The Amazing Race

Season 22 Episode 5

Your Tan is Totally Cool

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2013 on CBS

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  • Just my opinion, but one of the most interesting Asia legs

    As above, my review will probably be disagreed with by all but I actually enjoyed this leg. Considering this is the only season with 2 or less legs in Asia, besides TAR7, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was sad to see Dave & Connor getting knocked off due to his knee injury. They made it as far as they possibly could however, so it wasn't a complete loss.

    The Vietnamese Roadblock with a rather touchy song, with different critical responses to the lyrics in the performance portrayed by the Vietnamese.

    Other than that, the tasks seemed interesting enough and it was enjoyable and entertaining.

    Those vietnamese singers are total jerks! They were basically mocking all other countries. USA! USA! Anyways my fave moment was the double uturn. Im so glad joey and megan made it to the end! Fiery Revenge on the backstabers!
  • By far the weakest episode of the season.

    This season has been above average compared to recent seasons, but this episode was a big let down for me.

    The tasks we had toady were unimpressive. The Roadblock was a nice test of memory but there are better memory challenges that we hve seen (you only need to go back one episode to find one). The Detour was completely unbalanecd - the cooking one was very difficult with the language barrier, while the chess one was simply to find four symbols on clothing and grab those people.

    Aside from the tasks, the whole suspense of the leg was removed by what happened rather early on. It was obvious that the last team to the mat would not be eliminated.

    I like the U-Turn, and I enjoyed the strategising that we saw today. I enjoyed seeing more teams mingling than we usually see of late. But there were two very questionable decisions at the U-Turn board. It seems like alliances are playing a bigger role than trying to get out stronger teams.

    Nonetheless, it wasn't particularly bad for an Asia episode. And since we only get two So I don't mind having one bad Asia leg, since we have a record low.
  • I loved the open mind.

    I LOVE CBS. It was wonderful that they showed a country whose culture is far different from ours, but allowed them to celebrate that culture and that philosophy. We do not have to agree with it, but I thought it was wonderful that they allowed the Vietnamese to enjoy that culture. If anyone has a problem with Americans being friends with people in a socialist country, then they shouldn't buy at Target or all the other storees that have just about everything made in China. This is a great show and I LOVED this episode, although I am sad that Connor and his dad had to leave. What beautiful people. Giuiletta.