The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball

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Welcome to Elmore! This quaint little suburb isn't quite what it seems, as in Elmore, just about everything has the ability to come to life! The Amazing World Of Gumball follows the misadventures of Gumball, a twelve year old cat. With the help of his best friend Darwin, his former pet goldfish that grew legs and joined the family, he gets into all sorts of antics. He is joined by his sister, Anais, a four year old bunny with heightened intelligence. His father, Richard, and his mother, Nicole, are there to provide him support as well.

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AIRED ON 9/11/2014

Season 3 : Episode 16

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Season 3 : Episode 17

Fan Reviews (118)

  • An Abomination to the Cartoon World!

    The first time I watched an episode of this show, I was like, "the fuck did I just watch?" Its a stupid show and has the most random character you could think of. This show is crappy and unfunny. The only people who watch it are young kids and fat smelly old people. Seriously people. Get a life instead of watching a bunny and fish do dumb shit
  • terrible

    just like ALL other crappy cartoon network show. Bad animation, boring plots, bad voiceovers. Cheap.
  • One of the better shows on the network aside from season 1

    This show is a pretty nice show. It's the third best show on the network, only to be beaten by Regular Show in second place, and Uncle Grandpa being the best show on the network. Season 1 stunk, but Season 2 got better, and Season 3 is getting better with every episode.

    Season 1 is certainly the worst by far because the animation looked ugly and the show relied on fart humor in that season, but the fart jokes go away in Seasons 2 and 3. I'm glad this show got renewed for a fourth and fifth seasons, because with how well seasons 2 and 3 are doing, the show deserves it.

    There are only two episodes I don't like from season 3. But season 3 is getting better with every other episode. Maybe seasons 4 and 5 will be even better (if that's possible). And I hope the show will get even more seasons.

    Season 1 - 3/10

    Season 2 - 7/10

    Season 3 - 8/10moreless
  • Funny and cool show

    Even though some of the characters are irritating, the show is still good.
  • Best show along with MLP!

    This is great! Cool characters including a cat-bunny family named the Wattersons with a goldfish makes it a perfect show with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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    Plus: Hell on Wheels loses its renewal (temporarily), Regular Show gets a regular renewal, and The Daily Show will do it live.

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