The Amazing Race

Season 24 Episode 3

Welcome to the Jungle

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 09, 2014 on CBS

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  • Best episode of the season so far !

    I enjoyed the peril on the rapids andteam youtube are gone and not as much pointless whining or bickering hell i even liked the afganimals ! (yes i have hated them alot before)

    so if one thing kinda spoiled this episode for me was how team 'cancer/ achilles' won the leg?

    they went past the check point for the food parcel drop off and then treked back with it and still got back to their raft before the cowboys did ? so we are to believe the cowboys/ afghanimals took longer on the rafts than it did for them to walk/run around ? how were they not penalised for clear time advantage ?

    also funny how margie had a small lapse in communication with lke when she spoke to him when they got stuck, he's deaf right ? how's that gonna work ?

    and phil's smile seemed a little forced when some teams showed up at the mat.
  • Awesome Race

    really like this leg - the place was beautiful and there are a lot of interesting moments and also the roadblock and detour was amazing - very enjoy with this leg -can't wait to watch next episode :)
  • Exceeded expectations!

    Really happy with this episode - we got a lot of interesting moments on those rafts and a lot of drama, plus one of the most annoying teams was sent home which is a big plus.

    Really enjoyed Brendon & Rachel's journey down those rapids - they are just hilarious!

    The Roadblock was not the greatest but the way the Cowboys screwed up could have been tragic for them if they were battling for last.

    Overall it was definitely TAR24's best leg so far. Hoping things continue to go well.