The Amazing Race

Season 3 Episode 11

They're Slithering to the Finish Line Like the Rest of Us!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 18, 2002 on CBS
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The globe-trotting reality series concludes its third edition as the final three teams dash to the finish line and attempted to claim the $1 million first-place prize. "We've been extremely lucky now for the third time to create a great finish," says host Phil Keoghan of this leg of the race. "You're going to see teams at the highest highs and the lowest lows." The final leg of the 41,000-mile race begins in Vietnam. The teams then make their way to Hawaii and finally to Seattle, Washington.moreless

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  • Flo won the million?! Why am I surprised?

    After 4 Continents, 13 countries and 40,000 miles Flo Presenti and Zach WON this season of The Amazing Race and took home the $1 million prize! Congratulations to them even though Flo found the game very challenging and at a few points decided to give up but she kept going all the way to the end taking home their victory. If Zach hadn't been there, they would have been out ages ago.

    In this two-hour season finale, three final teams went across Vietnam, Hawaii and throughout Seattle. I fairly enjoyed this final. It probably wasn't suspenseful as final episodes from more recent seasons but I'm very satisfied with the outcome. Really, Flo did get on my nerves but despite that, I wanted them to win. Teri and Ian were great as well along with Ken and Gerard. All three teams did perform extremely well on this season and it's what made it a great deal better...

    The Detour task in Hawaii was nice, the Vietnamese leg was alright, but the thirteenth leg was wicked, suspenseful and just, a great ending to a great season.

    Overall, I'd rate this season 8.4/10 Great. It was better than the first two seasons and deserves the credit. Each season just seems to be better than the one prior to it.

    The non-elimination legs were placed at unpredictable positions which gave Season 3 the advantage and certainly the best locations. Great season, basically Flo and Zach win! I guess they sort of deserved it, but for some unknown reason, I wanted them to win since the final leg began.moreless
  • The Best of Zach, Worst of Flo

    Man, what a wild finish. Mostly because of Flo and Ian. Ian got more obnoxious, and Flo became more annoying. In the end, Flo and Zach get to the finish line first. I'm happy for Zach, he should get the million dollars all to himself. Flo had a major breakdown while trying to paddle a boat, and the brokedown again while trying to pedal a bike. Then she had a third breakdown when finding out she had to ride a 24 hour train trip. Yeesh. Ken and Gerrard deserved to win. Pretty good for a team who used the fast forward in the first leg. They were able to keep calm throughout the whole trip. It wasn't as intense as the Season 2 finish, but it was still good. Congrats on Teri and Ian for holding up all the way to the finish.moreless
  • Not any easier to watch the second time around...

    I recently re-watched this season as it re-aired on GSN. Going into it, I knew that Flo and Zach were going to win. I have watched nearly all of TAR seasons, and this is one of the few seasons were I immediately remember (regretfully) who won. Only this time, watching this episode was even more aggravating knowing that despite all of Flo's whining and crying, she was going to win in the end!! I don't doubt that the race presents challenges that are extremely taxing, but let's remember that the end result is potentially a million dollars! Zach deserves a medal (if not the million dollars) for putting up with Flo for 30+ days and never telling her once to shut up or just let her give up. I can't believe he never lost it with her. There have been many seasons of TAR where my favorite didn't win, but this one was probably the most infuriating!moreless
  • A surprise result!

    After struggling through most of the last few legs, Zack and Flo somehow pulled a result out of the bag and crossed the finish line first. Thank goodness for airport equalisers!

    Zack must be a saint for not having left Flo behind in that river in Vietnam. I hope she spends some of her $500K on counselling, because she is seriously a mental case.

    In summary: Despite Flo and Zack's time handicap, all three teams end up on the same train to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to catch their plane to Hawaii. Teri and Ian end up on a later plane due to pfaffing around at the airport, but catch up most of the time when the first plane is delayed. A quick visit to a kahuna then on to Seattle. The teams are neck and neck as they charge around the city on foot and in taxis, first to a fountain, then to a park containing a totem pole task. It seems that the final placings come down simply to who's lucky enough to snare a taxi quickly, which is disappointing, after a competitive race. I wish that Ken and Gerrard had won. They were really good value. Unfortunately, Ian's and Flo's behaviour throughout the race turned me off their respective teams.moreless
  • Darn, anyways, this is the last episode of season 3. Basicaly, FLO AND ZACH WON!

    Darn, I wanted Teri and Ian to win, they deserved money more than anyone. The've been second-to-last on the first episode of this season. But look, the survived to the top 3!! They're the oldest people to reach that far. I think they are so cool!!! But, Zach and flo won, I hate them because Flo is such a whiner. She just quits when the chances are being back fired by them. Flo wanted to quit after she thought the team got elimanated, but too bad, it was a non-elimating leg. So boohoo to them.....But i'm glad Teri and Ian made it that far. SO WOOOHOOO!!!!!!!!moreless
Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Dennis Hyde

Dennis Hyde

Eliminated 3rd with Andrew (Season Three)

Andrew Hyde

Andrew Hyde

Eliminated 3rd with Dennis (Season Three)

Derek Riker

Derek Riker

Eliminated 9th with Drew (Season Three)

Drew Riker

Drew Riker

Eliminated 9th with Derek (Season Three)

Teri Pollack

Teri Pollack

Runner Up with Ian (Season Three)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Flo is the first female contestant on The Amazing Race to be a member of the winning team. In addition, Flo and Zach were the first co-ed to win the race.

    • The teams finished in the following order in the first leg of this episode:

      #1. Teri and Ian. (Prize: 7 Night Alaskan Vacation)
      #2. Ken and Gerard.
      #3. Flo and Zach.

      The teams finished in the following order in the second leg of this episode:

      #1. Flo and Zach.
      #2. Teri and Ian.
      #3. Ken and Gerard.

    • Teri and Ian are the only team this season who never arrived at a Pit Stop or the finish line last, with the exception of Heather and Eve, who, when they were eliminated, arrived in first, but were eliminated due to a time penalty.

    • Balance Sheet 2: Flo and Zach move up from third to first. Teri and Ian move down from first to second. Ken and Gerard move down from second to last.

    • Balance Sheet 1: Teri and Ian remain in first. Ken and Gerard move up from third to second. Flo and Zach move down from second to last but are not eliminated.

    • Zach and Flo were the youngest team to ever win The Amazing Race. Alex, Megan and Tommy Linz would later beat them in Season 8. However, this was the Family Edition, where the age limit was lower than normal. Zach and Flo still remain the youngest team to win the normal race as of the program's eleventh season.

    • Teri and Ian and Ken and Gerard were the only teams in the third season of The Amazing Race to not check in at a Pit Stop in last place. However, Ken and Gerard did reach the Finish Line in last place.

    • There were no Fast Forwards on both legs of this finale. All three teams have already used their one and only Fast Forward.

    • Detour::

      (Leg 12: Vietnam)

      Flo/Zach chose "Basket Boats," where they had to paddle a basket boat across a river to their next clue. They also became the first team ever to quit both Detour tasks, returning to, and eventually completing, their initial choice. Ken/Gerard and Teri/Ian chose "Basket Bikes," where they had to ride bikes carrying a large number of woven baskets one mile to their next clue.

      (Leg 13: Hawaii)

      All teams chose "Quick Drop," where they rode in a harness 160' down to the water below to retrieve their next clue from near a waterfall. The other option was "Slow Walk," where teams would have walked along a rugged trail to the clue box.

    • Roadblock:

      (Leg 12: Vietnam)

      In the first leg, one team member had to use a fishing platform to raise a fishing net out of the water with the clue dangling underneath. Ian, Zach and Gerard completed this Roadblock.

      (Leg 13: Seattle, Washington)

      The Roadblock in the second leg was that one team member had to spin animal faces on a totem pole to show the chronological order they appeared in the race. The animals are donkey, dolphin, horse, goat and manatee. When the animals were in the correct order, the mouth at the bottom of the totem pole would spit out their next clue. Zach, Ian and Gerard completed this final Roadblock.

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