The Amazing Race

Season 17 Episode 9

There's a Lot of Nuts and Bullets

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 21, 2010 on CBS
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The five remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Al Alam Palace in Oman and fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Informed there's a Double U-Turn ahead, teams know if they're not quick they may have to do both Detour choices offered after completing a sugarcane-pressing task at Sundorban Square Supermarket: ensuring 30 deckhands get a "Balanced Meal" by delivering tiffins via boat, or using their heads to deliver 100 "Balanced Bricks" to a local shop. A Roadblock at Nazira Bazaar makes racers properly assemble a cycle rickshaw. Successfully putting it together yields the clue to the Pit Stop at Lalbagh Fort.moreless

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  • Teams become enemies in this leg of the race

    What can I say? This leg which sent the teams to Dhaka, Bangladesh was a terrific one. About the same level of quality as the last two episodes. As a reviewer below has posted, the tasks this leg weren't that great, but the new DOUBLE U-TURN twist was a shocker, and I was very satisfied in terms of how it was used and by whom.

    I love Nat & Kat and Brooke & Claire at this point of the race, and seeing Brooke & Claire get u-turned by Jill & Thomas put me at the edge of my seat, but it was really Chad & Stephanie who got the worst luck and were ultimately sent home in a shock elimination this leg. Another team this season drops from first to dead last and out of the race.

    Overall, Bangladesh was just OK and the Detour was on the average side but I enjoyed the shift this leg and how the useful the U-Turn came into play.

    Good leg, and excited for the next leg.moreless
  • finally u turns for more than one team !

    To the other reviews 'agreeing' on u turns being pointless.. the teams DON'T KNOW where the other teams are unless they are ahead or litterally standing behind them...

    so their comment is actually as stupid as they are them was proven in a previous season i think it when someone u turned a team who was ahead of them. ( i think a new marker that does affect teams ahead of you should be implemented)

    you are commenting as a viewer who has the benefit of watching all teams but thinking out side the box you realise the teams DON'T HAVE THAT have to guess where they are...

    good ep i do agree jill and thomas should leave next or soon or not win a bit douchey...

    i have warmed up to brook and claire so either them are nat/kat would be my best winners.moreless
  • The race gets seriosu!

    This is the week where the race really heated up and intensified, which was a relief, because the actual leg in itself was not a good one.

    Visiting Bangladesh (for the first time ever) was nice to see, and I highly enjoyed watching that! However, one half of hthe Detour (Balanced Meal) was pretty lame.

    The frantic flight scenes were aweomse to witness! There isn't enough flight scrambling these days, so it was nice to have that for a change.

    The U-Turn was intense. I beleive that Jill & Thomsa made a critical error in selecting Brook & Claire to U-Turn instead of Nat & Kat, who have been the more dominant team.

    Thankfully, Chad & Stephanie were sent home, leaving a very good Final Four. The Road Block was cool, and it was an exciting and different challenge.

    Keep it up, TAR, and Ican't wait to see how the seventeenth instalment will pan itself out!moreless
  • The producers attempt to create drama with a Double U-Turn, but it doesn't work because the teams this season are really nice!

    I agree with what Nick & Vicki said, "The U-Turn's pretty pointless because you're already ahead". I definitely agree! Jill & Thomas should have heard that, because U-Turning someone who's 9 hours behind you, really?!? Also, they U-Turned an all-female team, Brook & Claire. Again, REALLY?!?

    1st Place: Jill & Thomas - Ever since you both got the first flight, you guys are first place already for this leg. But, like I said, U-Turning someone behind you, WAY behind you? You have no common sense! I hope you both don't win.

    2nd Place: Nick & Vicki - For once you both aren't "dumb". Your opinion was actually very true about U-Turning someone way behind you. Also there was another time you both weren't "dumb". You both managed to get another earlier flight, that was smart for you! Also, 2nd is your best finish!

    3rd Place: Nat & Kat - Great! I want you both to win! There's never anything bad to say about you both! I want you both to be the first all-female team to ever win! You also both did all that traveling for nothing.

    4th Place: Brook & Claire - I'm very happy with you girls! You survived elimination and made chances higher of an all-female team to win!

    Last Place: Chad & Stephanie - I thought you were going to be nicer to your soon-to-be wife, but you still yell at her. Also, instead of managing to get an earlier flight, Chad wants a burger? Really?!? During a race? You have no common sense.moreless
  • Was it me or this leg was a bit too short and too easy?

    So to be precise I found this leg not as long as the others...Maybe it was due to the fact that the flight to Bangladesh was pretty long or maybe the Amazing Race crew overestimated the difficulty of the challenges..

    The funniest aspect was seeing these guys letting their girlfriends do the mechanical

    So this challenge was won/lost on the airport, the teams getting the first plan winning...It was really interesting to see the teams, not pursuing this further, not enquiring for a sooner plane.. Or Chad and Stephanie remaining to about over confidence...

    All in all this episode didn't showed a lot of difficulty because if you think about last two seasons, when the team who got U-turned even got eliminated because the other challenge was too brutal...

    However this new approach where every team has a chance to win...I love this aspect.moreless

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