The Amazing Race

Season 22 Episode 10

Working Our Barrels Off

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2013 on CBS

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  • Disappointing

    I don't know why but this leg didn't capture the same atmosphere as either Switzerland or the previous Germany leg. Scotland was definitely overdue for a visit but I wished they had placed the final non-elimination point on this leg as a final four, rather than the previous episode.

    The tasks on this leg were above-par but I still wasn't impressed with the production. The only real positive was seeing Joey & Meghan getting eliminated.
  • american cars don't have hand brakes ??? omg...

    well if it's an automatic it's the 'p' for park isn't it..

    i feel as a brit the location / task choosers likes to stick to stereo types...

    bag pipes TWICE in a season ? Noooooooooooooooo

    whiskey rollin ?

    and haggis !

    lol at the poet actor dude ! max n kaite where like 'whats with this guy?'

    'exchange of saliva' hey megan not done much kissing lately ?

  • Spectacular!

    This episode was just phenomenal as the race hits Scotland - and it is well overdue for a visit, since we only got half a leg on TAR3 there.

    All of the tasks on the leg were amazing and well-designed. It was a falwless leg in my view. This is TAR very close to its best. And I loved it!

    If only that Switzerland leg had ben better, this season could have been right up there with the best. But there are still two legs to go, and that could make it one to remember!