The Amazing Race

Season 23 Episode 1

We're Not In Oklahoma No More

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2013 on CBS

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  • meh yawn...

    too much fast tracking in the opening minutes suddenly teams are at the airport..

    liking the 'hippie' team and the hard working best friends (one has a poorly wife)

    not sure about all these pro athelete teams though... surely they are paid plenty of money anyway? or did they waste it all ? or just greedy ?

    more whiney blondes with annoying voices nice to look at though ;) ;)

    and the 'ex' team wow what a bitch.

  • Great start!

    As an episode, it was average. As a premiere episode, it was pretty good, once comparing to most reasonably recent premieres, except maybe the last one. No Starting Line Task is good - saves time for other things.

    The tasks in Chile were good and there was plenty of mistakes made which made things really exciting.

    My early favourites are Tim & Marie, and I also quite like the all-female teams and Travis & Nicole.

    I hope it is a good season - my hopes are not high, but the premiere was pretty good.
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