The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 11

We Are Charlie Chaplin

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on CBS

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  • A nice penultimate leg and a massive improvement over the last couple of legs


    This episode was a massive improvement over the previous couple of legs, and I glad to see Jeremy & Sandy and Amani & Marcus in the final three. Ernie & Cindy are slowly beginning to grow on me, but I still preferred Andy & Tommy over them. Having said that, Andy & Tommy's elimination tonight was a shocker, and I loved the surprise.

    Now, I LOVED the TINTIN references in Belgium at the beginning of the leg. Tintin is my favorite series in the world, excluding movies. I grew up with Tintin and reading those comics, and I love the animated 1990's episodes of every book (excluding Tintin In The Land Of The Soviets, Tintin In The Congo and the very last book Tintin And The Alph Art which were never released on DVD). I knew the Thompson brothers well. Had I been one of those teams racing, I would have gone up to Tintin and said "hey where is Snowy"? lolol. Still, although Belgium has been perhaps the weakest European destination to be seen on The Amazing Race, I love Belgium on the Tintin episodes, Brussels. Anywhere other than Brussels not so much.

    The teams then had an amazing leg in Panama City, Panama. I personally loved it. There were a couple of additional tasks involved, which made the leg more interesting and just showing a Detour, a Roadblock and then straight to the Pit Stop. The tattoo bit was cultural, and very interesting. At that point after having read that it was Andy & Tommy getting eliminated in the spoiler section, I started to doubt that heavily. Those guys have had the best of luck since the first leg in Taipei.

    The Roadblock was really groovy. Reminded me a bit of the Detour choice 'Zips' from Season 5 first episode in Uruguay, and the Roadblock in Shanghai form Season 6. It was nice to see actually, and I was just cheering for Sandy the entire time. I really wanted to see Jeremy & Sandy win this leg, and have Amani & Marcus place second or third, with one of the other two teams gone.

    The Detour was pretty good as well. I would done the Fish because I am just useless as making things, I cannot do it mentally and physically. Poor Jeremy & Sandy did lose time just before and during the Detour but came back at that final additional challenge, which is where I come to next...

    The additional task of figuring out the answer to a puzzle which would eventually lead them to Panama Viejo. I liked the sights of the Cathedral actually, really remarkable.

    It was a HIGHLY interesting taxi race to the finish, the teams, excluding Andy & Tommy who got lost after the Detour (causing their elimination) battled it out to get there first, and at last.... My favorite team of the season; Jeremy & Sandy claimed first place followed closely by Ernie & Cindy and Amani & Marcus respectively. The final three teams enjoyed the taste of making it to the final three, I enjoyed watching - Marcus' words on David & Goliath was quite hilarious.

    Unfortunately, Andy & Tommy became the eighth and final team to be eliminated. I was sad to see them go, but in many other ways, this gives the others a fighting chance to win the $1 million prize. I can't wait for the final leg as the teams venture into Atlanta, Georgia.

    JEREMY & SANDY are going to win TAR 19. I am pretty sure at this point. I really hope they do...

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