The Amazing Race

Season 19 Episode 6

We Love Your Country Already; It Is Very Spacious

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on CBS
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The seven remaining teams depart from the M. R. Kukrit Heritage House in Bangkok, Thailand and fly to Lilongwe, Malawi, where they travel by taxi to Limbe Tobacco Warehouse for their Roadblock: racers are forced to transport ten, 200 lb. bales of tobacco using a handtruck to receive their next clue. At the Detour, teams either must travel to White Horse De-sign Tailor Shop in an old market and use an old manual sewing machine to make sure a customer's suit is properly "All Sewn Up", or go to Lilongwe LEA School and make two toy trucks by using simple materials for kids who are "Not Grown Up" to play with. Teams then head to a furniture store and have two beds trucked to Kumbali Village, then carry them to the Pit Stop, where the beds will be used for their overnight rest.


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  • A return to Africa signals a return for much better TAR!!!s (Spoilers ahead!!!)

    This was definitely a highly enjoyable and much better episode of The Amazing Race, after two below-par shows in Tahiland.

    Firstly to the Roadblock, which was rather intereesting. As has been pointed out already, it didn't particualrly allow for teams to catch up to one another, but it was certainly rather interesting to watch and a great insight into the local culture, which is also breathtaking to see.

    As for the Detour, I was astounded that 3 of the 7 teams opted for 'All Sewn Up', wihich seemed much more difficult to me at least. I would've definitely done 'Not Grown Up' myself and I was very happy to see the kids at the school and it was some great scenes!

    As for the bed-carrying, it was certainly one of the more interesting races to the Pit Stop that we have seen in some time. Unfortunateyl Jusin & Jennifer cost themselves first place with a bad error and I am quite amazed that Andy & Tommy have won four legs, even though they have only once stepped on the mat first. I would like to see some different teams coming up on top soon, though, as it is getting monotonous.

    The non-elimination leg was pefrect, as it saves my favourite teams, and it was also highly unexpected, which is always brilliant to see! I certainly wasn't expecting another NEL so soon!

    All up, terrific leg! Very little to criticise in my opinion, and hopefully Leg 7 in Malawi will be just as interesting!

    Keep it up, TAR, and hope to see more soon!moreless
  • A great leg, unpredictable-ending, love this leg!

    The non-elimination leg should be put in an intense leg, like this, instead of putting it in a boring leg. Teams finally leave Asia after three great legs and two boring legs to Malawi, Africa, The Warm Heart of Africa. I always like when they decided to visit unvisited countries on the race. New challenges, new sceneries, new enviroments, Malawi is a nice country, of course.

    The Roadblock was quite interesting, although I think the third Roadblock in Leg 3 is still the best one so far. But, It is funny to see the guys kept dropping the bale, crashing each other. Those employees looked enthusiastic and they cheered the team up with their anthem or something like that. However, I have to admit it that this Roadblock was not thrilling as there were no significant change placements on it. The Detour was also good, but I still love the Detour in Thailand. I always hate sewing challenge since my favorite team in TAR Australia got eliminated because they couldn't sew. However, Cathi and Cindy had some ability to do this annoying challenge. Anyway, I start to like Ernie and Cindy now as they become nicer in every leg. Making truck was probably my choice. It looked easy and teams can make good truck without any difficulty, but this is a nice Detour.

    I think the Bed challenge will be more thrilling, but I disappointed that it was predictable. Bill & Cathi showed their true strength on this challenge. Wow! I really admire Cathi now because she had such a great power to bring the bed. Love that team!

    Cindy got some problem with the bed, but it's nice to see her smiling and not whining. That's why I start to like her now.

    It's an unpredictable non-elimination leg. Glad to see Amani & Marcus were still on the race. Honestly, I don't want any team to go home, but it's impossible. I like all of the teams, and I will be sad to seeing one of them were going home one by one. I hope Bill & Cathi won't be eliminated on the next leg.moreless
  • Amazing recovery from the horrific Thai legs and maybe the other Asian legs. It had some downs for me though, however.

    This leg had some downs for me.

    Thoughts on Teams (Ordered in Placements)

    1st: Andy & Tommy - Oh my god. They better break some rule and get a 2-hour penalty or get U-turned. I'm really starting to dislike them now. And they STOLE Jeremy & Sandy's truck. I hope they get some long penalty sometime soon or get U-Turned. Brought the score down.

    2nd: Justin & Jennifer - I was really happy with them. They reached the Pit Stop first, it really looked like a wonderful moment for them, until Phil tells them to go pay their truck. I'm liking them a lot now, and as you know, hating on Andy & Tommy now.

    3rd: Jeremy & Sandy - I also wish they would have gotten first too. They actually were first throughout most of the leg, until the Beds task. They were well-behaved this leg and only bickered once. Hope they win a leg soon.

    4th: Laurence & Zac - I don't know why, but I'm starting to like them more. I hope they get even more screentime soon. Not much else to say about them.

    5th: Ernie & Cindy - They mentioned the Express Pass (finally) in this leg but they didn't use it. I'm glad they're not giving up and go like "Oh, we can't do this, let's use the Express Pass". I don't understand the hate on this team as well, sure Cindy was annoying for probably the first 2 or 3 legs, but she's not like that anymore.

    6th: Bill & Cathi - Wow they could've scored another spot in the Top 3 again, however that stupid truck-paying thing comes up again. I can imagine their disappointment when Phil skips their placement and talks to Jeremy & Sandy instead.

    7th (last): Amani & Marcus - They were last throughout the entire leg. They got a lot of screentime, but it was only showing them struggling. I was quite surprised with the Non-Elimination leg because the Race has not done a lot of Non-Elimination points that close to each other. I actually do wish they were eliminated a little bit, even if they are one of my favorites.

    Thoughts on Tasks:

    Roadblock: It seemed a little interesting at first, but I realized it was terrible. There was really no way to catch up in this kind of task, and I don't think there was any change in placements at that point except for Andy & Tommy and Laurence & Zac. Dropped the episode's score.

    Detour: I thought All Sewn Up (I think that's what it was called?) was a little boring. It was basically sewing an outfit and it would be okay. That choice brought the score down as well. Not Grown Up was a better task, and a much nicer one. I liked the emotion the teams had watching the kids. I liked how they made some toys for them.

    Beds: I thought this was a physical task, but a little boring. There was not much in it, but carrying it to the Pit Stop. Brought the score down as well.

    Thoughts on Episode as a Whole:

    I thought this episode was the best of the season, even with its few downs. I loved the emotion with the Africans and it was just amazing.

  • It was a phenomenal improvement over the last two legs, and definitely the best of this season

    At first I was just a teeny disappointed I'll admit with the finishing outcome.

    First, the teams finally vacate Asia and make their way over to Malawi for the sixth leg of the race. The tasks on this leg were fantastic, and everyone seemed to enjoy Malawi, every bit of it. I did, the Roadblock, although extremely tough proved to be extremely exciting and rewarding.

    The Detour was equally as impressive, and I myself would have done the one with the children, as I cannot sew, and well... It was fun. I was happy that Jeremy & Sandy had a lot of screen time and the advantage this leg, but that got shot off on the way to the Pit Stop. The Pit Stop foot race carrying those beds for themselves was incredibly nerve-wracking.

    Andy & Tommy are first, yet AGAIN. In a close battle, Amani & Marcus arrive last. Although I was highly expecting them to get eliminated, this leg ends up being the third non-elimination point. I get that the producers want to make it more suspenseful, I do, I like that. Its just I really do not know if I can approve of the third one being placed so soon. It means that the next two legs will knock off teams or there will be another double elimination coming up making an 11 legger race, who knows. I predict the final non-elimination to be either leg 9 or 10, if this is a 12 legger race.

    I am happy Amani & Marcus are still in, I love both them and Bill & Cathi but I believe Bill & Cathi will get eliminated next week.

    Overall, an outstanding episode that felt like the old days of TAR, and by far the best leg of this season hands down. Its getting much better based on the quality. I loved this leg and now have high hopes for the remainder of the season, the non-elimination, I was unsure at first but now I guess it made a lot of suspense, and we now have more teams racing through the latter half of the season..The only major flaw was the actual finishing order at the end, but hey, its a game of luck as well. I loved this Malawi leg, outstanding.moreless

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