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  • The Original was MUCH better

    It's not that good. And I JUST CAN'T STAND TONY!!! It's like an older version of Sonic Boom (The video games, not the show), but at least this show does something right to please the audience. Have Sam, Clover and Alex appear more.

    Bottom Line: It's not good but it's not TERRIBLE!

    Score 6/10

    Update!: That_TV_Dude had a VERY good point, it's a very unnecessary show, why have the same shows?

    New Score: 5.5/10

    This show is pathetic garbage with terrible characters and bad art design. Totally spies was already garbage but this show makes it worse. Tony and Lee are so stupid, Megan is an annoying feminist bitch. Jerry is no longer serious, all the villains are jokes

    Fixing the show

    Make the show start off with Lee and Mark's mother marrying Megan and Tony's dad and have them adapt to the blended family life which would add a lot of depth to everything.

    Make Tammy less of a bitch

    more supporting characters

    good villains please.

    final score 1/10

  • A completely unnecessary spinoff to an already bad show

    As if Totally Spies wasn't bad enough the same people thought it would be a good idea to make a spinoff to it, and it failed just as much as Totally Spies. The Amazing Spiez! is very similar to Totally Spies, but instead of 3 friends it's now 3 brothers names Tony, Marc, and Lee as well as their sister Megan being enlisted by WOOHP to take on evil around the world while dealing with middle school life. If you thought the characters were bad in Totally Spies then you will be surprised to see that the characters are even more annoying on this show. Tony, Marc, and Lee are generic boys who are slobs, and rude to everyone, Megan is a typical shallow girl who thinks she knows everything, the teachers are stereotypical evil people to kids, and even Jerry has lost his dignity, and is just too silly. Sam, Clover, and Alex make cameo appearances every once in a while, but they still are the same characters from their show. To put it bluntly these characters have no personalities at all, and are flatter than paper. The villains are still as stupid as they were in the last show, and even some of the old ones return to make the show stupider. The humor is just the same as the last show as well relaying on gags that aren't funny at all. The stories are the same as Totally Spies as well, but at least in that show there was a little variety, but here it's always the same. Problem occurs, kids get sent, investigate, kids are captured, escape, fight villain, win, go home, and repeat. This show was just an unwanted spinoff to a series that was already bad enough, and it deserved to get canceled after 52 episodes. Nothing in this show works, and is just Totally Spies all over again from the premise to the horrible villains. It was uncalled for, and unwanted and is a complete waste of time that should never have been created.
  • Not as good as Totally Spiez...

    Spinoffs are usually horrible, take Troy McClure's word for it, and this show cements WHY they aren't. The animation style is good, but the characters and jokes are horrible; the Brittany episode was where I had had enough. Megan is an irritating Alex clone, Marc is a gender-flipped Sam clone, and Lee is--the same as Marc but with Clover. It's Totally Spies all over again! And isn't Jerry too old by now to recruit middle-schoolers? The guy's like 80-something, and he looks like one more mission could kill him. The villains too--they were flat in Totally Spies, but in Amazing Spiez, they're flat as sandpaper--they ARE the sandpaper. Like I said, Totally Spies with none of the charm, and an annoying Z at the end.
  • The Amazing Spiez! has more thrills in the exposure of their secrets. And because it is composed of younger spies, they have more pressure in dealing with their ordinary life and their spy life! The humor is greater and the bond is stronger in this show.

    Spin-offs are usually not that good as their predecessors, but The Amazing Spiez! is not one of them. It is mostly the same as Totally Spies only this is composed of younger agents which means even worse tween problems such as homework, bad grades, dates and even trying to hide their spy secrets from their parents! Imagine that for a bunch of pre-teens! However, the Spiez! seem to rely more on their gadgets when fighting against their villains, and less on their combat skills. Other than that, the humor is greater in this show. And it also tackles the bond within three brothers and their sister, which is rare, because usually, kids are better off to spend more time with their peers rather than their siblings. But Lee, Marc, Megan and Tony don't think so! Being spies make their bonds even stronger. Besides, starting out as a spy in a young age is definitely cool, and also a good news for WOOHP because they'll surely produce even better spies.
  • The Amazing Spiez is an awesome show!

    I love this show! I just saw it testerday and I loved it! It's so cool!

    I love the characters! Especially the two red-heads! I can't remember their name.

    But, this show is sssoooo funny and amazing! Just like the title.

    I figured that the show had something to do with Totally Spies when I saw Jerry and saw that they worked for WOOHP. (World Organization Of Human Protection)

    I also like their gadgets! They're awesome! I love them!

    I wish I was a character on the show! It'd be so cool to be a spy! (I guess...)

    This show really, really, really deserves a 10/10!