The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 2

The Sprint Of Our Life

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2011 on CBS
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The teams depart from the National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine in Taipei, Taiwan, and travel to Yogyakarta, Indonesia with the knowledge that a double-elimination awaits at the Pit Stop. A Roadblock makes racers spelunk into Goa Jomblang to find a mask and dagger to trade for the next clue, which Bill and Cathi have to await to do when confronted with their Speed Bump. The Detour gives everyone a choice to either "Shake Their Money Maker" by dancing and playing music in the streets for donations, or "Be a Ticket Taker" by parking rider's motorbikes. However, following directions when giving their earnings to an orphanage in exchange for the Pit Stop proves tricky for most, leading to a scramble to check in at Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat.


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  • jennifer needs an attitude adjustment

    justin asked one simple question and she just goes ballistic on him... WOW poor guy.

    i'd say control freak but she didn't want to make any choices instead verbally beating her poor brother into submission which i sense is a pattern in their lives..

    i have to question the reasoning behind them teaming could possibly be in contention for worst team drama ever...

    about the orphans a big red framed notice sits on the table.. now i know some americans are stupid and wrongly assume stuff but 8 teams ? either thinking it's just orphanage info, the name of the place, a thank you note or some opening times but either teams where in a rush they wanted to be in and out as if they didn't care about the children only their race positions and of course on the trips back to the pits stop most start crying or getting even clearly looked at the table as if to check but nothing much registered..

    and of course jen starts whinging about running... and her blank stupid face as phil tells her to go back, like she was thinking 'oh no you dint'

    jen reminds me of kisha and her team mate...moreless
  • Very intense leg, but very good

    Oh my goodness. What a leg.. .What a leg.

    The second leg was a definite improvement over the premiere for sure. This was one for the ages!

    I'm disappointed in Ron & Bill'selimination. I really enjoyed them, the best male couple in the race. Ethan & Jenna, I couldn't care less really. They were both a little insulting towards other teams. However, I felt that the first elimination on this leg should have gone to Justin & Jennifer... Seriously.

    Indonesia provided some interesting sights, and they were quite nice, but Asia is always my least favorite continent to be visited on the race, so it is better they go travelling west. Indonesia is definitely one of the nicest countries in all of Asia, and the Road Block was quite nice to watch. Teams climbing that ladder, although they didn't really show enough of it. The Detour gave mixed feelings from me, so I wont go into the tasks too much. I would have done the second task, personally. The Money task just seemed a little too unfair, and lacking in design compared to more recent seasons.

    What came after that was where it just started to shape into the 'dumb' aspects of majority of this season's cast.

    Teams got to that orphanage and forgot to read the critical piece of information lying on the table, which led to some strange positioning ranks this leg, but very exciting.

    It was great in many ways, as it completely changed the order of check in. The double-elimination and who received it was a shocker.

    The race really needed to get back to the 'brains' power, not so much the 'brawn'. Well done for Andy & Tommy for first place, Lawrence & Zac for second, Jeremy & Sandy for sixth (my team in the pool), and Bill & Cathi, who I hope are not eliminated anytime soon.

    Like I already mentioned, I was disappointed to see Ron & Bill out so soon. Really was keen to see them accelerate through the race. Ethan & Jenna are gone, who cares?

    I am now supporting Jeremy & Sandy, Andy & Tommy, Laurence & Zac, Kaylani & Lisa and Bill & Cathi. Liz & Marie and Anani & Marcus are currently neutral on my list while the only team I (sort of) have a problem with is Justin & Jennifer, who continuously bicker and babble.

    Aside that,

    Can't wait for next week. Great leg, very suspenseful, but mainly because of the end.

  • Trickier challenges, that seek to change the face of Amazing Race...

    Nice episode, didn't much cared for the surroundings (I'm still stuck in the incredible frost atmosphere in Switzerland), however the tasks seemed a bit tricky, just like the previous episode, especially the Orphanage one...I think it's to act as a deterrant against mechanicality...I used to think AR was all about being a fit, in shape, working out person, but now it's a bit changing...One needs to embrace a lot more the detailist part of the challenge, and analyze every little element, otherwise it can happen what did in this episode with Jenna and Ethan...They were a good team, with a good change on Final Three, and due to not paying attention they go home...If in the previous review I was saying how two eliminations in one Leg of the Race was improper, I am starting to think that it may be a good idea, at least in the begining of each Season...Yes, there is the risk that good teams may go, but also of teams who can't keep up have the bigger chance of being removed.moreless
  • Have you met Dumb & Dumber & Even Dumber... (Spoilers ahead!!!)

    This was an episode that was most certainly unique from any other, as it was littered with eight teams performing the exact same mistake.

    First up, I loved the idae of the Double Elimination - obviously not to have it every season, but I like the idea of surprising teams with a Double Elimination every so often.

    The Roadblock in this leg was very fascinating, as teams were forced to undertake a really fun looking challenge which also tested their fear of heights! It looked very fun, and also quite challenging - particularly with the bamboo ladder!

    The Detour was less impressive, in my books - I thought it was quite boring in all honesty. I would've done the 'Money Maker' option, and I definitely would've sat their and banged and played that instrument, while my team member was forced to dance and earn tips. Liz & Marie seemed to do well, here.

    As for the Orphanage, it goes without saying that this was one of the worst mistakes (or series of mistakes) ever seen on the show. Eight out of eleven teams failed to read the instruction!s I was amazed that so many of them failed a simpel task of donating money.

    Congrats to the three who did manage to prevail - Andy & Tommy, Laurence & Zac and Kaylani & Lisa. It least three teams learnt how to read.

    I can't wait for next week - especially as everyone currently has no cash to their names! It should be very exciting to see how much cash Phil is gonna give 'em, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

    All up, an interesting episode. I like every team that is still in the race, and neither elimination today was overly upsetting.

    Keep it up, TAR, and I can't wait for next week!moreless
  • Fantastic episode! Also very intense, since there's so much changing in placements throughout the episode.

    I loved this installment of The Amazing Race 19. I'm loving it so far.

    I think Bill & Cathi and Liz & Marie showed their strongness in this episode (even if both teams failed at the Orphanage). They were the last two teams in the last episode and at one point, they were the first two teams in this leg. I wish that they didn't make the Orphanage mistake and Liz & Marie or Bill & Cathi could have gotten first place.

    Bill & Cathi impressed me so much. Their last leg was a disaster, and they're really lucky to have been saved. They arrived at the Roadblock in 1st, however their Speed Bump occurred there. They finish their speed bump and started the Roadblock around 5th. However Bill was somehow faster than the other teams and Bill & Cathi finished in 1st! They both arrived at the Detour in 2nd, which is still awesome! They finished the Detour in 2nd or 3rd (I forgot). They got to the Orphanage at 2nd but did not follow the rule which was give their money/possessions to the orphanage! Oh my!!! They could have gotten a 1st place finish if they had followed the rule! They could have made an amazing accomplishment of starting the leg all the way in 11th, complete a Speed Bump, and arrive the pit stop in the front with 1st! I know Jet & Cord did this already, but Bill & Cathi's win (if it happened) would have been better.

    I was actually happy with the 2 teams eliminated at the end, which were Ethan & Jenna and Ron & Bill. I wish that Justin & Jennifer were eliminated, but hopefully they are out next!

    Ernie & Cindy are starting to annoy me so much, well actually only Cindy. She seems to freak out so quickly and doesn't remain calm.

    Congratulations to Andy & Tommy, Laurence & Zac, and Kaylani & Lisa for being the smartest of this leg... LOL. I was surprised Kaylani & Lisa were smart enough to actually READ the sign. I found it funny when Phil said they are the 10th team to arrive, but instead they are Team #3, boy that's good luck!

    I think that Laurence & Zac and Jeremy & Sandy have gotten the least amount of screentime so far. Andy & Tommy come quite close, but they won the leg, and such-and-such.

    The only team I didn't mention so far is Amani & Marcus, I also believe they did not get a good amount of screentime so far.

    My favorites are: Bill & Cathi, Liz & Marie, Jeremy & Sandy, Laurence & Zac, Andy & Tommy, and Amani & Marcus.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The eleven teams checked into the second Pit Stop at the Kraton Palace in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in the following order:

      1. Andy & Tommy (Prize: Trip to Ireland)
      2. Laurence & Zac
      3. Kaylani & Lisa
      4. Ernie & Cindy
      5. Liz & Marie
      6. Jeremy & Sandy
      7. Bill & Cathi
      8. Justin & Jennifer
      9. Amani & Marcus
      10. Ethan & Jenna (Eliminated)
      11. Ron & Bill (Eliminated)

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Ernie: Jenna, she seems very nice, but she has, kinda, like that 'medusa eye' thing going on where you can't really trust her so much.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Phil Keoghan (@PhilKeoghan) live-tweeted during the East Coast airing of the episode. He commented that Goa Jomblang (which racers spelunked into at the Roadblock) reminded him of the Lost World caves in New Zealand, which were featured during the second season of the Race.
      He also admitted that while there have been times he's been glad to eliminate certain teams, "that was not the case 2night."

    • This episode was delayed 22 minutes in some broadcast markets due to an overrun of the Broncos/Packers football game.

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: October 6, 2011 on Channel Seven
      Sweden: February 17, 2013 on TV6


    • Running through Jakarta International Airport, Marcus yelled "I feel like O.J.," followed by a leap, referring to O.J. Simpson's commercials for Hertz rental cars, the most famous of which aired in the mid-1970s and featured him running through an airport terminal and jumping over obstacles to get to the rental car counter.

    • Marcus commented, "I know how you feel, Big Easy," referring to half of the Race team of Flight Time and Big Easy, who teamed first in season 15 and later in season 18's "Unfinished Business".