The Amazing Race

Season 22 Episode 9

The Ultimate Fun House

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 2013 on CBS

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  • Outstanding episode with many twists

    This is definitely one of the show's greatest episodes to date. It has everything the perfect TAR leg should add, and not to mention the non-elimination leg was unpredictable for this leg.

    The five remaining teams raced from Switzerland to Dresden then eventually Berlin, Germany for a very tough episode of The Amazing Race. It was a very good leg and I enjoyed the Ford product placement. The Roadblock was dark but undeniably fantastic. The Detour was my favorite part of the episode, with the carrying of those letters. I liked the other side of the Detour as well.

    Overall terrific leg and definitely the best of TAR22.
  • i wonder if the maze creator loves saw movies a little too much..

    team youtube need to be locked away in a mental institute their behaviour is just wrong on all levels of jeff is still a total goof i wish i could slap a very heavy ..

    other wise yawn nothing really needs except the roller derby moms are still in !!! woohoo !!

    i haven't really been paying attention to this season.. cos no one really seems worth watching.

    i'm rooting for max n katie, the roller derby moms, the hockey players, everyone else can rot in hell i'll let you peeps guess which team is first in line...
  • Exceeded my expectations!

    The preview of this episode didn't look exciting but I did really enjoye it! Night legs are generally great for me and this one followed that trend.

    The Detour was awesome! There is something so cool about carrying giant neon letters! I don't know why! The trains thing was cool too.

    The Roadblock was a great concept and an awesome maze! It didn't look too great on TV, but it would be nicer to see in person.

    Overall, very good leg! The Ford product placement fortunately did not eat away too much time and was more tolerable than the last couple of seasons.