The Amazing Race

Season 6 Episode 12

You Deal With This Before I Hyperventilate

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2005 on CBS
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The four remaining teams take off from Lion's Rock in Sri Lanka and learn that they must fly to Shanghai, China. The teams catch the same flights via Hong Kong and then through to Shanghai which arrives later that night. The teams face communication difficulties while trying to grab taxis to get to Yu Yuan Gardens. The teams eventually arrive and discover that they must wait until the next morning for it to open. The teams are then instructed to make their way by taxi to Huaneng Union Tower where one team decides to use the third and final Yield on another. Next, a Roadblock has team members lowering down a building while making sure to locate a hidden message printed half way down and then teams must use this to reveal to a man at the bottom to get their next clue. Next, the teams travel by taxis to the Monument of the People's Heroes on Shanghai's most popular mile, the Bund. There, teams must search through a group of Tai Chi performers for the one with their next clue. Teams then make their way to the docks of Shanghai where they encounter a Detour. One involves "Bricks," a more physical task, while other as "Ice" which requires transporting ice and then breaking it into small parts. No one chose to do "Ice." The teams then rush to get to the next Pit Stop, the Peace Hotel South. In the end, one team is only just late by a few minutes and arrives last. Although fearing the worst, they are not eliminated, as this is the last of three pre-determined non-elimination legs. However, Phil tell us someone will fall victim to the final elimination on the next leg.moreless

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  • Shanghai was highly interesting, and a good team was spared elimination

    A very great episode and in which a good team was spared elimination. A Very suspenseful and highly enjoyable episode.

    I knew this was going to be a killer episode. Since only four teams remain, I decided who to vote for in winning the race. All four teams are competitive, even Adam and Rebecca who are always behind but always catch up.

    When I heard Phil say that they were going to Shanghai, I thought, oh no, not China again but surprisingly, it was quite the impressive city I'll say. I did not guess for this to be a non-elimination leg, I wasn't quite sure if it was or not because this season has had a number of things happen that changed the game completely, but for the better of The Amazing Race. Teams flew on the same flight to Shanghai where Kris/Jon had a problem trying to hail down a taxi. Teams made their way to one of the most beautiful gardens of Shanghai. There, the teams were instructed to travel by taxi to a local building. The third and final Yield was coming up. I was high on the outcome of this twist!

    So, Freddy and Kendra were going to Yield Kris and Jon because they're the fastest team. No, instead they used it on Adam and Rebecca so that Adam and Rebecca could taste it. It was more of a revenge kick from back in Ethiopia where Adam and Rebecca Yielded Freddy and Kendra in order to save Jonathan and Victoria from elimination. Next, in an awesome Roadblock, the team members excelled up and down the buildings long enough to receive their next clue. This next clue took the teams to a local Shanghai festival of some sort. Teams then made their way the Shanghai Marina, opened their next clue, to discover a Detour task of "Bricks" and "Ice". Awesome selection of tasks in my opinion.

    All teams chose "Bricks" which was the more physical task of the two. At this stage, Adam/Rebecca and Kris/Jon fell behind.

    On the way to the Pit Stop, Kris/Jon and Adam/Rebecca were both dead last. I like both teams but Kris/Jon more so than Rebecca/Adam. Haydon/Aaron came in first and won a prize. Freddy/Kendra were second. In the end, the tense foot race between Kris/Jon and Adam/Rebecca to avoid elimination became Adam/Rebecca's downfall.

    Luckily, Adam/Rebecca were luckily stripped of all their money in the third and final non-elimination leg of the season. I'm glad, I'd rather see Freddy/Kendra leave the race. Even with Adam/Rebecca's penalty, I'm hoping and praying that Freddy/Kendra are eliminated on the final elimination round. They deserve it.

    Overall, another amazing episode with a great outcome. The best season for sure. I'm very nervous about the two-hour finale next week.moreless
Phil Keoghan

Phil Keoghan


Rebecca Cardon

Rebecca Cardon

Second Runner Up with Adam (Season Six)

Adam Malis

Adam Malis

Second Runner Up with Rebecca (Season Six)

Kris Perkins

Kris Perkins

Runner Up with Jon (Season Six)

Jon Buehler

Jon Buehler

Runner Up with Kris (Season Six)

Freddy Holliday

Freddy Holliday

Winner with Kendra (Season Six)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Hayden and Aaron. (Prize: Vacation to Beautiful Hawaii, compliments
      #2. Freddy and Kendra.
      #3. Kris and Jon.
      #4. Adam and Rebecca. (Stripped of all money, will not receive any for next leg)

    • All teams shared a layover in Hong Kong while flying between Colombo and Shanghai.

    • Yield: The third and final Yield of this edition was made available on this leg and Freddy and Kendra chose to use it on Adam and Rebecca because of the previous Yield in Ethiopia where Adam and Rebecca Yielded them. This is the first and, as of the eleventh season, only time that a team Yielded a team that had previously Yielded them. Both Fast Forwards have already been used.

    • Balance Sheet: Hayden and Aaron move up from second to first. Freddy and Kendra move up from third to second. Kris and Jon move down from first to third. Adam and Rebecca remain in last but are not eliminated.

    • Roadblock: In this Roadblock, one team must make their way to the top of a 40-story skyscraper in Shanghai, China, sit on a window washer's car and lower themselves to the marked window below. Next, they must wash the glass until they revealed a written message. once they thought they understood the message, they had to lower themselves to the ground and relay it to the supervisor to earn their next clue.

      Kris, Aaron, Kendra and Rebbecca completed this Roadblock for their respective teams.

    • Detour:
      All teams chose "Bricks", where they had to use a traditional device to carry 300 bricks off a docked boat to an awaiting wooden pallet on the docks.
      No team chose "Ice", where they would've put two, 200lb. blocks of ice into bikes, rode them to a hard-to-find seller in a fish market, then broken them into smaller chunks.

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    • While in a cab travelling to see the tai chi practioners, Kris said "can you handle that?" while doing mock hand chops, imitating Ben Stiller's delivery of the final line in Meet the Parents.

    • Upon seeing Adam/Rebecca were Yielded, Hayden let out a "haw-haw," clearly imitative of Nelson Muntz's catchphrase on The Simpsons.