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The Amazing Spider-Man (1977)

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 1977 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Peter Parker, a graduate student in science who works part-time as a photographer for the major metropolitan newspaper "The Daily Bugle", was accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider. He soon realized he gained spider-like abilities from the radioactive bite. He chooses to use his new powers to stop a cult leader who gains control of a mind controlling device, and controls decent people into stealing money from banks leaving the innocent to take the rap for him.moreless

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  • Pilot for a live action Spider-Man television series. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker gains super powers, which he uses to stop a con man who hypnotizes people to commit crimes.moreless

    This is a pilot for the Amazing Spider-Man live action television series, although it was released as a feature film in Europe. Overall, it is a good effort given the technically limits.

    The acting and special effects are all good for 1977, the problem is that; 1. The witty humor from the comics is gone. Spider-Man is often making jokes while battling villians, but not here.

    2. Uncle Ben does not exist. Hence Peter Parker becomes a super hero out of the goodness of his heart, and to take some photographs, and not because, "with great power, comes great responsibility." 3. No super villians. Many of the classic super villians would have been incredibly easy to recreate circa 1977; i.e. Chamelon, Kraven, Lizard, Mysterio. Instead we get a new age/guru con man and some odd ninjas. Beyond these problems, the pilot and the television series are a lot of fun to watch -- especially for Spider-Man fans.moreless
  • The Superhero lives!!!

    A man using mind controlling device starts controlling people's mind and makes them rob banks and commit crimes for his own profit. Peter Parker, a college student, who is trying to get a job at DAILY BUGLE, recieves a bite from a radioactive spider. Now he's got super powers, he's no ordinary guy, and he's on the case & no one can stop him, even Capt. Barbera or even Samurais.

    This series was short lived, but I really liked it, especially the TV movie. Never thought there can bae a live action adaption of Marvel Superheroes back at 70's, but hey! Spiderman lives!moreless
David White

David White

J. Jonah Jameson (pilot only)

Nicholas Hammond

Nicholas Hammond

Peter Parker/Spiderman

Michael Pataki

Michael Pataki

Captain Barbera

Chip Hurd

Chip Hurd

Rita Conway

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    • Jameson: What are you doing here?
      Peter: Oh, sir. Here. I thought you might like to see these.
      Jameson: What are they? (Looking at photos of Spider-Man with the three Samurai) That's incredible. How come you're the only one who is able to get pictures of him?
      Peter: Simple... I believe.

    • Detective Monahan: What do you want me to do about this Spider-Man?
      Captain Barbera: Oh, I'm getting reinforcements for him.
      Detective Monahan: Good.
      Captain Barbera: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and if we're lucky, Rumpelstiltskin will lend a hand. What am I going to do about Spider-Man? How do I know? I'm a cop, not an exterminator.

    • (After receiving his first assignment)
      Jameson: Do you know where 10th & Carlisle is?
      Peter: Yes, sir. It was on my paper route when I was a kid.
      Jameson: And that's what you'll being doing again if you don't bring me some decent pictures. Get it.

    • (Asking about Spider-Man)
      J. Jonah Jameson: What'd he look like?
      Peter: Like a spider.
      J. Jonah Jameson: How many legs did he have?
      Peter: Well two, of course. He's a man.
      J. Jonah Jameson: You just said he was a spider. Spiders have got lots of legs.
      Peter: No, sir, he's like a spider. He can do the things a spider does. Climb walls and spin webs and he's very, very strong.

    • (As Peter is taking pictures of the car accident)
      Captain Barbera: Hey! Hey you. I'm Captain Barbera. I understand you saw this.
      Peter: Oh, yes sir. I was coming out of the drug store and this car started following me. So, I ran down here to get away and he came after me.
      Captain Barbera: Do you know the man?
      Peter: No, sir. I've never saw him in my life.
      Captain Barbera: Just one of life's little mysteries, huh.

    • (looking at photos that Peter has given to him)
      J. Jonah Jameson: Very pretty. Very pretty but what good are they? I'm not running an art gallery here. I need pictures that jump off the page, Grab the reader. (Hands photos back to Peter) Sorry, Parker. They're not for us.

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