The Amazing Spider-Man (1977) - Season 1

CBS (ended 1979)




Episode Guide

  • Escort to Danger
    Escort to Danger
    Episode 5
    The Miss Galaxy Pageant features the daughter of the newly elected leader of a Latin-American country. She is abducted by the sister of the defeated dictator coerce the new leader to create a dictatorship once again.
  • Night of the Clones
    Dr. Moon, who has been a consistent loser of a major science award, has created a clone! Finally he has a chance to win. But his clone plots to make sure of the outcome by eliminating the committee members who denied the award to the original Dr. Moon for over half a decade. Peter, covering the awards, tries to solve the mysterious attacks.moreless
  • The Curse of Rava
    The Curse of Rava
    Episode 3
    A religious cult from Kalistan protests and warn of a curse on all who look at a statue of their ancient god, Rava, which is put on display at the museum. Spider-Man must face the cult leader, Mandak, who has telekinetic powers.
  • The Deadly Dust (2)
    In part two, Spider-Man must track down a stolen atomic bomb by finding the extortionists who are demanding $1 billion dollars and then disabling the weapon and its potential for mass destruction.
  • The Deadly Dust (1)
    When Peter Parker's university allows plutonium onto the campus, several of his fellow students, appropriate the radioactive materal in order to make a political statement against nuclear power.

    When a real criminal, an extortionist, discovers where the bomb is being kept he steals it from the student thieves. Spider-Man must now trace the path of the new thieves and shutdown both the extortionist and the weapon.moreless
  • Spider-Man
    Episode 1
    Peter Parker, a graduate student in science who works part-time as a photographer for the major metropolitan newspaper "The Daily Bugle", was accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider. He soon realized he gained spider-like abilities from the radioactive bite. He chooses to use his new powers to stop a cult leader who gains control of a mind controlling device, and controls decent people into stealing money from banks leaving the innocent to take the rap for him.moreless