The Amazing Race

Season 3 Episode 9

Why Did You Have to Take Your Pants Off?!

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 04, 2002 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The five remaining teams continue racing in Switzerland for the ninth leg. Emotions run high when teams are allowed to make a phone call to their loved ones back home. An argument over working with others brings one team to the breaking point amid accusations and threats. One team member taunts another terrified team when they learn they will face a 620-foot bungee jump, the longest in Europe.
In the end, one team is too late to check-in to the next pit stop, but is greeted with a big surprise
On the next leg, teams fly to Malaysia, then on to Singapore for a very tough leg. All five teams try to avoid elimination, as tension heats up between the team members. The race to the finish is close, but for one team this Pit Stop is their last.

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  • One of my favourite episodes of the entire series

    This was probably the most amazing two-hour episode of The Amazing Race, although, I never saw the second leg because I wasn't able to catch it.

    Really, without the Singapore leg included, the Switzerland leg (the first hour - leg 9) was just an exciting epic from start to finish. The best episode of the season. The scenery of Switzerland was beautiful, the Detour task was fun (the goats), or the highest bungee jump in Europe. I also loved the idea of eating through cheese to win this legs Fast Forward award.

    Now for the teams, each one is bad mouthing another team in some form but the game is only better that way. Flo and Zach, Ken and Gerard along with Teri and Ian remain my favorite teams from this series. Teri and Ian were (to be honest), a little stupid with their bad attitudes towards each other but I got a good laugh out of it! The teams explored through glacial Switzerland throughout this leg and it was awesome, couldn't spot a thing wrong with this leg. The most exciting part was the fact that this marks the first consecutive non-elimination leg of the show. The first non-elimination was placed on the leg prior to this. So, it was a big surprise until Phil of course, didn't mention any elimination when he announced this legs Pit Stop.

    The one and only time to be able to call your loved ones back home was a real highlight for this show but will always be a strong memory for this leg. Finally, the Roadblock, awesome man. To assemble a bike correctly would have been hard but it was so damn interesting to see!

    Finally, when Flo and Zach were about to step onto that mat last, at my first time watching it, I thought they'd get eliminated and it was over, even though Phil didn't mention elimination, I could not believe that the producers would do a back-to-back non-elimination round. I was thrilled, so there was no need to walk away from the TV upset. Overall, one of my all time favorites. I'll never forget this leg (Leg 9 - Switzerland). No downsides. Everything was nearly top notch.moreless
Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Derek Riker

Derek Riker

Eliminated 9th with Drew (Season Three)

Drew Riker

Drew Riker

Eliminated 9th with Derek (Season Three)

Teri Pollack

Teri Pollack

Runner Up with Ian (Season Three)

Ian Pollack

Ian Pollack

Runner Up with Teri (Season Three)

Ken Duphiney

Ken Duphiney

Second Runner Up with Gerard (Season Three)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Teri/Ian left Geneva for Kuala Lumpur first, via flights to Zurich and Vienna.
      The remaining teams departed later via a connection in Paris.

    • This is the first mention of Teri and Ian wearing "paper underwear."

    • During the Singapore leg, Derek and Drew announced that it was their birthday.

    • Balance Sheet 2: Derek and Drew move up from third to first. Ken and Gerard remain in second. Flo and Zach move up from fifth to third. Teri and Ian remain in fourth. John Vito and Jill move down from first to last and are eliminated.

    • Balance Sheet 1: John Vito and Jill move up from fifth to first. Ken and Gerard move up from fourth to second. Derek and Drew move down from first to third. Teri and Ian move down from third to fourth. Flo and Zach move down from second to last but are not eliminated.

    • The teams finished in the following order in the first leg of this episode:

      #1. John Vito and Jill. (Fast Forward, Prize: 7 Night Caribbean Vacation)
      #2. Ken and Gerard.
      #3. Derek and Drew.
      #4. Teri and Ian.
      #5. Flo and Zach.

      The teams finished in the following order in the second leg of this episode:

      #1. Derek and Drew. (Prize: 7 Night European Vacation)
      #2. Ken and Gerard.
      #3. Flo and Zach.
      #4. Teri and Ian.
      #5. John Vito and Jill. (ELIMINATED)

    • Detour: (Leg 9: Switzerland):

      Derek/Drew chose "Extreme Swiss," where they both completed a 620 ft. bungee jump, the tallest in Europe. Ken/Gerard, Flo/Zach, and Teri/Ian chose "Very Swiss," where they drove 8 miles to a farm to search 75 goats' bells for a key to a box containing their next clue.
      After completing the Detour, teams were given a cell phone and allowed to call family members. They had to end the call before they continued racing.
      John Vito/Jill, the last team eligible to do so, bypassed the Detour via the Fast Forward. Because they completed the Fast Forward, it is unsure that they were able to call home like the other teams were able to do.

      (Leg 10: Singapore)

      Flo/Zach, John Vito/Jill, and Ken/Gerard chose "Dry," where they had to find a given apartment in a confusingly numbered building located in an array of near identically-named streets, and receive their next clue from Singapore's biggest TV star. Teri/Ian and Derek/Drew chose "Wet," where they had to go to a zoo and swim across the "mermaid" manatee pool to their next clue.

    • Roadblock:

      (Leg 9: Switzerland)

      One team member had to assemble a Swiss Army bicycle from all the parts. They had another bicycle for reference. Gerard, Drew, Ian and Zach completed this Roadblock. Jon Vito and Jill skipped the Roadblock via the Fast Forward.

      (Leg 10: Singapore)

      There was no Roadblock in this leg.

    • Fast Forward: (Leg 9): This leg's Fast Forward required the team to find a traditional cheese-making cabin in the Swiss Alps. once there, they had to eat their way through a wheel of cheese sliced in cubes. They needed to eat as many cubes as necessary to completely reveal the Fast Forward clue hidden underneath. John Vito & Jill opted to go for the Fast Forward and won allowing them to skip all remaining tasks and go directly to the next pit stop.

      (Leg 10: Singapore)

      All teams have used their one and only Fast Forward, so this leg didn't contain one.

    • On the "Dry" Detour, teams received a clue from Singaporean actor Gurmit Singh, who acted as Phua Chu Kang.

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