The Amazing Race

Season 20 Episode 6

This Is Wicked Strange

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2012 on CBS

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  • Great Fast Forward. The rest was pointless.

    As soon as I saw the beautiful green FF enveloep, I was over the moon! Two FFs in a season hasn't been seen since TAR13, and the fact that two teams competed for it made it even more epic to watch!!!

    However, the rest of the leg was dismal.

    The Roadblock was awful, really. It tested peoples' fears (and Mika of TAR15 would have quit at the sight of this task) however it provided no opportunity for any teams to overtake other teams, which is a waste of a challenge for me.

    The 'Apples' Detour was good, but not spectacular, but the 'Oil' was revolting. Absolutely disgusting and I never want to see that ever again. Yuck.

    So after 20 seasons, TAR decides to pay its first ever field trip to Azerbaijan, and the best they can come up with is being submerged underwater, finding apples and scraping crude oil. Either Azerbaijan is seriopusly boring or the TAR task designers haev lost ideas.

    O h well, this was definitely the worst episode of the season beside the FF, but hopefully my favourite conteinent - Africa - will get us moving in an uphill direction!

    Can't wait for the Brednon & Rachel vs. Ralph & Vanessa arguement (or reall y it is Vanessa vs. Rachel).