The Amazing Race

Season 11 Episode 5

You Need to Watch Your Jokes, Guy

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 2007 on CBS
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The remaining seven teams take off from their Pit Stop at the "End of the World" in Argentina and travel to the nearby Marshall Mountain chain, where they hike a half a mile and then use an avalanche beacon to search for another containing a clue. The clue instructs them to fly 7,000 miles to Naputo, Mozambique. Though teams are provided with tickets arriving at 3:00 P.M., all successfully negotiate tickets for an earlier flight arriving at 9:00 A.M. They then travel 45 miles via provided cars to the Apopo Training Field where one member of each team takes part in a Roadblock involving trained rats. After completing this task, they then face a Detour that involves either fancy fingernail-care or heavy lifting. Teams race for the Pit Stop, where two teams have a foot-race that leads to virtual tie. One team arrives last but is delighted to learn that they are not eliminated.moreless

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  • A nice, classic All-Stars episode with humor

    The race finally leaves America, well the whole America and goes to Mozambique for the fifth leg. With Rob & Amber gone this will give the race more competitiveness! Teams are really starting to get at each other by saying bad comments etc. I LOVE IT! It makes it more exciting.

    The Roadblock was good, animal based stuff. Charla & Mirna always just escape elimination by placing second-last which makes me wonder how long they'll stay for. But they finished 1st this time!!!

    The Detour was cool but once again more teams chose the one that seemed easier but I like it when half the teams choose one choice and the half choose the other choice. the race to the finish was close, Uchenna & Joyce finished last but just like Season 10, the first Non-elimination leg is placed on Pit stop #5, so they still in the game, but thus have been 'Marked for Elimination'. Will they manage to overcome their 30 minute penalty or will elimination strike the winning team?

    Overall, pretty good, not the best but I liked itmoreless
  • Hollywood nails! Everybody, manicure, manicure! Who needs Rombuh when you have Charla and Mirna?

    Okay, the past few legs have turned me against Charla and Mirna, but this episode, I was actually rooting for them again. Their overenthusiastic shouting at the marketplace was incredibly hilarious. Yes, I've gotten over the annoying factor, and I'm glad because I wouldn't forgive myself for not being able to recognize the humor in their antics.

    The BQ's finished second, but they still made a silly mistake. Let's hope they'll be able to get over their mistake-making streak. Uchenna and Joyce, arguably the nicest team on this race, were saved by the nonelimination. I do want them to do well, so of course I was relieved when Phil revealed that it was a nonelim leg.

    Thanks again for the laughs, C/M!moreless
  • A surprising team manages to come in first after selecting the right detour.

    I was so happy to see Charla and Mirna come in first. I thought they would finish in the back of the pack like they usually do but they really stepped it up. I was glad that they got a chance to prove that they aren’t just a weak team and that they are there to compete. I was also really happy see the BBQ finish so close to the front. Even though my favorite teams finished first I was not too happy with the layout of the race. I felt it was based too much on which detour they choose to do at the very end of the leg. The manicures were so much easier but I guess it was the teams fault for picking the wrong task. I also felt like the racers were so close together that it was based too much on luck. The rest of the race had some interesting parts. I thought it was fun to see how everyone reacted to doing the rat challenge. I also thought it was interesting to see some tension arrise between Eric and Danielle and the Guidos. Overall I felt like this week’s episode was an interesting one and I really enjoyed seeing Charla and Mirna come in first for the first time ever.moreless
  • Entertaining and Hilarious...

    Firstly, I really enjoyed this Rob and Amber free episode (He's eating his words now!). They always annoyed the crap out of me so it was nice to see them go last episode (although they did make for an interesting race. They are really good at creating contreversy). Anyway, let's move on.

    The snow beacon thing looked interesting. If that had been me with the device, I probably would have been running around like chicken with its head cut off yelling out numbers. But it seemed to be one of those "take your time" tasks. For the first time we see Danny and Oswald bicker. But not too bad (come on, we've had worse: Jonathan and Victoria, Colin and Christie...ring any bells?). I like how they were saying "We're Cuban. One of us gets mad at a time...". I love this team. I also love the Guidos (my friend tells me they were conniving the last time they were on the race...I didn't watch that season) but I still like them. I loved their "walk away" from Eric and Danielle. Eric and Danielle are annoying me. And both of them annoyed me the last time they were on the race as well.

    As for the roadblock: I don't even know where to start. There were so many hilariously funny moments in this roadblock. The rats, names ranging from Tupac to Twinkletoes, to Ian calling his rat a "dirty rat", to team "Cha cha cha" telling their rat they would set him free so he could go to a lab and have makeup applied (if you were a rat, would you rather be searching for mines that would blow you up or having blush applied to you?? Hope I don't offend too many animal activists out there...). The entire roadbloack just made me laugh. I loved the little (well, big) rats. I think that is so cool they were trained to find land mines. It proves not only dogs can be used in wars. Rats proved their worth this episode! I'm not usually a rat person, but after seeing how intelligent they really are, I kinda want me a big rat! Ha ha. Most of the rats finished fairly quickly. I thought that Charla and Mirna would easily catch up to the rest of the teams, but imagine my surprise when they came in first!! Now I'll admit, Mirna really annoys me, but dang it all, I love Charla and her spunk. How cute was it when she tackled her cousin down at the pit stop and hugged her? They (along with the Beauty Queens) are the only ones who chose to do (in my eyes, the quicker and easier detour) manicures. My heart grew a little for Dustin and Kandice when they painted that little girls fingernails for free. I love the Beauty Queens. I loved them last season. I love them this season.

    The detour (in my eyes) should have been a no-brainer. The first thing I thought was, "Oh they'll all do manicures". But almost everyone chose the coal task (as did Ian and Teri, but dumb luck and a crappy cab driver took them to where the manicures were being done). I honestly thought Ian was going to make the trek over to do the coal with everyone else, but Teri convinced him to try for "five more minutes". Go Teri! And guess what? The people who did the nails came into the pit stop first! That coal looked brutal. I loved Danny and Oswald in the car comparing each other to gay raccoons. Laugh laugh laugh. They were hysterical in this episode (especially chasing Phil at the pit stop!). I really thought that they were going to catch him and hug him! But a-la the Roadrunner and Coyote, our Roadrunner got away. I really like team Cha cha cha and hope they go a long way. I also love Uchenna and Joyce, but Uchenna should have known to ask someone for help on where the address was. Men and asking for directions (sigh). But at least they were spared elimination. I really hope they can come back from this because they are such a strong team and I love their attitude and how much they enjoy the sights and being together.

    In my opinion, this was the funniest episode so far. I hope they continue to stay comedic, but judging from next weeks clips, Danielle is gonna bring the drama (I wonder what heinous thing they did to get thrown off the plane?!). At this point, I'll admit, I don't care who wins (I'm just glad it's not Rob and Amber...). I'd love to see Danny and Oswald win. Or even Joe and Bill.

    But for now Go team Cha Cha Cha!!!moreless
  • Thank God For Romber's Elimination. Finally The Other Teams Get The Airtime They Deserved

    This season is shaping up to be quite a great season. And I expect nothing less from an all star season. And the same goes for tonight's episode which was filled with so many unexpected turnout of events. First, the search at the avalanche. That was quite some search. I was surprised with the blondes as once again they make a silly error. They seemed to be doing quite a lot of that these days. The one great thing though about them is they always manage to do a comeback in style. It was also nice seeing Danny and Oswald bickering once in a while. It shows that they are perfectly human as well and they do feel frustrated from time to time. But I dont want them to quarrel anymore. I prefer them to cha cha their way through the race. Second, the rat task. Oooh, I like this task. This season all the roadblocks seemed to be very different. And that is nice as well. I bet the teams did not see that coming as well. It was interesting to see how each and every team reacted towards the rats. From the 'they're so cute' from Joyce to the disgust look on Danny's face. Pretty cool task.

    Third, the way to the clue box outside the monument. This was one of the task that proves that the blondes and the big kahunas are not only followers. They do think for themselves and try to figure their way out of things. As for Eric and Danielle, sigh. They must be completely bumped when they found out they went the wrong way, chose the wrong detour and lost to the guidos in a footrace. Fourth, (i know this is becoming lenghty but in this episode there were so many exciting twists so forgive me) the detour. When are they going to start realizing that the physical task aint necessarily the fastest task? This was one of those task that shows how critical it is to choose the right detour. Good job on Charla and Mirna and the BQs for choosing this task. (and what a luck for the big kahunas to just end up doing this task, they should thank their driver for taking them to the wrong place). I was actually quite nervous during this detour. I was so hoping that Eric and Danielle will be the last team to arrive. I personally think that Charla and Mirna are the whiners for this season and we have a new pair of villains, Eric and Danielle. They are going out of their way to just annoy the hell out of team guidos. Sigh. However, as luck may have it, Danielle succesfully convinced a few of the local kids to guide them causing Uchenna and Joyce to finish last.

    Fifth, my god this is the first time i actually enjoyed the scene of teams checking in at the pit stop. There were so many entertaining clips. First the way mirna hugged her cousin and rolled on the floor. Hate her or love her, you got to admit Mirna is really close to her cousin and you can tell she loves her a lot. Next, Phil's comment on the BQs wearing pink in mozambique. That was actually funny. To me at least. Third, Cha cha cha chasing after phil at the pit stop. I laughed my head off. It was so funny. And the footrace to the pitstop between Eric and Danielle and team Guido, that was also quite exciting. However, I was bumped out when Uchenna and Joyce finish last but I wasnt that worried cause for some reason I got a strong feeling this was a non elimination pit stop. Hopefully they do well next leg. I sincerely do.

    Overall, an amazing episode. I enjoyed it a lot.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (9)

    • When Mirna and Charla arrived at the Pit Stop, neither Phil or the local was at the mat. Because of this, they had to redo them arriving at the Pit Stop.

    • Roadblock: Teams were given the clue "Who smells a rat?" to determine who should complete this leg's Roadblock. This Roadblock had one team member use a rat to find a clue on a deactivated mine. Uchenna, Joe, Oswald, Eric, Ian, Charla and Dustin completed this Roadblock.

    • For the first time in the history of the show, two all-female teams took the top two spots in the standings of a leg. Charla and Mirna finished in first place, and Dustin and Kandice finished in second place.

    • Eric and Danielle finished in sixth place on this leg. This is Eric's lowest finish ever, as he'd never placed lower than fourth both earlier in this season and in the ninth season.

    • Detour: Teams in this episode had a Detour choice of either Pamper or Porter. In Pamper, teams were required to travel a half-mile to the Maputo Central Market and then convince people to paint their nails, a task traditionally performed by men in that area. Charla/Mirna and Dustin/Kandice completed this task. In Porter, teams were required to travel two miles and then fill bags with coal, then haul one of them to a specified destination. Joe/Bill, Oswald/Danny, Uchenna/Joyce, and Eric/Danielle completed this task. Teri/Ian also initially opted for this task, but ended up stumbling onto Pamper, which they completed efficiently by painting the nails of only two people.

    • Thermacare The Amazing Race All-Stars Moment of Relief: In the tenth season, Dustin and Kandice were relieved to find that they were not eliminated after coming in last on a leg.

    • This is the first leg Charla and Mirna have won. They repeatedly only finished as high as second in the fifth season. Additionally, they are the seventh all-female team to win a leg of the race, preceded by Dustin and Kandice in the tenth season, the Godlewski Family in the eighth season, Debbie and Bianca in the seventh season, Tian and Jaree in the fourth season, Mary and Peach in the second season, and Pat and Brenda in the first season.

    • Balance Sheet: Charla and Mirna had the biggest jump of all, skyrocketing from seventh to first. Dustin and Kandice moved up from fifth to second. Teri and Ian remained in third. Oswald and Danny moved down three places, going from first to fourth. Joe and Bill moved down one place, dropping from fourth to fifth. Eric and Danielle dropped four places, from second to sixth. Uchenna and Joyce fell from sixth to last, but were not eliminated, as this was the All-Star edition's first non-elimination leg.

    • The teams finished in the following order:

      #1. Charla and Mirna (Prize: Trip for two to the Caribbean, Courtesy Travelocity)
      #2. Dustin and Kandice
      #3. Teri and Ian
      #4. Oswald and Danny
      #5. Joe and Bill
      #6. Eric and Danielle
      #7. Uchenna and Joyce (Marked for elimination, must come in first on next leg or incur 30-minute penalty)

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  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates: Sweden: March 14, 2010 on TV6

    • The original broadcast of this episode on CBS started approximately 46 minutes late, due to an overrun of NCAA March Madness basketball. To date, this was was the longest delay of the start time of an episode due to sports.


    • At the Roadbock, Ian badly immitates Jimmy Cagney and says "you dirty rat," a common misquoting from Roy Del Ruth's 1932 film Taxi!