The Amazing Race

Season 11 Episode 6

We're Going to Trade You for Food Now

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 2007 on CBS
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Teams take off from the their Pit Stop at Fort Aleza in Maputo, Mozambique and are instructed to fly to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, 1,400 miles away. A scramble for flights immediately begins and teams find that flight placement in this leg plays a major role in where they will ultimately end up. One team makes a risky move in opting to take standby-only seats on a flight, which ultimately gains them valuable time and allows them to arrive in first. One team is disappointed when they believe they have secured seats on a flight, but are removed, told that they had been given the seats in error. Once in Mozambique, teams takes one of four dhows (ferries) into Zanzibar, where they then take part in a Roadblock that requires them to choose between either a task that "taxes the mind" or one that "taxes the muscles." They then traveled 15 miles by taxi to the "bush country" of Kikungwi for a Roadblock that involved skill and accuracy. In a leg that involved a great disparity between first and last, a close finish led to the elimination of another team.moreless

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  • Very frustrating for some

    The sixth leg continued in Africa for this leg.

    This episode was pretty good! The one after a non elimination leg is always good 'cause we know someone is going home, and this makes team members very competitive.

    However, the frustrating thing about this leg was buying airline tickets and getting seats! Eric & Danielle were forced to leave the plane!!! WHAT THE! Something wrong with the system for sure! It was exciting though which was the main part.

    The leg continued with some amazing challenges like the Detour, pretty good tasks. The Roadblock was all a game of luck with throwing things. If It were me, I'd probably be eliminated, I suck at throwing. The race to the finish was emotional and very close between Teri & Ian and Joe & Bill. Teri & Ian were eliminated today. It was a little sad like always but It only makes the game more challenging for the remaining six teams!

    Overall, fine example episode!moreless
  • So it wasn't a fluke.

    Yep, for a second time in a row, Charla and Mirna take first place. But what's a catamaran? This team made me laugh a lot this episode. But besides that, they took a huge risk at the airport and it worked out really well for them. I'm sure no one expected them to come in first again, but the worst thing you can do is underestimate your competition.

    This episode was a little slow and dragged a little bit, but it was different. The teams were so spread out this time that you didn't have to worry about Uchenna and Joyce being eliminated.

    Teri and Ian were eliminated. I am sorry to see them go. I liked Ian a lot better this time around. I was pretty young when I watched his first season, and all I could remember of him was the fact that he was pretty abrasive. Didn't see that this time around. He was pretty likable and very funny.

    Six teams left... this race has gone by so quickly. This has been such a great season, and I will dread its end... unless the Beauty Queens win, of course.moreless
  • Waiting, waiting, and more waiting...

    I had recovered from laughing my butt off at last weeks episode and was refreshed and ready for another entertaining episode...unfortunately, that didn't happen. Most of the episode, everyone was just sitting around and waiting (on planes, on boats, on...benches...ok, that last Oswald/Danny joke was funny, the one that went right over Charla and Mirna's head. How did they not get that!? I guess I just have a dirty mind like team Cha Cha Cha).

    Anyway, moving on: I think it was very smart, yet very stupid for Charla and Mirna to take a chance like they did. But it paid off bigtime. I just wonder how much longer they can stay at the front of the pack. The boatride they had with Oswald and Danny was funny: "I'm going to trade you for food now." and Mirna's response: "Ok, can I have some?". I was also glad to see Uchenna and Joyce get on an earlier flight. Their boatride with the Beauty Queens was cute too. Uchenna is so cute!! Where DID Joyce find him??

    I didn't really feel bad for Eric and Danielle when they were pulled off the flight. Though it's not as dramatic as the previews had promised. For once, Eric was calm about things, "Just chill out, let's find out what they can do for us now." So we just sit and wait with the Guidos, Teri and Ian, and team Drama Queen (that will be their new nickname from now on) as they were waiting on the plane.

    The detour seemed pretty simple. Most of them chose the easier one, the puzzle. It would have taken me hours to do (my mind is not eqipped for something like that! I'd have to rely on my team member to do that one). I was surprised when Dustin and Kandice chose the logs, but they knew they had a lead on the other teams, so they could have had to run those logs for eight miles and STILL gotten to the pit stop before everyone else.

    Finally, team Drama Queen (on a seperate flight then the other two remaining teams): the Guidos, and Teri and Ian, touch down on their flights. I really felt bad when it was down to the Guidos and Teri and Ian. I really would have preferred it have been the Guidos and Team drama Queen or Teri and Ian and team Drama Queen. It would have been nice to say bye to Eric and Danielle.

    The Roadblock looked like fun. Where else can you break plates and not get in trouble? For the most part, everyone finished that fairly quickly and looked like they were having a good time. I was surprised they even SHOWED that Uchenna and Joyce had a thirty minute penalty considering the other teams (except the Beauty Queens) were hours behind them. It was only referred to and we were not subjected to watch them squirm while there was a timer on the bottom of the screen. I am so happy they are in third!!

    Alas, poor Teri and Ian couldn't finish their puzzle quicker then the Guidos (who, I think, were very intelligent to stay with Teri and Ian so they knew they were neck and neck). I am sad to see Teri and Ian go, but I was telling a friend of mine last night, at this point, I'll be happy with whoever wins it (well except Eric and Danielle and Charla and Mirna; but even if either of them won it, I wouldn't be completely heartbroken).

    Next week: Charla faces off against a horse! Geeze, first rats, now horses: what are they going to put this poor little girl up to next, a hippo?? Looks like it'll be fun. It'll also be interesting to see how the rest of the teams catch up to one another with the time difference.moreless
  • Some teams manage to get much better flights than other teams

    I really liked this week’s leg of the race because it was different from most other episodes. It was interesting how it all came down to which flight the teams where able to get on to. I enjoyed getting a chance to see more of what goes on in the airports. It was also exciting to wait and see who got on each flight, since it made such a big difference. I also liked how the teams were more spread out for a change. It was fun to see small groups of teams racing against each other. It would have been more exciting but I didn’t really like either one of the last two teams and I did not care which one was eliminated. I really liked this leg of the race because doing well in it came down to something completely different then it usually does and it was fun to see something new.moreless
  • This was bound to happen in one of these years, traveling thru airports with limited flights to another off the wall location. As someone who has done that years ago, I was surprised it did not happen sooner.moreless

    I was surprised to see another reviewer saying how the Charla/Mirna gamble was out of character. They did it in their race twice, once having it work out and the other time almost getting eliminated because of a delayed flight.

    While they are not my favorite team they know how to play the game. I am trying to hate them but cannot, they are just annoying. I still will never forgive Joe/Bill for the airport incident in season one. For that reason I was rooting for them to finish last even though I am not fond of Teri and Ian. Like I previously had stated this race takes luck to win, Charla and Mirna got lucky with their choice of flights, but so did Uchenna and Joyce. They are now back in the thick of the race and are still the my favorite to win.

    Danny and Oswald seem to take this race with a who cares attitude, they knew they had a big lead on the other teams and more than likely figured they could beat them at the road block. In a final legs they will not do anything that stupid.

    This leg had all the drama, when a team was removed from the plane, and teams had to spend over a day in an airport. I have done things like that, it is not pleasant. You are always hoping that you will be paged and some miracle will happen and you will get on a flight thru any city to get to your next place or home.

    Charla and Mirna deserved to win this leg, they took a big gamble and it paid off. I also feel that by Ian sticking to his guns and staying in line cost him the race.

    What more can happen? This race seems to be getting better each episode. I am still not thrilled with it being on a Sunday night, and having only one hour episodes including the start and the finale as they did last season. With 2 hours this week I will be in heaven. I hope they have a 2 hour finale, this is the All Stars.

    Next week seems to have something for everyone, team drama and someone in armor, can't wait.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Departure Times: The teams departed from the Pit Stop and began this leg of the race at the following times:

      Charla and Mirna: 9:07 P.M.
      Dustin and Kandice: 9:47 P.M.
      Teri and Ian: 10:13 P.M.
      Oswald and Danny: 10:18 P.M
      Joe and Bill 10:32 P.M.
      Eric and Danielle: 10:33 P.M.
      Uchenna and Joyce: 10:36 P.M

    • Teams received $124 for this leg of the race.

    • Roadblock: Teams were given a clue with the question "Who's on target?" to help them decide who was going to perform the task. In this Roadblock, the team member was required to learn how to hunt using a traditional wooden weapon called a rungu used by members of the Maasai people by throwing it 65 feet to destroy clay targets in order to retrieve their next clue from inside. Mirna, Danny, Uchenna, Dustin, Danielle, Bill and Ian completed this Roadblock.

    • Charla and Mirna finished first on this leg in Tanzania, which was, coincidentally, the country in which they were eliminated in the fifth season

    • Thermacare The Amazing Race All-Stars Moment of Relief: In the seventh season, Joyce, with support from her husband, had her head shaved in order to obtain a Fast Forward award that allowed them to finish in first for the leg (and perhaps ultimately helped them win the race.)

    • Detour: Teams in this episode were given a Detour choice of either Solve It or Schlep It. In Solve It, they were required to travel 1/3 mile to a hotel and put together a 62-piece puzzle. In Schlep It, they had to travel to a lumberyard, load two fifty-pound logs and then transport them one mile to a shipyard. Charla/Mirna, Oswald/Danny, Uchenna/Joyce, Teri/Ian and Joe/Bill opted for Solve It. Eric/Danielle and Dustin/Kandice completed Schlep It.

    • Charla and Mirna are the third all-female team to win two legs of the race in a row, the second being Dustin and Kandice in the tenth season, and the first being the Godlewski Family in the eighth season.

    • Balance Sheet: Charla and Mirna continued racing strong, remaining in first. Oswald and Danny moved up from fourth to second. Uchenna and Joyce took a thirty minute penalty, but nevertheless rose from seventh to third. Dustin and Kandice dropped from second to fourth. Eric and Danielle rose from sixth to fifth, but Joe and Bill dropped from fifth to sixth. Teri and Ian plunged from third to last and were eliminated from the race.

    • When Eric and Danielle arrived at the Pit Stop, the greeter was not there due to the lateness of the hour at which they arrived.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Charla and Mirna (Prize: One 12.5-Foot Catamaran Each)
      #2. Oswald and Danny
      #3. Uchenna and Joyce (30-Minute Penalty, Did Not Affect Placement)
      #4. Dustin and Kandice
      #5. Eric and Danielle
      #6. Joe and Bill
      #7. Teri and Ian (ELIMINATED)

  • QUOTES (23)

  • NOTES (2)


    • Danny: (referring his and Oswalds' driver in a faux accent) Where's Andre?

      Danny's question, and the accent in which he said it, is meant as a reference to Tim Gunn of Project Runway. In the second season of the design series, contestant Andrae Gonzalo kept getting separated from the pack of designers, prompting Gunn to question "Where's Andrae?"