The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 4

This Is Gonna Be A Fine Mess

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2011 on CBS
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The eight remaining teams depart from the Borobudur Temple in Indonesia and fly to Phuket, Thailand. Directed to Nonthasak Marina, a Detouroffers a choice of fighting either strong currents to do a reef-building "Coral Reconstruction" project or strong winds to set up chairs and umbrellas as part of a "Beach Restoration" project. Completion awards a token to be used to help teams locate the Roadblock at Koh Yao Noi Island, where racers must climb a steep cliff to retrieve a clue from a bird nest. It directs teams to the Pit Stop, a tiny soccer field on the floating fishing village of Koh Panyi.


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  • underwater tasks have a health n safety issue to be considered..

    scuba diving at least requires a 24-48 hour recovery period before flying due to blood oxygen levels and air pressure.. it is VERY BAD for your health to fly sooner. i think it's like the 'benz'

    i'm not sure if snorkling is the same but i guess it best to be safe than sorry.

    yeah i agree with the bordem factor after the unviel of yet another rock climb task i tuned out..

    as for the wind on the beach no one thought to not open the umbrella's once they were up ? to avoid the wind blowing them over ? or heck sticking them deeper in the sand ? bunch of idiot wimps !

    i wonder if the teams who failed the coral tasks used the right parts ?

    and i laugh but hate it when people mis pronounce best was team blonde twins 'bucket' wow...

  • Great Detour, but a letdown with the rest of the episode. (Spoilers ahead, catuion!)

    This was a decent TAR episode, and the Detour was definitely the best aspect of hthis episode, and the best of all the Detours this season so far.

    I thought the 'Coral Reconstruction' was really difficult, and I loved how teams helped. It was interesting that last week's leaders arrived last in Phuket, but there was a catch-up point anyway.

    'Beach Prepartiaion' would've been my option for sure - but the wind made this one just as impossible to do! I loved how nature interefered with both challenges and made it impossible!

    Andy & Tommy's win was predictable, especially after a Roadlblock in which none of the teams other than Amani and Jeremy were seen participating at the same time. I really like Andy & Tommy, but it's getting kinda dull watching them continuously come up on top.

    With regards to the others, gereat oto see Justin & Jennifer step it up, and great to see Jeremy & Sandy staying well in the Top Three, especially as j19000 has them in the pool, and I really like them! I was happy to see Jeremy & Sandy get a bit more screen time today!

    I'm disappointed with Amani & Marcus's finish. They are definitely my #1 favourites, and haven't performed spectacularly oso far. Same can be said for Bill & Cathi, and Liz & Marie, but I was thrilled with the non-elimination leg today! Great news for the girls, especially as they are mine in the pool!

    So, to sum up, great Detour, boring Roadblock, soem very predictable finishes, predictable non-elimination leg, but I have to say again, I raeally did love the Detour!

    Hoping for some more excitment in the Thai capital next week!moreless
  • Worst leg yet (this leg and the following leg were planned at the last minute). SPOILERS AHEAD

    To me it was boring. I heard this and the next leg were planned at the last minute. That explains why it was sorta boring.

    Anyway, I will review this episode by the placements of each team.

    Andy & Tommy - Oh my gosh! A third win in a row! I like how you guys are cool and are not even trying to get first. However, I don't want you guys winning another leg xD

    Justin & Jennifer - I'm starting to become a fan of them lol.

    Jeremy & Sandy - They finally got actual screentime in this episode. They were shown to have relationship problems, and I hope they are just minor because I like this team. Or maybe their fights can be funny lol. They were lucky to jump to third this leg.

    Laurence & Zac - Not much to say about this team, they're probably one of my least favorites left.

    Ernie & Cindy - Not much to say about this team either. I'm glad they didn't eat as much of the screentime for the past legs xD.

    Amani & Marcus - Lost their third place for getting lost. I'm a fan of them.

    Bill & Cathi - I can tell they are leaving soon, I wish they can place higher than 7th!

    Liz & Marie - I'm starting to like this team a little less. I hope they survive though.

    Boring, worst leg yet.moreless
  • Wow, this was bad. TAR really needs to step up, lazy episode

    Enough of Asia already, get over to the African continent already. This one sucked, even by my standards. Why do the non-elimination legs have to be placed on the dull legs, beats me!

    So the 8 teams departed Indonesia and raced over to Phuket, for a lazy and what felt like a last minute planned leg, just as Sabrina mentioned. I was not at once impressed with the content of this leg. Just lame, repetitive and miles off the classic TAR.

    My statement on Facebook: "They went to Phuket, Thailand for one of the dullest and lazy legs of the entire show. Fans would not be impressed, and apparently next week's episode in Bangkok is just as lame. What a filler"

    That's how I would describe it. This was an even bigger waste of time than TAR 5'spenultimateleg and all TAR 14 Thailand legs combined. None of the teams shined, including Andy & Tommy who "tried" to be funny by playing the touchy game with Laurence & Zac while they were at the airport.

    Lets talk about the challenges. Oh boyyyy. Be prepared. If it did get worse, it did. The Detour was dull, both tasks were just exceedingly uninteresting and bland. I myself would have done the kayak task, the one on the beach was just too physical, and probably a stress creator. They both were, really.

    The Roadblock was just boring, been there, done that. This episode just felt like a dumbed down version of Survivor: Thailand, which was the worst season of that series, a coincidence. Just watching the teams do the rock climb didn't do anything for me, it was just putting me to sleep.

    Location/scenery factor was actually incredibly disappointing. This was where it felt last minute in terms of planning, all the tasks were based around those islands in the same location. At no point was Phuket interesting and at no point was this leg executed well. It comes off as being one of the worst of the entire show.

    The race to the Pit Stop was ... ahem boring. Same order as last leg, no significant changes, and to top it off, it had to be a non-elimination leg. They should have kept it until next leg, Malawi. Oh wait, NO not Malawi yet.. STILL in Asia. Five legs of it in fact.

    Liz & Marie should have been eliminated, while the only other teams I care for are Andy & Tommy, Jeremy & Sandy and Bill & Cathi. What a disastrous filler episode, come on TAR, step it up!moreless

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