The Amazing Spider-Man (1977)

Season 1 Episode 3

The Curse of Rava

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 1978 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Notice as Rita, Mr. Jameson and Peter are getting into the elevator that the boom mike can be seen above them.

  • Quotes

    • (At the museum near the Rava statue)
      Jameson: You did an excellent job, Captain.
      Captain Barbera: Thank you, sir. I'd like to take all the credit. But I have to admit, I couldn't have pulled it off without Spider-Man.
      Peter: Oh, he'll be delighted to hear you say that, Captain. Do you mind if the Bugle quotes you on that?
      Jameson: Not on your life. I'm not giving any recognition to some freak who runs around in a red and blue union suit.

    • (After leaving Dr. Keller's lab room)
      Peter: Oh. Hello, Captain. You gonna take a class?
      Captain Barbera: Sure. I may even go back to school full time.
      Peter: Good. Maybe I can get you into my fraternity.

    • (At the Daily Bugle)
      Peter: (Referring to Mr. Jameson) Why does that man have to be so stubborn?
      Rita: That's probably what got him where he is.
      Peter: I mean he is in jail and he still thinks that he knows the answers. If that is what it takes to be rich, I'd rather stay poor.
      Rita: Honey, you work for Mr. Jameson long enough, you'll get your wish for sure.

    • (After Peter's spider sense warns him about Mandak)
      Peter: Captain. Captain. Can I talk to you. Look, you have got to make sure that Idol of Rava doesn't get back to Calistan. I mean it could cause a Civil War. With Calistan sitting right between Russia and China.
      Captain Barbera: Relax, Parker. I already talked to some fruit cake. Said he was from the Calistany Councilor
      Peter: Captain. Did he threaten you?
      Captain Barbera: No. But he said that statue of Smiling Jack in there was going to get me. You notice how scared I am.
      Peter: I'd take that lightly, sir. Look what happened to Prof. Rustin.
      Captain Barbera: You too. Parker, don't you have to oil your slide ruler or something.
      Peter: Well, I really think.
      Captain Barbera: (Cutting him off) No.

    • Rita: Mr. Jameson. I've got your car parked right out front.
      Jameson: What are you all dressed up for?
      Rita: Now, you didn't want me driving around in your Royals in an old house coat, did you?
      Jameson: Well, actually I didn't want you driving around in it at all.
      Rita: You know. To tell you the truth, you're getting out early kind of messed up my plans. See I had this date with this guy I know over in Jersey. We were going to strip you car.
      Jameson: (Turning to Peter) You know, I half believe she would.

    • (After Peter suggests that someone else will buy his pictures)
      Jameson: Rita.
      Rita: Yeah, boss.
      Jameson: We're buying some pictures from Parker and the negatives. Authorize payment will you (Looking at Peter) and throw in a $50 bonus.
      Rita: Yes sir.
      Peter: Thank you, Mr. Jameson. (Giving Jameson the envelope of pictures) That's very generous of you.
      Jameson: Get out of here, Parker.

    • (Looking over the debris that fell infront of the museum)
      Captain Barbera: What do you think caused it, Professor?
      Professor John Rustin: I don't know. I'm an art historian, Captain. Ask young Parker there. Physical scienes are his field.
      (Peter walks up)
      Captain Barbera: How about it, Parker. Could an earthquake have caused all this?
      Peter: Well, certainly if we were in California. But there's never been an earthquake recorded in Manhatten
      Captain Barbera: (Sarcastically) Thanks, Parker. You're a big help.

    • (Tapping Peter's shoulder as he's taking pictures of the Rava statue)
      Trina: Did I scare you?
      Peter: Well, as a matter of fact, yes, you did.
      Trina: I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were so engrossed in your work.
      peter: Well, he's a pretty engrossing old boy. (Reaching up to touch the statue)
      Trina: You mustn't touch him.
      Peter: Oh, that's right. I'm sorry. I forgot.

  • Notes

    • This episode was combined with the Con Caper episode when the series was put into syndication, and later released on videotape in the combined 2 hour long video 'movie' format.

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