The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 11

We Are Charlie Chaplin

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on CBS

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  • Amazing penultimate leg!! Spoilers ahead!!


    Thoughts on Tasks :

    I thought the comic challenge was cool. The teams messed around with their outfits. I was glad to see some kind of Route Marker task in the beginning of the leg.

    The tattoos was a good way of revealing a destination, rather then going for a clue.

    The Roadblock wasn't that interesting, but it did test racers' fears of height.

    The Detour was great. I would have gone with Filet, I was surprised 3/4 teams chose Sole, because making a scandal looks hard. Filet was just bringing food to certain places.

    The Plaza task was cool. I don't understand why Amani & Marcus lost so much time here, as it seemed pretty easy.

    Thoughts on Teams : (Ordered in Positions)

    1st: Jeremy & Sandy - So glad to see them first for once! I really want them to win in the finale, and I have more hopes for them.

    2nd: Ernie & Cindy - I still don't get why people dislike them. Sure Cindy freaks out too much about getting places first, but nothing else is bad about them. I am, however, glad they didn't win the leg.

    3rd: Amani & Marcus - I am glad they are in the finale! I really like how they are always calm, they are just like another Bill & Cathi (Oh, I miss them). I'm so rooting for them, too! I also liked how they took time in the Filet Detour.

    LAST: Andy & Tommy - Surprising elimination. I really don't get how going to that place lost a lot of time. They probably drove for more than 45 minutes, or when somewhere far. Anyway, I'm somewhat happy to see them lose, so they're not a big threat in the finale. It's nice to see luck NOT on their side for once. And they got eliminated because of THEIR mistake.

    I also find it funny taxi drivers were working together, not the teams.

    I have a feeling Jeremy & Sandy win, their "storyline" with their relationship problems starting from around Leg 4 throughout the Race, makes it look like they win. But it can be anyone.

    Overall a fantastic penultimate leg, filled with many tasks.