The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball

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Welcome to Elmore! This quaint little suburb isn't quite what it seems, as in Elmore, just about everything has the ability to come to life! The Amazing World Of Gumball follows the misadventures of Gumball, a twelve year old cat. With the help of his best friend Darwin, his former pet goldfish that grew legs and joined the family, he gets into all sorts of antics. He is joined by his sister, Anais, a four year old bunny with heightened intelligence. His father, Richard, and his mother, Nicole, are there to provide him support as well.

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AIRED ON 7/24/2014

Season 3 : Episode 9

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Fan Reviews (114)

  • Best and the funniest show on Cartoon Network

    This show gets wackier and funnier every episode the funniest was the episode where Gumball and Dawin's voices change, I laugh pretty hard every time LOL
  • One of the dumbest ever

    This is the dumbest show ever. It's only about a cat that gets high. Also the designs are ugly and it baffles me that they cancelled Problem Solverz for this.
  • The Pretty Good World of Gumball (Not Amazing, per se)

    As a 35 year old guy, I watch cartoons sometimes when I'm trying to just veg out after work and not think about anything (not watch an engaging or informative quality program when I want to turn my brain off), and I can't stand the terrible sit-coms and other mindless drivel with terrible acting, plots, lines, everything, on the major networks. Vomit.

    So with that being established as what I'm looking for in a cartoon like this, just amusing and not so entertaining that it keeps me wide awake to see what happens next, I think it's a pretty good show.

    I enjoy the unique mixture of muppet-like puppets, claymation, 3D-computer rendering, hand drawn, and strange 1-off's like the bear that's a 2D piece of paper, or the nurse that's a stop motion animated tongue depressor with google eyes and tiny cloth outfits glued on. All kinds of styles blended on to sometimes real backgrounds and sometimes animated backgrounds, which is also another level of complexity in mixing it all together. I enjoy that aspect.

    There aren't really any adult only jokes in the show like in some other teens' or even kids' cartoons, but it's no "Dora the Expora' " or "Bubble Guppies" or "Paw Patrol" like my 5 and 7 year old niece and nephew watch, Gumball's not just for kids in my opinion, like those shows are, it's still entertaining for older kids through adults. Paw Patrol makes me want to stab my eyes and ears out with a fork, just not at all entertaining for older viewers, but Gumball is for probably ages like 12 and up.

    For someone my age, I get a lot of my chuckles out of Richard Watterson, the bunny Dad, as I expect most people in my generation would. We grew up in the 80s watching the Simpsons and identifying with Bart, as he was our age, but as we grew older the focus of the show switched to Homer, as we became adults ourselves and fathers and identified with him instead. This tried and true method of a stupid, lazy, drunk, totally inept and incapable loser of a Dad has worked ever since on my generation and more, such as with Seth McFarlane shows (Family Guy, Peter; American Dad, Stan; Cleveland Show, Cleveland) and works here too. The shows that involve that fat rabbit with man boobies crack me up and are my most favorite.

    And of course a Cop that's literally a donut is pretty damn funny.

    Compared to the other options on in the morning and afternoon for cartoons, which with my DirecTV is Cartoon Network East and West, Boomerang (by Cartoon Network), Nick East and West, and Nicktoons, it's just about as good as anything else on, maybe a little below (in my opinion) the other CN offerings of Regular Show, Chowder, and probably a little less interesting to me than the Nick channel offerings of Robot and Monster, Spongebob, and sort of even with Penguins of Madagascar which I occasionally find amusing and is typically not too childish. I just feel like Adventure Time is too childish for me though, don't like it.

    So it's a decent alternative to anything else on in the cartoon world that's modern, it's just too bad that the voices of Darwin and Gumball keep changing as the young boys who play them get too old in one season apparently to use their voices again. Here's an idea: with a voice that high for both of them, you don't need to pick voice actors who's nuts are going to drop in 4 months, hire a god damn kid not literally weeks away from puberty and voice changing. They seem to not only have different voices, but speak completely differently than they did, like their conversations, their lines, and just seem like totally different characters than they were in season 1, and then season 2, and now season 3. That is a big turn off, getting used to a character and having it change every season.moreless
  • Funny!

    I was wrong about this show, I watched a few episodes and I got a few laughs out of it my original score is a 3 but I give it a 7.5 to be nice.
  • It's actually a lot better than I made it out to be.

    I used to hate this show but after watching more of it it's actually pretty good. I really like this show because I find it awesome how a bunch of inanimate objects can come to life and live together.

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