The Amazing Race

Season 18 Episode 9

We're Good American People

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2011 on CBS

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  • Major upset...Best team got eliminated.

    Well now it's every mans game...I considered the cowboys as the main favorites to win...They never fought, were very united and competitive...
    They almost pulled a third consecutive recovery...Almost...The first challenge basically decided the winners...I found it of medium difficulty...The next challenges in the Switzerland were decent...Time consuming but doable...
    Sad thing about it, is the AR procedures should have made this a non-elimination leg...With the U-Turn and all it seemed more difficult...I know some people may resent it but let's face it, Garry and Mallory have very very few chances to win...I think the main favorites are Zev and Justin because they are a good team...Each one has its own attributes that helps the team...A good thing was that the top 5 teams didn't U-Turn anyone...Just the GT who are selfish and ruthless.
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