The Amazing Spider-Man (1977)

Season 2 Episode 8

The Chinese Web (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 06, 1979 on CBS

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  • The live action Amazing Spider-Man television series ends with a fantatsic bang! Parker's brains and Spidey's super powers are both needed to prove a man's innocence and stop a corrupt businessman.

    The Amazing Spider-Man live action television series did not last long, mostly because CBS was tired of being labled the 'Super Hero Network'. This final, two-party episode is the best of the bunch (followed by Deadly Dust) and shows where the series might have gone, had CBS not been so short sighted.

    Their are lots of nice touches to this two-part episode; Parker's internal monologue, the Spidey tracer, a female love-interest -- who learns who Spider-Man really is, political intrique, cool wall crawling sequences and battles with Ninjas. Their is a slightly darker, gritter element to these two final episodes. Frequent use of Spider-Man's powers and brains. It is not quite as great as comic book fans would like, but its pretty darn close.

    The series also adds in some nice exposition about traditional Chinese spirtual practices/customs as well as the situation with Hong Kong (since given back to China in 1997). Again, this is 1978/79 so their were real limits for special effects. The acting is solid, but it does have that late 1970s vibe to it. The series had decent ratings throughout its run, but CBS just wanted to get out the super hero business. It never got a proper schedule or a full two seaons.

    Stan Lee was, apparently, unhappy with the series and most fans felt that it never found the right balance between grounded realism (to avoid camp)and cool super hero-comic action.

    Yet, for millions of Spider-Man fans this was the only real live action version of Spider-Man we had until the big budget film (in development since the 1980s) managed to get...untangled from its own web of troubles.
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