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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Operation Shruberry
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    • Operation Sassy Lassy
    • Operation Sneak Attack
    • Operation Noel's Last Stand
    • Operation There's no PAL in Principal
    • Operation Chicken Suit
    • Operation Scary Jerry, Part 2
    • Operation Scary Jerry, Part 1
    • Operation Sudstatic
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    • Operation Funny Bone
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    • Operation Spy Clone
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    • Operation Super Spy Flakes
    • Operation Trudi On Duty
    • Operation Solo Spy
      Operation Solo Spy
      Episode 13
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    • Operation Astrunuts
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    • Operation Senior Spy
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    • Operation Tami Trouble
      Sebastian learns of meteor's that can help him control the minds of each spy and other classmates of the spiez. With the meteor on hand he manages to infiltrate WOOHP and tries to take it over. Can Jerry help the spiez overcome being controlled and keep themselves safe from their mom who is on a rampage due to Tony's poor grades?moreless
    • Operation Forgotten Island
      When retired WOOHP Supercomputer WOOHP123 comes back online and learns she has been disregarded by Jerry, she decides she mist take out Jerry to get her revenge. The only problem is she must first attract his attention, and the best way to do so is by capturing the Spiez.
    • Operation Gus-Jitsu
      Marc becomes jealous when a computer named Virtual Virgil starts replacing him as the school's smartest figure. Meanwhile the Spiez are called in to investigate why a pair of slippers that seems to have ties to ancient ninjas has been stolen. The Spiez learn another ninja figure is in their hometown, and when they arrive they learn Gus Junior has adapted the skills of the ninja making him an opponent more powerful than they could have ever imagined.moreless
    • Operation Jolty Juice
      The basketball teams new coach decides to make the team earn uniform money by sailing a new Energy Drink called Jolty Juice. No sooner does Lee begin to sale the stuff than the gang is called on to test a new spy uniform while investigating how a group of Prisoners broke out of a WOOHP Prisoner Van.moreless
    • Operation Yeti Bear
      The Spiez are given a mission to track down an unknown Yeti that seems to be pursuing hair stylist Tress Locksley. Evidence left behind indicates that the culprit is none other than the previously evil Kat, and when she turns Mark into a hairy ape man and goes all crazy chasing Tess in Toronto, these Spiez may have their hands full of a hairy means.moreless
    • Operation Killer Condos
      A new realator is building condos all over the city and offering these condos to other real estate agents at fantastic proces. However the realator, Sharky Sharkman, is really hoping to eliminate the competition with these new condos. The Spiez are sent to investigate the disappearances, but when they find themselves facing a shark in reality, these realize they may have bitten off more than they can chew. In the B-Plot Jerry decides to go through a different series of hairstyles in hopes of finding a new one that will suit him perfectly.moreless
    • Operation Snowy Falcon
      Lee hires on at the SieberSmoothie to try and get money for new sports gear. The first day he works there though the smoothie machine is stolen, and weather patterns begin to go haywire and cause snow all over the world. The Spiez investigate and get led to a tropical island where they meet with Stony Falcon, who has changed from skateboarding to snowboarding. His new dream is to snowboard across the entire world, changing the world's weather patterns in the process permanently. The spiez must try and find some way to stop him and restore the weather or they risk a new ice age that would wipe out all humans permanently.moreless
    • Operation Evil Paparrazi
      Jerry's evil sister Sherry manages to confuse the WOOHP holding cell DNA scan because her DNA is similar to Jerry's. Once she is free she becomes an evil paparazzi with the full intent on exposing Jerry and the Spiez. As if keeping their identities wasn't hard enough, the Spiez also have to deal with Tami's newspaper column Tami Talk which is dragging all of their names down and revealing her crush on Lee.moreless
    • Operation Nano Spiez
      When the Spiez parents go on vacation, they ask Aunt Trudy to keep an eye on the kids, especially since her house is being fumagated at the same time. The Spiez however are called out on a mission to track down some missing agents. Davey Hacker has once again stolen WOOHP technology and is using it to shrink all the Spiez so they have t call him and make him one. When the Spiez get shrunken themselves they must find some way to reverse the gadget and get back to their normal size before Davey smashes all of them into oblivion.moreless
    • Operation Rebel Robot
      Techno Tommy escapes from the WOOHP holding cell, and the Clarks are sent to capture him. After doing so Marc worries about the upcoming Science Fair Project that he is creating- an AI robot. After multiple failures Marc decides to borrow some technology from WOOHP to help him win, but little does he know the chip he has is from none other than Techno Tommy. The robot and Tommy go on a rampage in the city, but will the Clark squad be strong enough to stop not one but two psychopaths- a robot and a teenager?moreless
  • Season 1
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