready to have a barrel of fun?" was provided to help determine who should participate in the Roadblock.

      This Roadblock required one member of each team to stomp 55 pounds of grapes using only their feet. After squeezing out enough juice to fill five bottles, they were then given a glass of juice to drink to receive their next clue.

      These are the people who completed this Roadblock:

      Kendra, Jonathan, Kris, Bolo and Aaron.

      Adam and Rebecca bypassed this task by attaining the Fast Forward award.

    • Detour:
      Lori/Bolo, Freddy/Kendra, Kris/Jon, and Hayden Aaron chose "Climb Up", where they went up a 45' wall with an ascender, received a medal from a French Legionaire, and then rappeled 75' down another wall.
      Jonathan/Victoria chose "Fly Behind", where Victoria rode in a Zodiac boat and directed the driver in a course of 25 buoys. Jonathan, being tugged behind on a Flying Fish, would then dive to search for clues, only 12 of of the 25 buoys having them.
      Adam/Rebecca bypassed the Detour via the Fast Forward.

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    • At the Roadblock, Kris mentions how she seen the I Love Lucy episode with Lucy stomping the grapes.

    • At the Climp Up Detour, Kendra says she'll "have to pull out some G.I. Jane," referring to the Demi Moore movie where a woman trains to become a Navy SEAL.