The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball

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Welcome to Elmore! This quaint little suburb isn't quite what it seems, as in Elmore, just about everything has the ability to come to life! The Amazing World Of Gumball follows the misadventures of Gumball, a twelve year old cat. With the help of his best friend Darwin, his former pet goldfish that grew legs and joined the family, he gets into all sorts of antics. He is joined by his sister, Anais, a four year old bunny with heightened intelligence. His father, Richard, and his mother, Nicole, are there to provide him support as well.

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AIRED ON 11/19/2013

Season 2 : Episode 37


Fan Reviews (102)

  • I love it!

    When I saw the trailer, I didnt think it was going to be good. but then I watched the first few episodes and loved it! It's about a blue cat and his adoptive brother goldfish with legs. They solve problems and have adventures. theres only one episode i dont like. I cant wait for the next season.
  • An Amazing show to watch.

    The first time I watched the Amazing World of Gumball I did not know what to think of it; a blue cat, a Goldfish with legs, a Tyrannosaurus-Rex, a Peanut with horns and so on and so forth. The first thing that caught my eye was that some characters were drawn differently, some looking more cartoonish than others and that the setting was in the "real" world, that's what really got my attention. I have to say that I am a huge fan of Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons (duh!) and many other great shows but this one really makes me laugh my lungs out. The show's jokes are witty, well thought out and surprisingly fresh considering that many pop culture references have been used by so many other shows before. Not a show for everyone and I LOVE that because you have to understand where it all comes from to GET the jokes. Most people will think that the jokes are stupid and won't understand that this is precisely what makes The Amazing World of Gumball SO SPECIAL, that it doesn't take itself so seriously and enjoys its own silliness and crazy if not ludicrous adventures. My son who is 6 LOVES the show and the jokes and so do I, we watched it together whenever we can and that makes this show even more special. In a world full of cliches and bland jokes, the Amazing World of Gumball is a refreshing and special cartoon. Its special kind of comedy is not for everyone. I have already bought seasons 3 and 4 and looking forward to seasons 2 and 1 (in that crazy order). The Amazing world of Gumball is one heck of a show!!!moreless
  • Dumbest Show ever.

    I don't care what you think, you know it sucks. Animated characters in a real world? A fish, cat, banana, and a ton of other idiotic characters. I've watched it before to prove I know it sucks. Seriously. Everyone with a positive comment, get your head on straight. This is the WORST. I'd rather get a concussion than watch one episode of this crap. I'm literally not kidding. Oh, and the episode where they see a paper bear about some sort of stupid germ issue, she diagnoses something, and they give her 'A treatment of sarcastic looks' After that joke, I literally knew this is 20x worse than the Incredible Crew, Level Up, and every bad fart joke I've heard combined. And for the record, I've been forced to watch a lot of episodes by "friends" so if you think they have good jokes, I can counter each and every one. Also, for the record, I want to smash Gumball and Darwin with a sledgehammer. Their stupidity that ends up in luck just makes them all the more annoying. Cartoon Network should just make an episode where they just die from their own stupidity and arrogance. For the record, all the positive commenters on this show need to understand that is not a child's channel. At least if this show continues, move it to Nickolodeon. This show is the pinnacle of stupidity. It's impossible to get any worse, unless it gets worse the Gumball way, which it has. Each episode, the have worse ideas. One by one, it gets worse. This show practically makes me want to stop watching cartoon network. They pretty much destroyed Cartoon Network with idiotic shows, and this one makes all of them looks like perfect comedies. Everyone with a positive comment, seriously, like I said, this a channel for kids that are 11-15, not kindergarteners and first graders. I mean, seriously, they already share time with Adult Swim. I hate this damned show so much I want to yell at the producers of this wreck they call a cartoon.

  • I would give this a 7 or 7.5 if there weren't any bad episodes.

    I thought this show had potential, yet it does. However, there are some crappy episodes of this show. What I mean by that is that they're either mean-spirited, or involve our blue hero getting killed and/or hospitalized. If these episodes didn't exist, this show would've been better. Yes, there are some good episodes. But there wasn't a good enough amount of them. So, this show isn't good or terrible, just a bit weak.moreless
  • Its really not that bad!

    It's and okay show along with Regular Show.

    News Briefs: USA Cancels Fairly Legal

    Plus: Hell on Wheels loses its renewal (temporarily), Regular Show gets a regular renewal, and The Daily Show will do it live.

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