The Amazing Race

Season 7 Episode 11

The Devil Made Me Do It

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 03, 2005 on CBS
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The teams travel from their Pit Stop in Istanbul, Turkey to London, England, where they pay a visit to Abbey Road, made famous by The Beatles. Two teams explore flight options and successfully risk an earlier flight, while two others choose to play it safe with a flight that ends up coming in later. In England, the teams ride a Ferris wheel called the London Eye and then participate in a Detour that requires them to make a classic choice --- Brains or Brawn. Uchenna and Joyce and Meredith and Gretchen both opt for Brawn, which requires them to stack boats, while the other two teams go for Brains and solve a series of clues leading them to the home of the legendary Sherlock Holmes. Seeing Meredith and Gretchen struggle, Uchenna attempts to help out before realizing that he's not allowed. Later, the teams do a Roadblock at the Millennium Dome in which they must drive a double-decker bus through a marked obstacle course. One team surges ahead, while a Yield puts the remaining three teams in a close competition to avoid elimination.moreless

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  • Wonderful leg, and a great outcome that gives positive thoughts about the coming exclusive season finale

    Wonderful leg, and a great outcome that gives positive thoughts about the coming exclusive season finale.

    I can say here and now that this tenth leg was a very competitive one. Rob and Amber tried to get the best flight again with Ron and Kelly on their backs because of the competition itself. The whole plot of finally visiting Europe just for the one episode was superb, which is where the 9/10 mostly came from, but it was Meredith and Gretchen's elimination that was inspring for this series. They proved to the world that being old does not matter. They tred their best and went through a lot on this race. The scenery of London, United Kingdon was beautiful and one country that I've always wanted to see. The task design had no problem whatsoever, a lot of clues with a very good Detour and Roadblock. The Detour, I would have only chosen "Brains" if I had a local helping lol, otherwise I'd stick with brawn. So in formal terms, this was the best episode of this season to date because it's high competitiveness, great locations, the outcome and the suspense which can sometimes kill you lol.

    I didn't want Meredith and Gretchen to go, but heck someone had to. I was actually thinking this could possibly be a consecutive non-elimination leg (final one as well) because Phil did not greet the teams with an explanation saying that such and such is one of the three teams racing to the finish line for the $1,000,000. Maybe Phil left it out to create suspense. If this had been a non-elimination, even more suspense would rise, but looking at the positioning of the previous two so far, it's better off being positioned at the eleventh Pit Stop.

    For the Yield, Rob and Amber just piss me off even more that they have done this entire race. I wanted them eliminated, but all I can pray and hope for now is that they don't win, or I might have to shoot myself.

    The Roadblock was probably the best challenge on this episode, driving double-decker buses through a hard-marked path. And it was nice to see Uchenna help the older couple through the "Brawns" Detour. Ron and Kelly getting Yielded was terrible, damn you Rob and Amber!

    Then finally, the race to the finish was close between the second, third and the fourth place teams. I was very satisfied with the outcome and may the best be with Uchenna and Joyce on the finals. Overall, outstanding episode with a very satisfying outcome.moreless
  • Merideth & Gretchen proves that being old really dosen't matter!

    Even though they finish in fourth place, these senior citizens prove that being old really dosen't matter. Sure Gretchen's voice got a little irritating but that is perhaps her personality. These two I fell in love with. Because they were the underdogs as well as fan faves. Along with Uchenna and Joyce, who want a family desparately. I think these two really had heart and soul though they looked physically weak. They played it until the end. Way to go for these two!!moreless
  • As Kelly convulses without her makeup, Rob and Amber use the Yield on a team and the Old Folks get an elimination long past due. Plus, some spinning religious guys get a lot of attention.moreless

    As Kelly convulses without her makeup, Rob and Amber use the Yield on a team and the Old Folks get an elimination long past due. Plus, some spinning religious guys get a lot of attention.


    Previously on The Amazing Race 7...Lugging around Travelocity Traveling Gnomes, the teams flew to Istanbul, Turkey (the only city built over two continents), where the losers became the winners. In the non-elimination leg, Ron and Kelly got non-eliminated and won a $20,000 trip to anywhere in the world. They also got to spend the night at a fancy hotel in order to “pick out their trip.” We all know they picked out their trip (Hong Kong, anyone?) but what else did they do in that hotel? Probably not what we’re all thinking…both of them are still pissy in this leg. Unless one of the two is just really bad at that. You never know. Cue freaky heads-turning-at-the-same-time opening theme song.

    Freaky Spinning Religious Guys:

    The leg starts off immediately after the credits, with Uchenna and Joyce dashing out of the 9th pit stop in this race around the world. Meredith and Gretchen soon follow (My sister thought that Gretchen read “One leg has zero” and then said “Hopefully it’s not us.” It was funny because we can all imagine seeing her do that.) , and they all arrive at this Dervish place, where these five guys in dresses are spinning around like they’re in a coma. That’s honestly the best way I can describe it. It was absolutely hilarious, and every time they came on screen, I laughed until I cried. Phil said it was their religion, but I don’t really care. I can laugh at people’s religion if I want to…who the hell spins like they’re dead to please Jesus? My mom was like “I guess they have to keep their eyes closed. They’d get dizzy and puke all over the place.” And then my sister tried to spin like they did, but she knocked over a lamp and almost broke it. So excuse me if I forget to write something into this review.

    Romber and Relly (okay…that doesn’t really work) leave next, almost simultaneously, and Kelly, who’s now poor, tries to ask a drunk for some money. Then she asks another guy for money, who asks where they were from. I would have liked to see him be like “I hate Americans!” and like, chucked his coffee at the beauty queen, but we all know that wouldn’t happen unless they were in France. Or Canada…those people are pretty angry. On the way to the Dervish place, Amber says to the camera, “We have no idea what a Dervish is.” Rob, with wishful thinking, hopes, “A topless woman?”

    Fly to London:

    Once they’re done with the spinning guys, the teams are instructed to fly to London, England. Meredith helps Ron and Kelly out by slipping them a few bills (hey, Ron did give Meredith money in a previous leg, so it’s only fair) and Kelly asks someone else for some charity – she borrows the lipstick of a woman who works at one of the airport counters. Anyway, Rob & Amber and Rob & Kelly do some snooping around and find a second flight other than the direct flight the other two teams are on, and they take it, even though they are only on standby to the connecting flight. That makes those two teams fly to Frankfort, Germany (both get onto the connector), leaving Uchenna & Joyce and Meredith & Gretchen two hours behind, flying directly from Istanbul to London. Once in the city, Ron says what all of us are thinking: “Thank God we’re in a country where people actually speak English.”

    On the train, Romber finds another attention-hungry foreigner to help them out, this time a man by the name of Stuart. The three of them and Ron and Kelly make their way to a big glass box thing that kinda looks like a ferris wheel. They all easily find the flag on a hotel, and shortly after, they arrive at the Detour. But first, Meredith & Gretchen and Uchenna & Joyce complete their spinning dome of doom challenge, where Gretchen lets out a long “Oh Gaaad,” because she sucks at finding stuff, like that detour with the boxes.


    In “Brains” teams must solve a series of riddles to get to their next clue. Romber and Relly go for this one, and after collecting a hat, a pipe, a magnifying glass, and looking at the three naked men of Haversmith (Amber claims, “I might be the only one who enjoys that.” I wouldn’t be too sure. Stuart looks kinda shady. If you know what I mean.) Rob and Amber finish the detour, which leads them to a Sherlock Holmes museum and a creep dressed in Sherlock Holmes garb, first, and are told to go to the Roadblock. Ron and Kelly also finish fast.

    In “Brawn” teams must carry five boats up a road and unload them at this thing. The two remaining teams choose to complete this task, even though Meredith and Gretchen hardly have much brawn. Then again, Amber doesn’t have too much brains, so I guess I can underestimate some people. But not the Old Folks. Uchenna tries to help them because they’re really nice people, but apparently one of the rules of The Amazing Race is that you can help other teams. Has that ever been violated before now? Gretchen urges Uchenna away, and he and Joyce get the job done with Meredith and Gretchen not too far behind. Oh, when they finish, my mom says to me, “I feel bad for Meredith because…” he looks like he’s going to have a heart attack. My sister tries to finish mom’s sentence with, “…he has to put up with Gretchen.” Yeah, that too.


    At the Roadblock, one member of each team must drive a Double-Decker bus through an obstacle course without hitting any cones. If they do hit a cone, they have to start the entire course over again, which can take several minutes. At this point, there is also the last Yield of the competition, so Rob and Amber take advantage of it by using it on Ron and Kelly and forcing them to wait for a predetermined period of time. It takes Rob one hour and four attempts to complete the challenge, because, in his words, “It’s haaaad.” They jet out of there as fast as they can in order to avoid Ron and Kelly, who come in right behind them, obviously pissed that the Yield has been used against them. Kelly draws a goatee, devil horns and other middle school forms of defamation of character on Romber’s picture, excusing her actions by saying, “The Devil made me do it.” Kelly does not complete her roadblock until after the other two teams arrive, but finishes on her 7th attempts, before Joyce and Meredith (who passed on his 7th attempt). However, before the three of them actually complete the task, yelling and cursing ensue, as well as some “let’s pick on chicks” attitude from Ron (“It’s like teaching women how to drive.”) and spazzing out on Joyce’s end (I can’t understand what the hell you’re saying.) Thankfully, Uchenna hears her loud and clear. “She’s doing better when I shut my mouth,” he tells the home audience.

    The Pit Stop:

    Rob and Amber, who finished the roadblock first, check into the pit stop, Potter’s Field Park, first, winning a home entertainment system for themselves. Total reality show winnings so far: Probably around 2.5 million dollars. Kelly and Ron come in second place, and Uchenna and Joyce finish third, leaving Meredith and Gretchen in a disappointing (for them) last place, causing their elimination. The most successful old couple in the history of The Amazing Race ends their run with “We’ve had more than a million dollars worth of memories and experiences. It was a totally incredible experience.” So sweet.

    Oh, I just wanna take this time right now to apologize for some things I’ve said in this review and other reviews in the past. Meredith and Gretchen, I’m sorry that I said that you were old and useless. You’re not useless…just old. I like other old people, just not those you yell “Oh Gaaaad” every five minutes. Stuart, I’m sorry that I insinuated that you were gay. You’re only an attention-needy Englishman, that’s all. Rob and Amber, I’m sorry that I called you stupid. Rob, you’re really not that stupid. Just brush up on some vocabulary (gnome, Dervish, banana) and you’re an A-plus kind of guy. Amber…stop clinging to hated people. It’s not an attractive quality. Ron, I’m sorry that I said that you talk about the army too much. You were in the army, so you should talk about it. A lot. But work harder on keeping your commitments. And stop using that damn “I was a POW” excuse to make things easier for yourself. Joyce, I’m sorry that I made fun of you when you shaved your head and you cried. Leader of India, I’m sorry that I called your country “dirty.” But it could use a good scrub down, in my opinion. Phil, I’m sorry that I called you creepy and insinuated that you were gay for saying stuff about the “fashion police.” Lynn and Alex, I’m sorry that you’re gay. Meredith, I’m sorry for making fun of you because your mother thought you were a chick. Okay, now I’m done. Glad to get that off my chest.

    Next time on…The Amazing Race 7

    Rob and Amber get pulled over by a copper. Uchenna and Joyce get a flat tire and then Joyce cries some more. Ron and Kelly start crying too because they’ve got a sucky relationship. And it looks like Kelly wipes her tears away with a tampon. Find out if that’s the truth on next week’s Two-Hour Amazing Race 7 Finale!

    -Adam Polaski

    I know I rock. But if I forgot to mention someone in my list of apologies, please email me at And if you’re apologizing to me right now for not requesting to be added to my mailing list, you can make up for it with the same address. Or, if you don’t wanna miss my review of the finale, tell me, and I’ll make sure you don’t. Have a good week, and happy racing! Happy racing…? I need to stop smoking

Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Rob Mariano

Rob Mariano

Runner Up with Amber (Season Seven)

Amber Brkich

Amber Brkich

Runner Up with Rob (Season Seven)

Uchenna Agu

Uchenna Agu

Winner with Joyce (Season Seven)

Joyce Agu

Joyce Agu

Winner with Uchenna (Season Seven)

Meredith Smith (II)

Meredith Smith (II)

Eliminated 8th with Gretchen (Season Seven)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Roadblock: One member from each team had to drive a double-decker bus through a marked course without hitting any cones. If the team hit any cones, the bus had to go back to the beginning of the course and start over. Rob, Kelly, Joyce and Meredith completed this Detour.

    • The teams finished in the following order:
      #1. Rob and Amber. (Prize: Home Entertainment System, Courtesy JVC)
      #2. Ron and Kelly.
      #3. Uchenna and Joyce.
      #4. Meredith and Gretchen. (ELIMINATED)

    • Yield: The Yield was made available for the final time in this episode. This time, Rob and Amber decided to use it on Ron and Kelly, forcing them to flip an hourglass and wait an amount of time. Both Fast Forwards were made available and used in previous legs.

    • Balance Sheet: Rob and Amber move up from third to first. Ron and Kelly move up from fourth to second. Uchenna and Joyce move down from first to third. Meredith and Gretchen move down from second to last and are eliminated.

    • Joyce makes a comment that they need to take a direct flight because "anything can happen to a connecting flight." Ironically they were eliminated on All-Stars because they missed their connecting flight.

    • Detour:
      Rob/Amber and Ron/Kelly chose "Brains", where they had to solve a series of three riddles which would lead them to 221B Baker Street, home of fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes.
      Uchenna/Joyce and Meredith/Gretchen chose "Brawn", where they went to Battersea Park and had to transport five, 160 lb. boats 500 yds and stack them.

    • Rob/Amber and Ron/Kelly took an earlier flight from Istanbul to Frankfurt, then on to London. Uchenna/Joyce and Meredith/Gretchen took a later, direct flight to London.

  • QUOTES (24)

  • NOTES (1)

    • Footage of Ron and Kelly's stay during the 12-hour mandatory rest period at a first-class suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Turkey to use their $20,000 at was shown during the "Previously on..." segment even though their stay was not shown in the previous episode.


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