The Amazing Race

Season 18 Episode 9

We're Good American People

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2011 on CBS

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  • Rampant cheating and spiteful teams made this the last episode I will ever watch.

    I have watched The Amazing Race for years and loved the different locales and challenges. However, after last night, I will never watch this show again.
    When the teams are required to use strategy or physical endurance to win,that levels the playing field. However, when there is rampant cheating, as there was last night with the issue of the kilometers, then the show becomes tainted, and it reminds me of Survivor, which I detest.
    The fact that the rules do not penalize those who cheat is a fatal flaw of the show. It is not entertaining to watch spiteful teams gunning for the Cowboys, who are the most admirable, likeable team I have seen in a long time.
    I thought this show took the high ground, but after last night, it is in the gutter.
  • Nice scenary, otherwise not much good to say about this episode.

    So disappointing they allow teams to continue to cheat like this. What is the point of a challenge that two teams screw up then get the answer from other teams. Add to that a U-Turn Right Before the PIT STOP!? Horrible season, CBS doesn't learn!
    They used to let teams buy off locals to help with challenges. They figured out that was lame, yet it's OK for teams to pass along answers to challenges with impunity? It really doesn't much matter most of the race as long as you don't finish last and when a stronger team does it's a bonus.
    Totally lame this season with all the cheating. First time in the show's history I won't be watching the conclusion. I even stuck with this show through whiney Flo and Zach!
    Also were there not some teams from seasons long past they could have brought back? I could have done without a number of these teams.
  • A phenomenal set of challenges, and a picturesque set of locations, plus an added bonus right at the end! (Spoilers!!!)

    This wsa the best episode of the season, and I keep saying that for nearly every episode, because the season keeps on improving!

    Up first, all teams were qequalised on the same train/bus or whatever it what, but then we had an awesome Roadblock - measuring the nlength of Liechtenstein! On what other program would you see a set of challenges that involves measuring the length of a country?!

    I was glad that everyone decided to give everyone else the correct answer, because it sent the cowboys rocketing into last palce.

    The Roadblock was great, and then we had an awesome Detour of Cheese or Wheeze. I thought 'Cheese' was pretty easy IF you like to eat cheese. Zev & Justin struggled with it, and they still managed to win, so it would've been pretty easy for a cheese lover!

    Wheeze would've been my personal selection, because I'm not a cheese person! The navigational aspect of this challenge was exciting!

    I ws actually quite qsurprised that the Double U-Turn went unused and until Flight Time & Big Easy's arrival at that mat, no one usefd it. Glad to see the Cowboyso usted from the race, although it would've been nice to see Jen & Kisha come out on top.

    All up, a terrific episode! My least favorite team is gone, and now I hope Zev & Justin get leliminated, even though I like them, because I prefer all of the other teams more.

    This was a terrific episode, and I highly recommend it! Keep up the good work, guys!
  • Major upset...Best team got eliminated.

    Well now it's every mans game...I considered the cowboys as the main favorites to win...They never fought, were very united and competitive...
    They almost pulled a third consecutive recovery...Almost...The first challenge basically decided the winners...I found it of medium difficulty...The next challenges in the Switzerland were decent...Time consuming but doable...
    Sad thing about it, is the AR procedures should have made this a non-elimination leg...With the U-Turn and all it seemed more difficult...I know some people may resent it but let's face it, Garry and Mallory have very very few chances to win...I think the main favorites are Zev and Justin because they are a good team...Each one has its own attributes that helps the team...A good thing was that the top 5 teams didn't U-Turn anyone...Just the GT who are selfish and ruthless.
  • Lots of focus on the Detour, rather than the Double U-Turn, or traveling. That's a good thing. Also, the elimination is the BEST in a while. Spoilers ahead.

    The teams depart in this order:

    1. Zev & Justin-There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with you, but there's something that makes me dislike this team, I don't know why.

    2. Flight Time & Big Easy-Hopefully another 1st-place finish!

    3. Kent & Vyxsin-I used to like you guys especially in Season 12, but you guys are showing me that you don't deserve to be on the Race. I still like Vyxsin, but if Kent would be a gentleman and not a baby, I would love this team.

    4.. Kisha & Jen-Good luck! Hopefully your first 1st-place finish of the season!

    5. Jet & Cord-Please get elminated!

    6. Gary & Mallory-Good luck on speedbump! There's something stated in the first clue when the teams depart: DOUBLE U-TURN AHEAD! All the teams are targeting at Jet & Cord, so let's hope they get U-Turned!

    The teams arrived in this order:

    1. Zev & Justin-I just don't know what I dislike about you both. But somehow I want you both to at least struggle AND get a low placement, not struggle and get a HIGH placement. I cannot believe you did the Cheese task for so long and still finished in 1st!

    2. Kisha & Jen-So close! Hopefully you girls may get a 1st-place finish next leg. 3. Kent & Vyxsin-Every scene of you both, there's always at least yelling or something like that. Why not just be happy Kent & Vyxsin? Please? That's when I love you both!

    4. Gary & Mallory-Nice boost! Your Speed Bump was easy, but that's a good thing!

    5. Flight Time & Big Easy-Good job finding the 2 missing tags, Flight Time! You really helped yourself and Big Easy staying in 5th and managing to U-Turn the cowboys. And what happened? You U-Turned the Cowboys! You got me so worried there, Flight Time! So glad you stayed in 5th and U-Turned the Cowboys!

    6. Jet & Cord-I like you both, I actually do. But your lucky-ness just makes me dislike you both a LOT. I'm glad that you both didn't complain or blame, that's why I like you both. Good luck in life! Stay great brothers!

    As I've said lots of focus on the Detour, well that's only because it's two difficult options that take the same length of time.

    The preview of the next episode doesn't look good for Big Easy and Kent. I do think Kent acts like a baby at times, but I don't think that Kent will do anything bad to Big Easy. The preview made it look like Big Easy was making a big deal of something not so big. Hopefully Flight Time can calm him down.

    Overall an okay episode, but Jet & Cord's elimination makes the score up to a 9.5 SUPERB!