The Amazing Race

Season 20 Episode 2

You Know I'm Not As Smart As You


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The ten remaining teams depart the Argentinian Patios de Cafayate winery and head to the town square to await delivery of their next clue. The ensuing Detour gives teams the option to construct and use a solar kitchen to get a kettle to boil in "Boil My Water" or take firewood and clay via donkey to a pottery workshop in "Light My Fire". Then directed to Buenos Aires by bus, teams race to Mercado de Hacienda de Liniers upon arrival. Faced with a Roadblock, racers must take the total weight given by a cattle auctioneer and divide to get the average weight per cattle before the bidding ends. Success awards the Pit Stop location—a 200-year old rubber tree named El Gomero, that sits at the middle of La Recoleta.

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Game Show, Reality


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