The Amazing Race

Season 7 Episode 10

We Got a Gnome! We Got a Gnome!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2005 on CBS
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The teams continue from their Pit Stop at a royal tomb in Jodhpur, India to Istanbul, Turkey --- more than 4,000 miles away. As the teams jockey for flights, two teams are caught by surprise when they learn that after believing they had a lead, they are in fact more than two hours behind. Once in Turkey, the teams participate in a sponsorship-placed gnome-finding task and then encounter a Detour which requires them to choose between Columns or Kilos. Most teams opt for Kilos, which requires them to weight people on a scale, but Ron and Kelly choose Columns, in which they have to use a coordinate grid to find columns with numbers and then use them as a combination for a lock. Later, a Roadblock requires one member of each team to rappel up a tall fortress and locate a key. The teams jockey for position heading for the Pit Stop, all while wondering about the significance of the gnome picked up earlier in the leg.moreless

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  • This is one of my favorite episodes of this season.

    With Rob's attitude that he was in the lead and invincible it was great to see the look on his face when he found out he was in third place in Instanbul.

    I watched this season to see how it would work out with the former Survivor winners, but when they got help in the first leg and kept getting helped throughout the race I thought it was unfair to the rest of the racers.

    This episode showed Rob's attitude was partly due to the incredible luck he had and the help he was getting let get to his head.

    The reality that he was just another racer stunned him back into the real world for a while. But the next episode his luck continued, but can he win.moreless
  • A great episode all around!

    Here we go! It's down to the final four!

    I enjoyed this episode because it was like one of the originals and it was a fight for the finish! It started in India and this time it's off to Turkey. I liked the scenery of this country and the challenges on this leg really put all members to the best of their abilities. It was also a change of position when Uchenna/Joyce and Meredith and Gretchen were up at the front of the pack with the two fastest teams at the rear by a long way! but oviously this was a non-elimination leg which would only leave one team stripped of all money and all their belongings. The gnome collecting challenge was quite fasinating knowing that one lucky team would win a vacation.

    Towards the end it became a massive two way race between Rob/Amber and Ron/Kelly whose relationship now hangs in the balance. the final challenge for this leg was to climb a castle and in the end it was Ron and Kelly who arrived last but thankfully it was the second of three non-elimination legs and with that they won the vacation for picking the right gnome but were stripped of everything.

    It'll be exciting to see who's going home next/last.moreless
  • Ron & Kelly should had been eliminated!

    I think it is so cool that Meredith and Gretchen were in second place.

    Also they are to this date and maybe for a long, long time.

    Unless another couple their age catches up with them.

    The oldest couple ever to crack the top four.

    IMO, if Romber wasn't in it, they would had made the top three.

    I think Ron & Kelly were given a free ride.

    And should had been eliminated asap.

    They started out as my favorite couple at first due to thier pasts.

    But now they are getting on my nerves with their bickering.moreless
  • ...but it was still exciting! Boston Rob inadvertently helps the elderly cross the street in this mildly exciting (though pointless) episode, filled with “Well, Duh!” confessions.

    ...but it was still exciting! Boston Rob inadvertently helps the elderly cross the street in this mildly exciting (though pointless) episode, filled with “Well, Duh!” confessions.


    Last time on...The Amazing Race 7, Joyce shaved her head while everyone else struggled with camels (and wooden elephants). The Gay Dudes struggled even more when they got lost on the way to the pit stop and were edged out by Meredith and Gretchen. Too bad…the gay guys were funny. Actually, after this episode, I don’t know who was funnier – Lynn and Alex or Gretchen. Then again, I think that Lynn means to be funny while Gretchen just sucks at tasks. That’s probably it.

    Leaving the Pit Stop:

    Uchenna and Joyce, who used the Fast Forward on last week’s episode, leaves from the pit stop first, still pissed off that Joyce shaved her head and they didn’t even get a damn trip. Not true, says Joyce, who claims that “letting go of my hair was part of God’s plan.” With that statement, she officially joins the ranks of AR5’s Nicole and Brandon, as well as Big Brother 5’s Adria, Natalie and Michael, and many, many people on Survivor who believe that God watches reality shows and is going to help them win a million bucks by any means necessary. Romber, Ron and Kelly leave at the same time, continuing to work with each other. Gretchen and Meredith, as always, leave last, and after reading their clue (“Proceed to Istanbul, Turkey”), Gretchen makes the unbelievable comment that “My goal is to win the entire race!” That’s like saying “My goal in life is to succeed!” or “I really wanna win this championship game!” It’s a given, and you really don’t need to address it, Gretch. Everyone seems happy that they’re leaving India (Boston Rob’s words: “I’m so over India.” Me too, Rob. Me too.)

    At the airport, where everyone already has tickets to get to Istanbul, Rob tries to put his Survivor manipulation skills to the test when he asks Gretchen if she was able to get on the early flight. She goes running to Hubby, who tells Joyce, who tells Uchenna, who gets on the phone to find that, indeed, there is an earlier flight to Istanbul (that connects from the flight everyone has tickets for). Rob bites himself in the ass (Ew…that’s actually kinda gross) but he doesn’t realize it and continues to talk about the other two teams to Ron and Kelly behind everyone’s back. “They’re stupid,” he says. “It’s like the blind leading the blind.” Kelly agrees. “Uchenna is a leach for information.” But of course, Kelly isn’t. She comes up with all of her ideas on her own. Meanwhile, on their one or two hour earlier flight, Joyce is sharing with everyone how much “Uchenna and I love to travel.” Duh again. If you didn’t like traveling, you wouldn’t be on a reality show that’s based on travel. Do these people hear themselves when they speak?

    At Istanbul…Finding the Gnome:

    Once in the city of Istanbul, the teams take cars to this island thing. In one of the cars, Ron and Kelly are bickering again, but this time it gets much more personal than a misunderstood “F*** off.” Ron starts talking about how the race has made him realize that there’s a lot of other things that he may like to do before settling down and having a family. Kelly cites this as one of his ways to escape from commitment, and tells him that he’s never committed to anything. “How did I get out of the military?” Ron asks. “You were a POW,” Kelly snipes back, one of the most insensitive things ever said on the race, that would have me throw Kelly out of the backseat of the car. And then accidentally run her over. Several times. With a heavy truck. In Africa. I don’t really know why I tacked on the whole “In Africa” part…but I figured that’s where their fighting began, so that might as well be where it ends. Makes sense to me.

    Once at the island-house, the teams must search the perimeter for a gnome. Yup, the Travelocity Wandering Gnome guy that pops up in every commercial of The Amazing Race. Is he annoying or is he annoying? Whatever, what the players don’t know is that whoever gets the gnome with the picture of the plane on the bottom will win a trip. Even if you’re in fourth place. As Gretchen and Meredith get endearing with their gnome, naming him “Jerome the Gnome,” Rob and Amber get pissy with it (after finding out what it is they’re looking for. “What’s a gnome?” asks Rob) and just grab it by the hat because they’re in third place and Uchenna, Joyce, Meredith and Gretchen are all ahead of him. And Amber, I guess. Does she even really count as a whole team member? You know, she never really does much. Besides the whole camel-riding thing. And the whole “Lemme leach onto Jerri (from Survivor 2) or my hunk, Rob (from Survivor: All-Stars). She’s really good at that.


    Once the teams are done with the gnome thing (even though they must hold onto it the entire leg), they’re faced with the detour – either Kilos or Columns. In Kilos, teams must weigh enough people to reach, collectively, a total of 2500 kilograms (5500 pounds). In Columns, teams must go to a building and use a coordinate map to find the numbers on four columns, and then unscramble the numbers to make a code, and then use the code to unlock a box, which will give the team the new clue. Complicated, huh? That must be why only one team picks to do it. It’s much easier to just yell “We need some heavy people!” (Joyce) or “Big Boy there! Hey fat man! Come here!” (Gretchen) and then weigh them. Then again, it’s helpful to actually find the scale before you start yelling stuff like that. Gretchen and Meredith are shown searching for the man with the scales for nearly 2 minutes, and they even go so far as to search the produce aisle of the local market. Then they start yelling for fatasses to come over so she can weigh them.

    Roadblock and Pit Stop:

    After completing the detour, teams must go to the Rumeli Hasari, and old fortress, and pick one team member to “Storm the Fortress.” That is, climb a ladder up one of the walls, find a key at the top and then ropel down the wall. Uchenna, way in the front of the back, does it for his group, saving a very height-a-phobic Joyce from having to do it. Finishing quickly, Uchenna and Joyce check into the Pit Stop first, and unfortunately do not have the airplane on their gnome. Gretchen (who does the roadblock, “good for her,” my mother says in my living room.”) and Meredith check in second, finally “on their own power” instead of just edging out other teams with the help of a lot of luck. I must say, though they seem really dumb on the show, I’m sure they’re not like this is real life, and I’m glad that they made it farther than people like, I don’t know…Ray and Deana. A still pissed off Romber checks in third, just cutting off the fourth place Ron and Kelly, who are stripped of all clothes and money for the next leg, because this leg’s a Non-Elimination. It turns out that the team in last place, Ron and Kelly, was actually the team who won the reward, as their gnome has an airplane on the stand. The reward includes a whopping $20,000 to spend on Travelocity, as well as a stay in a first class suite at the Four Seasons Hotel that night, during their 24 hour period of rest. Pretty good for a losing team.

    Next time on The Amazing Race...

    More teams are doomed, as the promos reveal little of what really happens in the show, besides Uchenna helping out you-know-you with a touch task. Still, at least these promos are better than those for NBC’s The Apprentice or ABC’s The Bachelor (Board Room Blowout! Three Words: Om-a-rosa! The most heartwrenching rose ceremony ever!) Yeah…I think we should count our blessings on this one.

    -Adam Polaski

    -Love my opinions? Wanna slip me a twenty for my thoughts? (Pennies are overrated). Even if you aren’t loaded, you can tell me what you think about this season of The Amazing Race at Theaterguy 007. Or, ask to join my mailing list!

Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Rob Mariano

Rob Mariano

Runner Up with Amber (Season Seven)

Amber Brkich

Amber Brkich

Runner Up with Rob (Season Seven)

Uchenna Agu

Uchenna Agu

Winner with Joyce (Season Seven)

Joyce Agu

Joyce Agu

Winner with Uchenna (Season Seven)

Meredith Smith (II)

Meredith Smith (II)

Eliminated 8th with Gretchen (Season Seven)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • This episode is the first time that the last team to arrive receives a prize.

    • Uchenna & Joyce are the first team to win two legs in a row since Colin & Christie won Legs 9 and 10 in the fifth season.

    • Although Ron and Kelly arrived last at the Pit Stop and were stripped of all possessions, the one thing that they weren't stripped of was a Travelocity gnome, something that all teams had picked up one of during a task early in the leg. It turned out that Ron and Kellys' gnome contained a symbol of a plane, meaning that they had won a special prize. They received $20,000 to spend on and a stay at the first-class suite at the Four Seasons Hotel during the Pit Stop time so they could get started on spending on that prize.

    • The Yield was not made available in this episode. Two have previously been available, but neither were used and one still remains. Both Fast Forwards have already been made available and used.

    • Balance Sheet: Uchenna and Joyce remain in first. Meredith and Gretchen move up from fourth to second. Rob and Amber remain in third. Ron and Kelly move down from second to last but are not eliminated.

    • Detour:
      Ron/Kelly chose "Columns", where they travelled two miles to a large well in a building supported by 224 numbered columns. Using a coordinate grid, they located four columns, and using the numbers on them, formed the combination to a locked box containing their next clue.
      Uchenna/Joyce, Meredith/Gretchen, and Rob/Amber chose "Kilos", where they travelled one kilometer to a town square, and then had to weigh enough people to total 2,500 kg.

    • All teams shared a flight from Jodhpur to Delhi. From there, Meredith/Gretchen and Uchenna/Joyce travelled to Istanbul via Dubai, a better flight package than Ron/Kelly and Rob/Amber who still had a later-leaving direct flight to Istanbul.

  • QUOTES (18)

  • NOTES (2)

    • At time of airing, this episode received the series' highest rating ever in the United States in the demographic for viewers 50 or older.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Uchenna and Joyce.
      #2. Meredith and Gretchen.
      #3. Rob and Amber.
      #4. Ron and Kelly. (Stripped of all possessions, will start the next leg with nothing)