The Amazing Race

Season 7 Episode 9

We Have A Bad Elephant!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2005 on CBS
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The teams continue the leg started in the previous episode after receiving a clue from Phil at the roof of the Charbaugh multiflats in India. The clue has them boarding a mystery train where they learn that after a journey of nearly a day's length, they'll arrive at the Sardar Market and make their way to a clock tower. Once there, they learn that it doesn't open till 10 A.M., so the teams stay at a hotel and some enjoy local celebrations. The next morning, one team opts for a Fast Forward, where the other teams do a Detour --- Trunk or Dunk. All teams choose Trunk, requiring them to transport a large model elephant half of a mile to a temple, rather than Dunk, which would have required them to dye white sheets until they found a clue. Some teams do well by enlisting the help of others, but one team falls behind. Later, a Roadblock requires one member of each team to race a camel two laps around a course. As the teams then race for the Pit Stop one team makes a major mistake in navigation that could cost them the race.moreless

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  • Meredith and Gretchen thankfully made it through another episode without getting Eliminated!

    After finding out about last episode's suprise teams continue...

    I found this episode quite disapointing especially because of the challenges like the fast forward which involved both members of a team to shave their head completely and NO person should have to do that to win it because it's cruel. This was another suspenseful and competitive episode mostly because of the previous episode in which teams found out about this being an extended leg.

    The teams are really starting to get serious about staying in the game and concentrating on winning the $1 million. But Ron and Kelly's relationship is at breaking point and watching Joyce having to shave off her hair was a tear jerker!

    Towards the the end which was the Real pit stop Lynn and Alex went to the wrong check in place which cost them heaps of time and got themselves Eliminated( suprisingly it WAS an Elimination leg).

    However I'm glad that Meredith and Gretchen are still in and I just hope that they can survive the last Elimination round so they can progress into the final!

    Overall a decent episode with a great ending but it's still 'The Amazing Race'!moreless
  • Glad M&G made it this far!

    I have or still am rooting for Meredith and Gretchen

    As the oldest team to make it this far ever

    In the Amazing Race history as they may not be physically

    Strong but they do have one another as well as their spirits are very high

    They are positive people and I don't care what kind of voice Gretchen has

    Also am rooting for Uchenna & Joyce after Joyce had to shave all of her hair

    Poor woman!moreless
  • I'm gonna shave my head. That way, people'll love me and act like I'm the bravest person in the whole world. In other news, Team Wrinkly-&-Confused breaks a record. Not "Dumbest Team Ever" (they were runners-up) but "Oldest People Ever." I guess they bothmoreless

    I'm gonna shave my head. That way, people will love me and act like I'm the bravest person in the whole world. In other words, Team Wrinkly & Confused breaks a record. No, not "Dumbest Team Ever on AR" (they were runners-up)but "Oldest People Ever on AR." I guess they both hold the same amount of negativity.


    Okay, so here we go again with another crazy leg of The Amazing Race. Again, I'll do the same thing I did last time, listing the key points of the episode. Have fun. And if you don't, I have certain things that I can do. To you. And your kin. I actually don't even know what that is...

    The Train:

    After teams checked in at what they thought was the Pit Stop, they were surprised to learn that the leg of the race wasn't over as Phil gave them their next clue. That's good for some teams and bad for others. For example, it's bad for Rob, Amber, Ron & Kelly because they weren't last or anywhere close to it. It's good for Meredith and Gretchen because, as Gretchen says "We've been bringing up the rear ever since we got here." Which translates to "We're too old to be competent! But we keep sneaking through!" In place of a pit stop, the teams are forced to ride for about 24 hours on a train to their next destination, somewhere in India or one of the countries like it.

    On the train, Rob & Amber get close to Ron & Kelly, and Ron admits that Rob's humerous and Amber's really sweet. Rob just says that he could beat Ron if he had to. How endearing. In another compartment, Lynn says something about how he would drink his own skin products if he had them. Seriously, does he think before he speaks? And before and during the train ride, Joyce tries on some headgear, that indian headpiece thing, that may just come in handy a little later in the episode.

    Sadar Market:

    The market's this thing that's really not open until the morning, so the teams go to check into hotels. Romber and Relly (srry, just trying it on for size) have a little tiff over who gets what room, but they smooth it over and Rob charms a hotel manager, Sanjay, into guiding him on the following leg. Sanjay obliges and the next day, they go to the market. That is, after they pass through some dirty wall that makes Lynn say "Nasty, nasty!'s like Cinderella's castle." Even though I dont see the resemblence, it was still comical.

    Clue Rip! The teams pick up the clue, see a Fast Forward and run. When will they ever learn? This time, they must perform a Hindu ritual meant for good luck. They won't be told what the ritual is until they get there. You would think that would tip the teams off, but no! Anyway, Uchenna and Joyce and Lynn and Alex go after it. For the other teams, they must complete one of two tasks:


    In Trunk, teams must transport a huge tacky elephant to a parking lot. In Dunk, which no one does, teams must dye a stack of 25 white sheets until they find one that has the direction of where to go next. Like I said, everyone chooses Trunk (like an elephant trunK!) and immediatley, Gretchen hops into the back of her elephant. I actually still laugh about this. Like, she's so dumb! Why is she so dumb?! She pretends she's like driving it, even though she's doing no work in the detour. Then, later, she's like "We have a bad elephant!" because something happened to it. Then she realizes that she didnt have to ride the elephant. Tard. My dad actually thought Meredith would have a heart attack trying to push the elephant thing around, and seriously, the woman on top's just dead weight.

    Meanwhile, Lynn and Alex are done following Uchenna and Joyce, and they give up on the fast forward. This could be their nail in the coffin. However, Uchenna's worried about that too. "This could be a big risk," she says about the roadblock. "I hope it's not a head-shaving thing." Uchenna responds with "I don't think it's a shaving-your-head thing." Even though he's never been in a meeting with the Amazing Producers.


    After their detours, the teams travel 8 miles to the Deora Krishi Farms, where they must complete a roadblock. One team member must race camel carts around a track. Oh, and by the way, if I hear Meredith screech one more time, I swear I'll cut myself. The teams finish quickly, and one of the more notable things that came out of this challenge was when Kelly says "Honey, that hurt my bottom so bad but it was so fun!" Oh, and watching Gretchen scold Meredith for being mean to a camel. And watching the two of them run. I mean, seriously. This old lady on my street got hit by a car a few weeks ago, and she runs better than Meredith does.

    Fast Forward:

    After several wrong turns, Uchenna and Joyce finally get to the roadblock, and find out it's shaving your head. Immediatley, Joyce pulls off her bandanna and prepares herself for her imminent hair chopping off. I was actually really proud of her, even when she started crying. So was Uchenna. "You're beautiful anyway you come," he says. "And now we can be bald together." Back in the confines of my living room, my sister says to me "If I was her husband, I think I'd buy her a really nice wig." I roll my eyes. But hey, I guess Joyce should look on the bright side.

    Now she can wear that Indian garb from the beginning of the episode. And in all seriousness, she looks pretty good. It's true that black women look better bald than white women.

    Check in at the Pitstop:

    After the Fast Forward or the Roadblock, the teams must report to Jaswant Thadou, the pit stop for that leg of the race. Thankfully, Uchenna and Joyce get there first, but unfortunatley, they don't get a trip. I think that's bull. Shaving your Head on TV = Free Trip to Europe. It's like an unwritten rule written in the book "If You Ever Shave Your Head on Reality TV and you're a Woman." It's a real page-turner.

    Next up is Ron and Kelly (2nd) and Rob and Amber (3rd), the latter of which ram into each other in order to get there first. After they hit each other, Kelly and Amber hug. They're good girlfriends now! Yay! Totally fabulous! Okay, I'll stop.

    Finally, only because Lynn and Alex make a wrong turn somewhere, Gretchen and Meredith come in fourth place, and Phil declares that they are officially the oldest people ever to make it to the final four in The Amazing Race. What an acheivement.

    That means, that unfortunatley, the quippy gay guys are gone, and that leaves me without somone to make fun of. Besides Gretchen and Meredith, at least. Picking on the old people isn't always fun. I mean, I do have a heart. Even if it is a little small.

    Next week on The Amazing Race 7:

    Kelly gets bitchy, as she tells Ron that "You always find a way out of commitment." He responds "How about the military? I commited to that. How did I find a way out of that?" She shoots him down quite coldly, saying "You were a POW." Ouch. *****. All of this (and a breif cat fight between Meredith or Gretchen with Amber) Sorry, CBS told me to find a way to plug Rob and Amber, like they do in EVERY preview, so that's my contribution.

    -Adam Polaski

Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Rob Mariano

Rob Mariano

Runner Up with Amber (Season Seven)

Amber Brkich

Amber Brkich

Runner Up with Rob (Season Seven)

Lynn Warren

Lynn Warren

Eliminated 7th with Alex (Season Seven)

Alex Ali

Alex Ali

Eliminated 7th with Lynn (Season Seven)

Uchenna Agu

Uchenna Agu

Winner with Joyce (Season Seven)

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